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Major Egyptian Christian Bishop Declares ‘We Christians Have Done All We Can To Forgive Our Persecutors But The Muslims Keep Butchering Us And Nobody Cares’

Bishop Anba Angaelos is episcopal head of the Coptic Church for the United Kingdom. In a scathing analysis of the situation in Egypt, he said that Christianity was being wiped out and that Christians have done all they can do to forgive their persecutors, but unless something is done they will be massacred at the […]

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Muslim Girl Leaves Islam And Becomes A Christian, Her Father Attacks Her And Throws Her Out Of The House, She Takes Refuge With A Christian Pastor, The Muslims Go To The Police And Falsely Accuse The Pastor Of “Human Sacrifice” And Now He Is In Jail

Just like with the false charges of “Islamphobia” and staged “crimes” in America and across the world, Muslims are notorious for fabricating crimes in order to get what they want out of the legal system. In a ridiculous case coming out of Uganda, Muslims accused and had a Christian pastor arrested for kidnapping and ritually […]

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ISIS Kidnaps Young Man In Egypt, Rips His Eyes Out And Then Sets Him On Fire

ISIS promised to wipe out all the Christians from Egypt, and they are so committed to it that they will torture and murder anybody who tries to stop them. In a story coming out of Egypt, a young Muslim man had gone to Egyptian authorities to report ISIS activity. When the group found out, they […]

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