Archive | December 26, 2017

Donald Trump Mentions Hillary Clinton As “Crooked Hillary Pile Of Garbage”

By Theodore Shoebat In the midst of accusations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, Trump, in regards the Clinton dossier, referred to Hillary Clinton as “Crooked Hillary pile of garbage”. It really is quite hilarious how these politicians attack each other, when in reality, they are all just friends at the end of the day. […]

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Islamic Terrorists Shoot Down Syrian Plane And Murder Pilot

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists shot down a Syrian plane, murdering one pilot. The fate of the second pilot is still unknown. As we read in report from RT: A Syrian military jet has been shot down by militants in the northern Hama province, the Syrian state broadcaster has confirmed, adding that a pilot was […]

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The Governments Of Guatemala, Honduras And Eight Other Countries Will Be Moving Their Embassies To Jerusalem, After Trump’s Declaration That Jerusalem Is The Capital

By Theodore Shoebat The governments of Guatemala and Honduras are two of ten countries that will be moving their embassies to Jerusalem, after Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is the capital. As we read in one report from the Times of Israel: Following Guatemala’s announcement Monday that it would move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, […]

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For This New Year, Be Aware That As The Years Pass, We Are Heading Towards A Eugenist And Genocidal World

By Theodore Shoebat For this new year, be away that as years pass, we are not getting any better as the world heads towards more and more eugenics and genocidal aspirations and beliefs. This is the subject of today’s video: Were Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About To […]

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Christians In Egypt Are Truly Suffering. Muslim Terrorists Have Murdered Christians In Their Churches, In Their Businesses And Even In Their Own Homes

By Theodore Shoebat Christians in Egypt are truly suffering. Islamic terrorists have murdered Christians in their own homes, in their businesses and in their churches. In the year 2016, a recorded 115 Christians were murdered. As we read in one report from the Times: William had just returned home to north Sinai when masked militants […]

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Hindu Terrorists Send Messages Mocking Jesus And Christmas, Promise ‘We Are Preparing And Waiting For The Day In A Few Years When We Can Throw You Christians Into The Ovens’

Islam has always been a serious threat. However, the reality is that paganism has been historically the greatest agitator of anti-Christian violence. In India today the levels of violence against Christians committed by Hindu terrorists, known as “saffron terrorists” is reaching levels of genocidal proportions. The stories of violence are almost unbelievable with cases of […]

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