Archive | December 3, 2017

The People Complaining About The Kate Steinle Verdict, Do Not Give A Damn About Kate Steinle

By Theodore Shoebat The people complaining about Kate Steinle, do not give a damn about Kate Steinle. Here is the reality: If Zarate was not the one who had that pistol that went off and fired that bullet that struck and killed Steinle, and if it were just some average joe American, NO ONE would […]

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Hindu Nationalist Group That Has Declared It Will Hunt Down And Murder All Christians In India Just Took Absolute Political Control Over A Huge Part Of India

In a story that has been completely ignored, the Hindu Nationalist BJP party of India, who has promised to commit genocide against Christians, just won a major victory in India, taking absolute control over the most populous area of India in the state of Uttar Pradesh: Buoyed by the BJP’s massive victory in the civic […]

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