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Man Gets High Of Of Meth And Bug Spray, Breaks Into Family’s Home, Rips Off All Of His Clothes And Cuts His Throat In Front Of A Mother And Her Four Children Before Jumping Through A Window

A man in Tennessee was arrested after a bizarre episode where he broke into a woman’s home and in front of her and her four children ripped off his clothes, cut his throat, and then jumped out a window according to a recent report: A Tennessee man was arrested and charged with terrorizing a family […]

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Baby Boomers Need To Exercise Compassion Towards Millenials And Generation Z Because Their Own Children And Grandchildren Are Going To Laugh At Their Screams As They Throw Them Into The Ovens And Gas Chambers

In June 2017 I wrote an article criticizing the attitudes of the Baby Boomer generation and how they, having been given American society at her peak of prosperity and by extension one of the most prosperous societies in the world, proceeded to in the course of their generation tranform America into the most debt-laiden nation […]

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Islamic State Terror Groups Issues Instructions: ‘Take Advantage Of People’s Drunkenness This New Year’s Eve- Attack Churches, Nightclubs, And Any Place Where People May Gather; Slay Everybody Including Children And Spare None’

According to a new report, ISIS has given a message to its followers to carry out terrorist attacks around the world, advising those to ‘take advantage of people’s drunkenness’ and use it to attack churches, nightclubs, and any place where people may gather, and to slaughter everybody and spare none, including children: The Islamic State […]

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Muslim Terrorists On Motorcycles Attack Christian Church And Shop, Murdering 9 Christians

Muslim terrorists on motorcycles attacked a church and a shop owned by Christians, murdering 9 in the process according to a report: Nine people were killed in two terror attacks by gunmen on Coptic Christians Friday in the Egyptian capital Cairo, officials have said. BBC News initially reported that 10 or 12 people were killed […]

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Screaming “Fake News!” For Anything Is Dumbing Down Intellectual And Political Discourse

By Theodore Shoebat The term “fake news” is being used as way to reduce and downplay serious political discourse. Don’t like an actual presentation of information? Just scream “fake news!” and you write off whatever you don’t like. This dumbing down of political discourse is the subject of my latest video: Christianity Is At War, […]

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How Environmentalism Leads To Racism, Eugenics And Nazism

By Theodore Shoebat Environmentalism leads to racism, eugenics and Nazism. This is the subject of my latest video: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click Here To Get Our New Book And Educate Your Mind And Ready Your Soul For The Coming […]

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