Major Islamic Terrorists Declare This Order For Muslim Terrorists To Kill Christians: “Blow Up Their Churches And Monasteries, Kill Their Priests And Monks, Do Not Show Mercy Toward Any Christian For They Are All Belligerent Toward Allah’s Religion.”

By Walid Shoebat

An order from Islamic terrorists, members of ISIS, has been released ordering the persecution of Christians, stating:

“Oh you Muslims in Egypt, the Christians have been insolent toward you. They cursed our prophet and called each other to fight you, and you are sitting! Oh you, have you forgotten who you are? Do you not know that you are their masters and they are the ones [who should be] humbled and subdued? By Allah… if you do not rise up [against them] Allah will increase your humility. So go forth, oh worshippers of Allah, blow up their churches and monasteries, kill their priests and monks, do not show mercy toward any Christian for they are all belligerent toward Allah’s religion. ‘They will never approve of you until you follow their religion.’So blood for blood, killing for killing. Revive the raids of heroes in Abbasiyah, Tanta and Alexandria until they know who the Muslims are.”

Now, whats one thing that you notice from this? Its that the order is specific as to which Christian is being targeted here: Catholics and Orthodox Christians. Hence why the order states that monks and priests should be killed, and that monasteries should be destroyed. Protestants do not have monasteries, nor do they have monks or priests.

This is another example of how Islam is, specifically, an anti-Catholic religions, since it was founded by a man — Muhammad — who saw himself as a reformer working towards what he believed were the true teachings of Christ, just as Luther saw himself in the same light. The Christian Church of Muhammad’s time, being in the 7th century, way before the Protestant Reformation and the East-West Schism, was the Catholic Church.

When Abu Bakr, the successor to Muhammad, was about to conquer Syria, he gave his troops a set of precepts to uphold, such as not to burn down trees, kill women and children, and other moral prohibitions to even sparing monks and hermits:

You will meet people who have set themselves apart in hermitages; leave them to accomplish the purpose for which they have done this.

No one was to be killed, except for one, men with the dreaded hairstyle–the tonsure:

“You will meet people who have shaved the crowns of their heads, leaving a band of hair around it. Strike them with the sword.”

What haircut was this? It was the Catholic tonsure, or the haircut of Catholic monks. And if you doubt that Christianity in the time of Muhammad was Catholicism, we have a letter from England, from the 8th century, describing the Catholic tonsure, not Puritan or Anglican beliefs — but the Catholic tonsure. The letter was written by Ceolfrid, to Nechtan, the king of the Picts in England:

But we are not shaven in the form of a crown solely because Peter was shorn in this way, but because Peter was shorn in this way in memory of our Lord’s Passion. Therefore we who desire to be saved by Christ’s Passion like Peter wear this sign of the Passion on the crown of the head, which is the highest part of the body. … Similarly, those who have taken monastic vows or are in Holy Orders should bind themselves to stricter self-discipline for our Lord’s sake, and wear their heads tonsured in the form of the crown of thorns which Christ wore on His head in His Passion, so that He might bear the thorns and briars of our sins and thus bear them away from us. In this way their own appearance will be a reminder to them to be willing and ready to suffer ridicule and disgrace for His sake, and a sign that they are always hoping to receive ‘the crown of everlasting life which the Lord hath promised to those that love Him’, and in order to win this crown regard both adversity and prosperity as of equal insignificance. (Quoted by St. Bede, History of the English Church and People, 5.21, trans. Leo Sherley-Price, revised by R.E. Latham)

Islam is anti-Catholic, but its anti-Catholicism is no different from the anti-Catholicism found in Protestant history, and in some Protestant circles found today. For example, Ann Coulter is vehemently anti-Catholic. When Geraldo Rivera told her in one interview that her rhetoric against Mexican illegal immigrants is eerily similar to what was once said against Irish Catholics, Ann Coulter said, “And they were right!” You can see it in this video:

And amazingly, Sean Hannity — being the descendant of Irish Catholic immigrants — says nothing at Ann Coulter’s blatant racism against Irish people.


ISIS is very anti-Catholic, and lets not forget the very anti-Catholic forces amongst us. If it were up to people like Coulter, the anti-Catholic hatred seen by the KKK would become a prominent thing. In America, anti-Catholicism is amongst the few accepted prejudices.

When people promote despotism and tyranny, they will always present arguments that sound good, arguments that even make sense. But what so few ever recognize, is that the arguments presented are not goals, but means to a goal, an evil agenda. “There is none that understandeth,” says St. Paul, “there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.” (Romans 3:11-12) So many groups are out there, acting as though they are doing something good; they claim to be for “the truth,” and for “the people.” The reality is that, for the most part, organizations and institutions do not do things for the truth, but rather for an agenda, an evil motivation. 

While the armies of Sodom are executing their onslaught on the natural order — be they sodomites, advancers of evils like cannibalism or eugenists — they want you to think that the biggest problem in America is illegal immigration, or some poor Mexicans picking oranges in America’s farms. But in all of this talk, there is a sinister agenda.

Just think about this for one minute: the biggest anti-immigrant organization, FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform), has on its Board of Directors, Sarah Epstein, a major leader of Planned Parenthood. Think about this for one minute. What possible agenda could such people have? Its not “the people” or “the truth,” but the demon of eugenics.


  • CTyank

    Lord come quickly. This works becomes more corrupt and evil with each passing day.

  • Matt

    Personally speaking, I’m not comfortable with any narrative that uses emotionalism to promote or defend illegal behaviour. Many Irish Catholics legally came to America. In the same way as I’m sure many Mexicans have legally migrated to America.

    The outcry against Catholic immigration in the past was due to Protestant Americans seeing Catholics as a threat and that’s to be expected because they were a majority Protestant nations. It wasn’t just but Americans have a right to choose their own immigration laws.

    Would a Catholic nation invite Protestant immigration into their lands on mass? No.

    The Church didn’t re-convert Protestants in the past via mass immigration. She did so by inspiring counterrevolutions through great saints like Saint Francis de Sales (by the grace of God).

    The Catholic Church didn’t thrive by flooding nations with Catholic migrants. She thrived by converting hearts and minds through the saints/missionaries.

    If someone wants to work as a political activist and fight to have laws changed or altered, that’s one thing. If a person simply wants to justify and defend illegal behaviour that doesn’t contradict divine law, that’s quite another.

    This world isn’t a utopia and nations need borders.

    I assume the Irish were largely fleeing Protestant persecution i.e. England. The English have never been able to leave the Irish alone. I also assume the Irish weren’t riddled with drug cartels and satanism at that time.

    Mexico isn’t the Mexico of 150 years ago. Catholic orthodoxy isn’t exactly thriving in most regions of the world in this day and age, not even among baptised Catholics.

    It would be a mistake to assume every Mexican crossing the border is a practicing Catholic (or a good person in general), whether they are baptised or not.

    America, like much of the West, needs to focus on saving its own nation and people, first and foremost, instead of obsessing about saving the rest of the world. Sexual liberation, secular feminism (gender confusion), occultism, and other evils are running amok there. The wages of sin is death.

    America, like the rest of the West, needs to repent and embrace the Social Kingship of Christ, otherwise there will no longer be an America, or a Western civilisation, for legitimate refugees to seek refuge in.

    • ChristianAmericanCrusader

      Great writeup, Matt. I believe America will certainly not be destroyed and will eventually come around in the fullness of God’s perfect timetable to fight against the Antichrist. Christians within our nation/world, especially Catholics/Orthodox, however, will definitely eventually go thru a period of refinement(persecution) at some point in the future.

      Don’t know if you know this already, but some very righteous Bishops/Priests will be consecrating the state of California, right along the San Andreas fault line, to our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary on Dec 9, 2017.

  • ChristianAmericanCrusader

    “Islam is anti-Catholic, but its anti-Catholicism is no different from the anti-Catholicism found in Protestant history, and in some Protestant circles found today.” Indeed!!

    We are definitely continuing to witness the whole eugenic ideological movement advance at incremental and stealth speed.

  • SRN99

    Muslims are as cowardly as their filthy prophet mohammad

  • David G

    Thank you brother Walid!

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Coulter and Islam – what nice bedfellows.