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45,000 People Take To The Streets Of Brussels To Support Nationalism. Pope Francis Says That This Will Only Lead To Chaos In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat Around 45,000 people took to the streets of Brussels, supporting Catalonian nationalism and demanding for Catalonian independence from Spain. As we read in a report from the Independent: Around 45,000 protesters have taken to the streets outside EU institutions in Brussels in support of Catalan independence. The demonstration is partly in solidarity with […]

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Muslim Terrorist Who Helped Ritually Slaughter 21 Christians Has Been Caught, Says ‘We Did It To Avenge Allah And The Muslims Over A Rumor’

Hisham Al-Awkli was called “the dinosaur,” and he participated in the horrible throat-cutting, ritual slaughter of 21 Coptic Christians on a Libyan beach in 2015. He was caught by Libyan police and when interviewed in custody he said the massacre was ordered in retaliation over rumors a Christian woman became a Muslim and Christians killed […]

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Muslims Lure Former Muslim Turned Christian To Meeting With Them And Then Beat Him Unconscious

A former Muslim turned Christian was lured into an encounter with four Muslims who tried to force him to reconvert to Islam. When he refused, the Muslims beat him unconscious: A former sheikh (Islamic teacher) in eastern Uganda has been in hiding since he lost his family for putting his faith in Christ two years […]

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New Study States That The Majority Of ‘Christians’ In Western Europe Do Not Believe In God, Heaven, Or Hell

A new study has come out which finds that the majority of European Christians do not believe in God, Heaven, or Hell: A global survey of people’s perceptions of major religious beliefs has found that in a number of Western nations a majority of the population no longer believes in Heaven or Hell, even if […]

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