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Muslim Terrorists Attack Christian Neighborhood, And Murder Seven Year Old Boy

By Walid Shoebat Islamic terrorists in Pakistan attacked a Christian neighborhood and murdered a seven year old boy with a bomb attack. According to one report from UCA News: A bomb went off at the main gate of a Christian colony in the Pakistani city of Chaman on Dec. 2, killing a 7-year-old boy and […]

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Major Islamic Terrorists Declare This Order For Muslim Terrorists To Kill Christians: “Blow Up Their Churches And Monasteries, Kill Their Priests And Monks, Do Not Show Mercy Toward Any Christian For They Are All Belligerent Toward Allah’s Religion.”

By Walid Shoebat An order from Islamic terrorists, members of ISIS, has been released ordering the persecution of Christians, stating: “Oh you Muslims in Egypt, the Christians have been insolent toward you. They cursed our prophet and called each other to fight you, and you are sitting! Oh you, have you forgotten who you are? […]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Boss LIVING IN THE USA Takes A Six-Year-Old Girl And Cuts Her Apart Piece-By-Piece In Front Of Her Parents, As She Screams For Help He Laughs And Says To Her Parents “This Way You Will Remember Me”

Millan Vaszquez was a major drug cartel boss who was arrested in San Antonio, TX and sentenced to life in prison. During his trial the gruesome details of his actions as a drug kingpin in Mexico were revealed, which included cutting people up into little pieces and either burning or cooking the pieces. In one […]

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Pakistani Government Declares To Christians ‘We Will Not Get Rid Of The Blasphemy Laws, And We Are Only Going To Make Them Stricter And Impose More Upon You’

Submitting to the demands of Muslims, the Pakistani government has pledged that it will not only keep Pakistan’s infamous blasphemy laws, but they will make them even stricter so that Christians have almost no chance to appeal them and will scarcely have any hope of escaping from false claims of ‘blasphemy’ against Islam according to […]

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China And Russia Are Creating Armies Of Killer Robots They Are Going To Use Against The USA And Her Allies In A Coming War

China and Russia are developing killer robots right now, and according to business and military sources could pose a major threat to US interests according to a report: Kari Bingen, Secretary of Defence for Intelligence (SDI), warned the two powers were making huge advances in their tech and were advancing on the US. The findings […]

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