Officers In Mexico Discover A Giant Grave, They Begin Searching It And Find The Heads Of 250 People

By Theodore Shoebat

A mass grave in the Mexican state of Veracruz was discovered recently, holding 250 human skulls. This could be the largest mass grave discovered in Mexico thus far. I did a whole video on this:

According to one report:

Two hundred and fifty skulls have been found in a mass grave in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz, says state prosecutor Jorge Winckler.

Speaking to TV network Televisa, Mr Winckler said that drug traffickers had used Veracruz for many years as a dumping ground for bodies.

He said only part of the site had been searched so far and did not rule out that more bodies could be found.

According to Mr Winckler, some of the remains could be years old.

He told Televisa that “Veracruz is an enormous mass grave”.

“In my view, once we have opened all the mass graves in the state, [Veracruz] could become the biggest mass grave in Mexico, or even the world,” he said.

“For many years, organised crime disappeared people with the connivance of the authorities and they went and dumped them in mass graves created for that purpose.”

He also blamed the previous state government led by the now-fugitive governor Javier Duarte for not doing enough to find and identify the bodies of people reported as disappeared.

However, he did not say when and by whom the remains had been discovered.

Discoveries of mass graves are not unusual in Mexico.

Following the disappearance of 43 students in Guerrero state and the subsequent search for them, scores of mass graves where found in that region.

Mr Winckler said that the former Veracuz governor who went on the run after a corruption investigation against him was launched was to blame for reports of disappearances not being investigated earlier.

Relatives of disappeared people have long been campaigning for more to be done to help them find their loved ones.

The murder of Catholics in Mexico is a form of Christian persecution just as horrific as the Christian persecution taking place in the Islamic world. This is why I did a whole documentary about Mexico and the horrific violence happening there:

  • Randy Perez

    Theodore, what about the prohibition of alcohol? Wasn’t it the prohibition that made it possible for the rise of the mafia? The question is what are the alternatives? Like the Saddam Hussein or ISIS. Both are evil, but what is the best alternative? The question we should ask is “what alternative opens the door for the Church to gain influence?” What would happen if drugs were legalized? I think that the drug usage rate would increase, but the cartel would lose a lot of power.

    The church can always save the drug addicted single mother, but you can’t always save the drug cartel who will chop your head off. 1 person gets saved from drugs. That 1 person becomes 2 people. The 2 becomes 4 people. That 4 becomes 8 people. That is exponential growth if everybody does their part.

  • Randy Perez

    Can you show me evidence that drug usage won’t increase?