Iraqi Christians Declare To The West- ‘Our Muslim Neighbors Robbed, Raped, And Murdered Us And Our Children- We Are NOT Going Back To Iraq!’

Since the start of the Iraq War in 2003, Christianity in Iraq and Syria has been under constant attack by Muslim groups such as ISIS. Once over a million Christians in the area, most have either fled, been murdered, or are now refugees so much that there are only a few thousand left.

Now that the violence in Iraq is getting under control, the West and other nations are asking and encouraging Middle Eastern Christian refugees to return to their native lands, to which they are saying no because they can no longer trust their fellow countrymen:

Amid the push by Iraqi government forces to retake Mosul from Islamic State (IS), some former inhabitants of Christian villages in the Nineveh Plains and northern Syria are refusing to go back because they believe their former Sunni Muslim neighbours were complicit in driving them out, says Middle East analyst and former journalist, Patrick Cockburn, in News Deeply.

Christians returning to Nineveh believe Sunni Arab villagers were complicit in “taking their houses, killing and raping people,” he says.

Cockburn adds that, in Syrian towns occupied by IS, Christians believe their Sunni Arab neighbours were similarly cooperating with IS and that returning Christians might drive Sunnis out in turn. There’s a “real, very high level of friction and hostility on the ground, which I think is going to be extraordinarily difficult to reverse”, he says.

“A longer-term and very dangerous shift in both Iraq and Syria is that communities in general can’t live together any longer.”

In November Archimandrite Emanuel Youkhana, a priest in the Assyrian Church of the East and head of CAPNI (Christian Aid Program Northern Iraq), said that defeating IS won’t guarantee Christians’ return.

“What are the guarantees that it will not happen again?” he asked, noting that Iraqi Christians had been targeted not only since IS’s sudden appearance in 2014 but since the US-led invasion in 2003, after which he said the fabric of Iraq “was broken”.

In the decades before IS, more than a million Christians left Iraq, which had turned increasingly hostile towards them, the minority population felt. (source)

Really, who can blame them?

Last month, our own Keith Davies of Rescue Christians went to Hungary, where he reported that he found a shocking situation- the Christian churches and even the Hungarian government itself, in spite of all of their rhetoric, were not at all interested in helping Christians. They simply wanted Keith to sign (representing us at and our work with the persecuted) a document saying that they recognize the persecution, but that the Christians of the Middle East need to and should work with the Hungarian government and churches in returning to their native lands.

Keith giving his speech at the conference. Unfortunately, nobody cared about the Christians, just their own pockets

This idea that the Middle Eastern Christians should just ‘saddle up and return home and rebuild their societies with western help’ is at best a pipe dream based on pure fantasy and at worst it is a malicious attempt (which was the impression Keith had) to give the appearance of addressing the problem of persecution but without actually doing anything of tangible value to stop the persecution itself. Call it what you will- a dog and pony show, a three card monte, smoke and mirrors- the entire purpose for why Keith was invited was the same reason there is so much talking from the churches and the Hungarian government about how bad the situation is for Christians but so little actual action in resolving the pitiful situation that is over there. It is because it is far more politically and socially expedient- not to mention cost friendlier and with less responsibility- to allow these people to knowingly languish in misery as it gives them a “lever” through which they can justify various social programs or political decisions aimed at concentrating and building up their own interests at home.

Now this idea of using people that one is theoretically supposed to care about in order to gain social or political advantage is a manifest sin but it is something that is as old as time. Pilate did it to Jesus when he washed his hands before the Jews, saying that he bears no responsibility for his murder. He knew full well that his refusal to intervene was giving his consent to the murder of Jesus, but by his gesture he could give the symbolic and socially approved sign that he had no part in the murder even though he allowed it to happen.

Pilate washing his hands by Duccio. Pilate knew what he was doing.

This is also the same situation you see today within the “pro-life” movement in America and across the world. In most cases, the “pro-life movement” has done absolutely nothing to stop abortion in spite of its presence and the millions of dollars which are invested into it each year from donations of well-meaning people. In some cases, when laws are introduced that would block or stop abortion all together, it is the pro-lifers themselves who argue against basic points within the laws when they should be supporting them. As we have pointed out, the reason for this is because the “pro-life” movement, not for all, or I would even say the general majority of people, but for the people who sit on major pro-life organizations and have made a career out of “fighting for life,” it is very possible that some of them would not want abortion to end because it would essentially put them out of a very lucrative business (charity) and they would have to find another, and most likely lower paying job.

You can even see this same problem in the so-called “counter jihad movement.” We have been documenting extensively how the social movement dedicated to “stopping Islam” was in fact created a long time ago. Using the anti-human, violent nature of Islam as a source of friction, certain people deeply involved in Socialist and eugenicist movements wanted to stir up tension within American and European society with the intention of starting another war so they might be able to justify the expansion of their power while earning large profits for themselves off of the death of their fellow man.

Truth is stranger than fiction

As we work closely with actual persecuted Christians, we can say with certainly that the situation for Christians in Iraq, Syria, and most of the Middle East is terrible. The Christians there have been living on borrowed time for centuries, and as situations intensify in severity the closer they reach their natural end, so is the end of Christianity in the Middle East in its current form upon us. It is a hard, sad fact, but a reality which cannot be denied as the demoralized Christian peoples have been stripped of their homes, churches, properties, personal wealth, an social networks which constitute a society in any culture, place, or time. Without foreign help, the Christians of the Middle East will likely be impoverished in perpetuity, sitting defenseless and surrounded by Muslim “neighbors” who hate them and when the time is convenient for them, will simply murder what is left of the Christians.

Right now, the best option for the West is to help the Middle Eastern Christians it can to escape to the West or other societies which will welcome their presence and not actively seek reasons to slaughter them. To leave them in or encourage them to return to their destroyed homelands with neighbors who hate them is to wash one’s hands of responsibility for the robbery, rape, and murder that will befall them just as Pilate washed his hands of Jesus death before He was taken to Calvary.



  • DanteRivers

    Mesech = Turkey and Kedar = Saudi Arabia
    Psalm 120 King James Version (KJV)
    1 In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and he heard me.

    2 Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue.

    3 What shall be given unto thee? or what shall be done unto thee, thou false tongue?

    4 Sharp arrows of the mighty, with coals of juniper.

    5 Woe is me, that I sojourn in Mesech, that I dwell in the tents of Kedar!

    6 My soul hath long dwelt with him that hateth peace.

    7 I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.

  • Zdogg,

    I keep you on because your blasting makes me smile.

    First of all, no one said anything about the pro-life activists. They are not the problem. The problem is the organizations and their management.

    Last I checked on your comments you were blasting us once for critiquing Trump’s advisor. Remember? Wasn’t it Trump who wanted to punish mothers who aborted their children and wasn’t it the pro-life organizations that blasted Trump and wasn’t it us who stood up for Trump and wrote all about it while you were clearing your nose with your index finger?

    Yet you have nothing better to criticize than the boy broadcasting from his bedroom?

    You do have a bedroom don’t you? Or are you some homeless blasting away from a cardboard box texting from your iPhone.

    Get a life and stick your smelly sock in your mouth Zdogg. My son needs no discipline from some asshole.

    Lesson for you: NEVER tell a man how to raise his son. My son is better than a thousand of ass kissing smart asses like you. You come a dime a dozen.

    Now get back into that shit hole where you came from.

    “If you have not stood in front of an abortion clinic, been to an Operation Rescue event, worked phones, helped supply unwed mothers, I suggest you shut up”

    I did much more than that asshole but its not worth sharing it with a bum.

    Now get the hell out of my lawn before I call the dog.

  • Vinny Zee

    These events were not the first holocaust unfortunately (as I think you’ve written in the past Andrew.)

    So I’d like to remind readers of comments I’ve saved for personal reflection of Father Douglas Bazi, Mar Elia Chaldean Catholic Church, Erbil, Iraq who was interviewed regarding the recent persecution they endured at the hands of ISIS:

    Q: “Could you talk a bit about the history of the Chaldean Catholic Church and the persecution it has endured?”

    A: We have been here since the first century. St. Thomas the Apostle proclaimed the gospel here and my church spread it to Asia. In India and China they still use our liturgy today. We were named the Chaldean Catholic Church after union with Rome, but we were also called the “Church of the Martyrs,” or “Church of Blood.” Though my country has a lot of oil, believe me we have much more Martyrs’ blood than oil. Nobody knows that 700,000 of my people were killed with the Armenians in 1915. No one talks about what happened to my people in 1933, 1956, 1961, 1970 and 2010. So genocide is a polite word to use today, as if what happened to us in 2014 was just a one time accident of history. I’m talking about systematic genocide that has gone on for centuries.

    Mr. Shoebat previously posed a question of whether these acts are “just a one time accident of history?” Is even the use of “holocaust” just a polite way of saying what has systematically happened over and over in history to attack Christ, His Church and His People?

    I have learned we can all deceitfully use populism and modernism as a way of being polite. In his 1907 encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis, Pope Pius X condemned modernism as embracing of every heresy. This has not good enough for the church. So instead, God has sent ambiguity to those in the Church who rejected Him and the revelation he has preserved for the Church. Now the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Modernism has seeped into nearly every well, threatening to poison the fountains of our water supply.

    Populism is modernism. The Church has condemned this. But too many have rejected the authority of the church; and yes this rejection and rebellion has come from the inside of the house. Paul did not judge those outside the house. Neither should we. People whisper heresy, disbelief, and practice things unimaginable to the Fathers. The modern day prophets are ignored, the revelation is ignored, the chair of Peter is ignored. What can we possibly expect? God help us, but may we also be bold enough to help our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.

  • Flame blue

    I pray for my persecuted Christian brethren of the Middle East. It’s terrible that they should be told to return to dwell amongst people they know hate them and desire their destruction. These Christians must be offered sanctuary because they are the persecuted, it’s not Sunni Muslims who have been persecuted and forced to flee to the West, its the Christians who are the true victims. Put muslims back, bring in Christians, make room for them!

    I would have no hesitation providing accommodation for Christians, but l don’t trust social workers etc, l would need to question their beliefs and understanding of Christianity to be certain l wasn’t housing a Muslim.

    One silly woman took in a Muslim “child” so she was told, but on seeing him, she thought he looked 19-20 years old at least. Her own son was the same age this refugee claimed to be 14 years old, so she questioned the social workers telling them ” he wasn’t the age he claimed” but the social workers said ” they mature quickly and grow big at an earlier age than the West.” How Can that be, when the West, has high levels of nutrition, good food, medical support?? The woman decided to take him because whatever age he was she thought he needs help and support.

    The ‘child ‘ was polite to begin with, even was helpful, and he shared a bedroom with her own boy. Eventually, he started to show disrespect to the woman and she became scared of him. He told her she was inappropriately dressed and dictated to her and held her in contempt. On mentioning his attitude to the social workers, they defended him, telling her it was his culture and she needed to accept that fact ( in other words she should do as he told her, wear grannie clothes or a burka l suppose).

    One day, the woman took the “child” for a dental check up. The dentist asked his age and was told 14 years. He later told the woman, he is a man not a boy of 14 years. The woman told him what she had been told about how they are big and mature in the Middle East at that age! The dentist said it was not true, and she was being lied to.

    The woman kept her thoughts private from her children, but eventually her boy told her he felt uneasy and unsafe with this big guy in his room staring and learing at him. At that point she contacted the social workers to accommodate him elsewhere, saying that a personal family problem had arisen and she needed to be free.

    The woman remained polite and civilised, throughout the time the refugee stayed with her. The “child ” told her in front of the social workers who came to rehouse him with another family, that ” he knew where she lived, knew what schools her son and daughter went to, and he would get her for putting him out”. The woman is now terrified that he will follow up his threat at some point, any time, soon or later! She told her story to a newspaper in Britain, think it was the “Daily Mail” l read it in a month or two back! The woman shudders to think of the child being accommodated by another family with children.

  • Fear nothing.

  • Cuzick

    How many fatwas have been issued against your head in the fight to destroy the works of Satan? Back to the ” porch ” zdogg.

  • relax Mick. No army is coming over to the U.S. to kill anyone.

  • Zdogg,

    Keep you advise to yourself. We at never solicited your advise.

  • Look Zdogg, I don’t agree with some of what my son does, but I let the young man be himself and whatever he err’s he will grow and learn from it.

    I had asked you about Trump. When Trump stated that the mother should be punished what did these pro-life organizations do? They attacked Trump. Its a FACT my friend.

    Look we can argue and fight like men, but in the end we still remain men. Last tie you got angry for our critique of Bannon. People get angry all the time. Yesterday they love Mitt Romney and today they hate him. Yesterday they loved Glenn Beck and today they hate him. Yesterday they loved Merkel and today they hate her.

    Today’s celebrity and politician is tomorrow’s Nero.

    Its just the way it goes and people get offended when we critique their gods.

    What can I say. Peace. No harm done. Sorry I was kind of harsh as well.