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Judge In California Rules In Favor For Christian Baker Persecuted By Homosexuals, And Declares That She Does Not Have To Bake Cakes For A Homosexual Wedding

By Theodore Shoebat There was a victory for Christians in America. A judge in California has ruled that a Christian baker — who was being persecuted by sodomites — does not have to bake a cake for a sodomite wedding. The sodomite coercion of Christians must be put to an end. None of this type […]

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Man In Arkansas Rapes Four Year Old Girl, And Continues Raping Her Until She Is 12 Year Old, He Then Tells Her: “Get Over It”

By Theodore Shoebat The depravity of society has no end! A demonic freak in Arkansas raped a four year old girl and used her as a sex slave until she was 12, and then tells her to “get over it.” As we read in one report from the Kansas City Star: An Arkansas man admitted […]

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Muslim Rape Squads Are Systematically Capturing And Raping Male Refugees. A Group Of Armed Men Enter A Village, Capture A Man And Gang Rape Him. Rape Squads Break Into Homes And Rape All The Men

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim rape squads are mass raping male refugees in refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. It is truly horrific and disturbing to see how the Middle East is becoming Sodom and Gomorrah. One story has come out on a group of armed men entering a village and raping a Palestinian man. […]

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People Do Not Follow Truth, They Follow Narratives. Once You Worship Politicians, They Can Change The Narrative And Get People To Accept Tyranny

By Theodore Shoebat The title is self-explanatory. Narratives are truly what dictate people’s decisions and perspectives. Here is my take on this: We Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About To Commence As The Empire Of The Antichrist Will Rise Up. This Is Why I Wrote The Book, Christianity […]

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Pope Frances Speaks About Nazi Experimentation And Warns That This Type Of Evil Will Happen Again If We Keep Putting Ourselves In The Place Of God

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis recently wrote on the human experimentation that was done by the Nazis, and warned that such evils will happen again if we keep putting ourselves in the place of God, or in his own words: “The human arrogance exposed during the Shoah was the action of people who felt like gods, […]

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Islamic Terrorists Slaughter One Hundred Christians, In A Very Short Amount Of Time

By Theodore Shoebat One hundred Christians have been slaughtered by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria just within the month of December, which is a very short amount of time. As we read in one report from the Baptist Press: More than 100 Christians have died in December clashes with militant Fulani herdsmen in northeastern Nigeria, […]

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Muslim Terrorists Slaughter Nine Christians And Injure Fifty More Christians In Brutal Attack On Church

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim terrorists in Pakistan slaughtered nine Christians injured fifty more in a bombing of a church. Several news videos  report on what happened: Here is a photo of the horrific aftermath: As we read in one report from the Gaurdian: Two suicide bombers have attacked a church in the Pakistani city of […]

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University Of Minnesota Bans Christmas In The Name Of ‘Inclusivity,’ Tells Professors To “Report Inappropriate Religious Celebrations In Your Work Or Learning Environment”

“Report inappropriate religious celebrations in your work or learning environment” was the exact phrase used in a leetter issued from the Office for Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, which has banned Jesus, nativities, the Star of David, and any Christian religious symbolism on the university campus, saying that it is not inclusive enough and could […]

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Hindu Terrorists Attack 30 Catholic Priests And Seminarians For Singing Christmas Carols And Burn Their Car, Then The Police Come And Arrest The Priests For ‘Preaching Christianity’

All of the men were later arrested thanks to the intervention of local politicians, but the fact that 30 priests and seminarians could be assaulted, have their property vandalized, and then be arrested by the same Hindu terrorists who perpetrated the crimes against them is a sign of how dangerous it is to be a […]

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Canadian Government Mandates Employers Sign An Oath Of Loyalty In Support Of Homosexuality, Abortion, And Transgenderism Or Else Lose Funding

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is driving Canada into hell at full speed. Under Trudeau, Canada has declared that Christians who believe in the Biblical definition of marriage are unfit to be parents, passed a law mandating up to two years in prison for criticizing transgenderism, declared that the way to end poverty is to murder […]

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