Archive | December 15, 2017

Australian Government Launches Massive Attack Against The Catholic Church, Tells Priests They Need To Report People’s Sins To The Government Or Else Go To Jail

The Australian government’s commission on child sexual abuse has launched a massive attack against the Catholic Church in a report from the Royal Commission in which they have “recommended” that the Catholic Church violate the sanctity of the confessional in order to “report” allegations of “child abuse”, going so far as to tell the Church […]

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Hindu Terrorists Drag Seven Christians Out Of House By Their Hair While Praying For A Sick Man, Beat Them With Sticks And Shout ‘Come, Let Us Burn Them Alive’, Police Come And Arrest The Christians For ‘Hurting People’s Feelings’

Hindu terrorists attacked seven Christians after they found out they were at a house praying for a sick man. They dragged them into the streets by their hair and then began beating them with sticks while one of them shouted ‘Come, let us burn them alive.’ Somebody called police, and when the police arrived they […]

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Japan Plans To Deport Six North Korean Fishermen Back To North Korea Where They Will Most Likely Be Tortured To Death, Japanese Government Responds ‘It’s Not Our Problem And We Don’t Care’

North Korea is known for torturing and murdering its own citizens for even the smallest of infractions. Such is likely going to be the fate of six North Korean fishermen who are being deported by Japanese authorities. When asked about the potential for this, the Japanese government responded that it did not care and that […]

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