Archive | December 16, 2017

Drug Cartels Execute And Dismember Nine People Just Hours From The US-Mexican Border

Islamic terrorism is a major threat. However, so is the threat coming from the drug cartels. The cartels are so brutal, so violent that Mexico was named the second most dangerous nation in the world based on murders, coming in over both Iraq and Afghanistan and only surpassed by Syria owing to the civil war […]

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Muslim Judge Orders Christian Church Property Seized And Given Over To Muslim Businessmen, And Now Is Trying To Steal The Land From At Least 60 More Christians

Since April 2017, we have been following a story in Sudan, where Muslim businessmen were attempting to use the court system to steal a Christian school from a local church (see here, here, and here). The Christians have also been attacked by the local Muslims, and at least one church elder has died from the […]

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ISIS Threatens Terror For Christmas At Churches And Major Cities, Releases Poster Showing A Muslim Attacking The National Cathedral And Says ‘We Meet At Christmas In New York Soon’

While men are exchanging gifts this Christmas, ISIS has released a statement promising to dole out terror this Christmas at churches and major cities. In a poster released by the group, it shows a Muslim attacking the National Cathedral with the cryptic phrase ‘we meet at Christmas in New York soon’: Islamic State supporters have […]

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Two Swedish Homosexuals Take Five Children, Rape Them Over A THOUSAND Times And Then Take Over FIVE THOUSAND Pictures Of The Abuse For Their Viewing Pleasure

Teddy Sandberg, one of those convicted Two Swedish brothers who are also homosexuals, Bjorn and Teddy Sandberg, were found guilty of raping five children over a thousand times during an eight year period. The men had over five thousand photographs and hundreds of videos of their crimes and those against other children, which police found […]

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