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Hindu Terrorists Set Up Checkpoints Looking For Christians Going To Prayer Service, Then They Attack The Christians In Prayer, Beat Them With Sticks, And Set 100 Vehicles On Fire

Hindu terrorists are planning for the systematic extermination of Christians in India, and as Hindu nationalism rises their intentions have risen to the surface. In a recent case in India, Hindu terrorists were stopping and searching cars looking to identify Christians going to a prayer service. Later on during the service, these same Hindus attacked […]

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School Cancels Almost All Christmas Celebrations After Muslim Complains That ‘Christmas Is Not Compatible With Islam’

As Islam has risen in America and Europe, public schools and organs of government have gone out of their way to accommodate Muslims, even going so far as to destroy themselves in the name of promoting “tolerance.” Such a case recently happened where a school cancelled most of her Christmas celebrations after a Muslim student […]

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Putin Is Angry With Trump, And Declares That His Defense Spending Is “Aggressive” Against Russia

By Theodore Shoebat Putin is not happy with Trump’s defense spending, declaring that it is “aggressive” against Russia. As we read in one report Perth Now: RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has described the new defence strategy unveiled by US counterpart Donald Trump as “aggressive,” saying Moscow would take that into account in its own actions. […]

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New Study Reveals That Over ONE QUARTER Of Teenagers Now Say They Are ‘Gender Fluid’ And Will Sleep With Both Men And Women Regardless Of Their Gender

According to a new study, 27% of teenagers in California are now saying they are “gender fluid,” meaning they believe they can be either male or female and will sleep with either one: According to a new study out of UCLA, more than a quarter of California adolescents feel comfortable enough to dismiss societal pressures […]

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Homosexual Tries To Drug And Rape A 10-Year Old Boy, When The Boy Fights Back The Homosexual Murders Him, Then Chops Up His Body Into Little Pieces And Scatters Them Around The City

Ten year old Ruslan Korolev was at a nearby train station when a man approached him and offered to buy him sweets and take him back to his apartment to eat them. This man was Alexander Georgievsky, a homosexual who upon getting back to his apartment attempted to rape the boy. When the boy refused, […]

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Man Is Beheaded By His Roommate And Stabbed 40 Times, Then Has His Fingers, Ears, And Genitals Hacked Off, When The Murderer Is Arrested He Says ‘I Did It Because He Was Smoking And I Hate Smoking’

A man brutally stabbed another man 40 times before beheading him and then hacking off his fingers, ears, and genitals. When police arrived at the bloody scene, the man immediately confessed to the crime, saying he did it because his the man, who was his roommate, was smoking and he hates smoking: A FURIOUS non-smoker […]

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