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Drug Cartel Agents Enter Elementary School And Execute Father During Christmas Party, And Force His Son To Watch

By Theodore Shoebat Drug narcos in Mexico entered an elementary school during a Christmas party for children, executing a man and forcing the son to watch. This is just another horror story, out of many, coming from Mexico. Here is the report, from Proceso:  Gumaro Pérez Aguilando, reporter of the news portal La Voz del Sur , […]

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Teenager In Australia Rapes And Robs 83-Year Old Grandmother

By Theodore Shoebat A teenager in Australia raped and robbed an 83 year old grandmother. As we read in one report from A 15-year-old boy has admitted to a sex attack on an 83-year-old grandmother that included forcing her to shower to wash the evidence away. The attack was so viscous it left the […]

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Homosexual Man In Florida Repeatedly Rapes Three Year Old Boy. The Judge Is So Disturbed That He Sentences Him To 495 Years In Prison

By Theodore Shoebat You want homosexuality in your society? this is what you are going to get. A sodomite in Florida repeatedly raped a three year old boy. The judge was so disturbed that he sentenced this sodomite to 495 years in prison. This is the type of stories of rape that we should be […]

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Homosexual Man In Maryland Captures 12 Year Old Boy And Sodomizes Him. And You Want Homosexuals In Your Society?

By Theodore Shoebat  A homosexual in Maryland captured and raped a 12 year old. You want sodomites in your society? This is the evil you are going to get. If you want sodomites, then accept your society to become Sodom. According to a report from NBC Washington: A Maryland man is accused of soliciting a […]

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The Government Of Bermuda Cancels Gay Marriage, Now Enraged Homosexual Lobbyists Are Trying To Force Bermuda To Pass Homosexual Marriage

By Theodore Shoebat The sodomites are at it again, trying to force people to accept “gay marriage” which is nothing but a diabolical conspiracy to make war against Christianity. Bermuda has cancelled sodomite marriage, but now the citizens of Sodom are tying to force Bermuda into passing “gay marriage.” As we read in one report […]

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Islamic Terrorism Has Become So Bad In Egypt That Almost A QUARTER MILLION Security Forces Have Been Deployed To Protect Churches This Christmas

Islamic terrorism has been rising in Egypt as Christianity comes under greater persecution. The situation is so serious that the Egyptian government has deployed nearly a quarter million security forces to guard churches this Christmas season over fears of Muslim terrorist attacks: As many as 230,000 security forces are expected to guard Christmas celebrations around […]

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Muslim Man Gets Mad And Tries To Drown His German Girlfriend, Instead He Ends Up Drowning Himself

A Muslim man got into an argument with his girlfriend, a woman from Germany, and attempted to drown her in an icy river. However, his plans failed after he accidentally fell in the river and instead drowned himself according to a report: A dispute between a young German woman (17) and her boyfriend (19) – […]

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Turkish President Erdogan Now Demanding That NBA Basketball Player Be Extradited To Turkey To Face Trial For ‘Insulting Remarks Against The President On Twitter’

Turkish President Erdogan, known for his excessive and heavy demands, lavish lifestyle, support of Islamic terrorists, who desires to return Turkey to her Ottoman past, is now demanded that an NBA basketball player be extradited to the USA: Turkey’s state-run news agency says prosecutors are seeking more than four years in prison for NBA player […]

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