Archive | December 12, 2017

Erdogan, The President Of Turkey, Agrees With Trump And Declares That Jerusalem Is The Capital Of Israel

By Theodore Shoebat As showed just days ago, Erdogan actually agreed with Trump and stated that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. I did a video on this, giving my thoughts on the whole political situation: While “Nations are in uproar” (Palms 46:6) over Jerusalem, few even consider that Erdogan last year signed an […]

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Hindu Man Beats Up His Wife And His Four Children Because They Have Converted To Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat A Hindu man beat up his own wife and four children because they converted to Christianity, as we read in one report: Earlier this week, a furious Hindu man has been reported to have beaten not just his wife but also his four children because they refused to abandon their Christian faith. […]

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Muslim Terrorists Capture Christian Women And Hold Them As Sex Slaves For Five Years, They Beat The Women And Then Take Turns Gang-Raping Them, Then If One Of Them Gets Pregnant They Force Them To Have Abortions

A Christian woman who escaped five years of captivity with the Muslim terrorist group Al-Shabaab opened up about the horrors of her captivity. She said that she and other women were kidnapped and forced to be slaves, and were regularly gang-raped by the terrorists, especially for ‘celebrations.’ She said that none of the women were […]

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Failed NYC Subway Suicide Bomber Tells Police: ‘I Tried To Blow Myself Up For Allah Because I Was Angry That People Are Celebrating Christmas’

More detailed are emerging about failed NYC subway suicide bomber Akayed Ullah. In police custody he confessed that one of the reasons he tried to blow himself up for Allah was because he saw posters of Christmas and was angered by them: A former hire car driver chose to bomb one of New York City’s […]

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