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VIDEO: Hindu Nationalist Attacks Muslim Man, Hacks Him To Death With An Axe, Covers His Body With Gasoline And Lights His Body On Fire, And Declares: “This Is What Will Happen To You (Muslims) If You Do Love Jihad In Our Country.”

By Theodore Shoebat A very disturbing video has come up online, showing a Hindu man murdering a Muslim man. It is utterly horrific to watch, but it gives you a very clear idea as to how violent and bloody thirsty these Hindu fanatics can be: According to one report on the video from Freepress Kashmir  […]

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Islamic Terrorists Declare: ‘We Will Attack Manhattan! Your Dog, Trump, Declared Jerusalem Is The Capital Of Israel. You Will Be Repaid With Bombs In America.’

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists have declared that they are in Manhattan, and Trump (who they refer to as “Your dog”) declaring that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, will be responded to with explosives in America. As we read in one report: The Islamic State militant group took to social media Thursday and threatened to […]

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Major Evangelical Megachurch Consecrates Their Congregation To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

A major evangelical megachurch has just consecrated their church to the Sacred Heart of Jesus according to a report: During a recent Friday night service, a pastor at New Life Church, an evangelical Protestant megachurch in Colorado Springs, CO, reportedly led the congregation in something you wouldn’t normally expect: the Sign of the Cross and […]

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The Huge Amounts Of Rape Allegations That Are Being Made Against Celebrities By Immense Numbers Of Women, Is All Hysteria And The End Result Of Feminism And The War Against Men

By Theodore Shoebat  The huge amounts of rape allegations that we are seeing being done against celebrities, by women, is hysteria and the result of attention seeking wretches who sleep around celebrities and scream rape. Here is my video on this:

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‘Christians Are The Enemies Of The White Race, They Need To Get Out Of The Nationalist Movement And Any Christian Who Stays Must Be Purged’ Pagan Speaks The Truth About The Future Of The “Alt-Right”

Varg Vikernes is a Norwegian National Socialist pagan musician who has spent his life spreading his message of heathenry and hatred against Christianity. In addition to his music, he was convicted of burning a string of Christian churches across Norway and later, hunted down and ritually murdered Oystein “Euronymous” Aarseth, another pagan black metal musician […]

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