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Germany’s Far-Right And Anti-Muslim Migration Party, Alternative For Germany, Attacks The Catholic Church And Says That It Has Too Much Influence In The German Government

By Theodore Shoebat Germanys far-right and (supposedly) anti-Muslim migration party, the Alternative for Germany, has now expressed hostilities against the Catholic Church, saying that it has too much influence in the German government. This only reflects a growing anti-Catholicism. This is the subject of my most recent video:   Were Are About To Enter A […]

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Hundreds Of Muslims Go Straight From Mosque After Friday Prayers And Attack Christian Church, Ransack The Inside And Are Now Demanding The Rest To Be Destroyed

Hundreds of Muslims swarmed a Christian Church after Friday Islamic prayers, attacking the Christians and then ransacking and destroying the inside of the Church and are now demanding that the remains be demolished according to a report: Hundreds of Egyptians ransacked a church south of Cairo and called for it to be demolished, the region’s […]

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The Government Of Austria Instigates Italy And Declares To Ethnic Germans Living In Italy: ‘If You Identify Yourself As German, And Speak German, We Will Give You Austrian Citizenship.’

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Austria has now instigated Italy by saying that ethnic Germans living in South Tyrol, a region of Italy that borders with Austria and is inhabited by mainly ethnic Germans, may be given Austrian citizenship if they identify as German and speak German. I did a whole video on this: […]

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The Government Of Ohio Bans Abortion For Children With Down Syndrome

By Theodore Shoebat Well this is very good news: the government of Ohio has put a ban on abortion for children with Down syndrome, which is a massive blow against the eugenic agenda. As we read in a report from NBC News:  Ohio is prohibiting doctors from performing abortions based on a diagnosis of Down […]

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Christmas Slaughter As Terrorist Guns Down Four Christians And Wounds Eights While They Are Singing Christmas Carols

Christmas in southern Kaduna has gotten off to a tragic start as four Christians were murdered and eight wounded after they were attacked by a terrorist while they were singing Christmas carols: The Christmas festivity has taken off on a tragic note at Nindem village in Godogodo district of Jema’a Local Government Area, Southern Kaduna, […]

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Turkey Is Building A Gigantic Railway Network That Will Connect Europe With Asia, And It Will Be Used To Systemically Exterminate Christians, As Erdogan Works To Revive The Ottoman Empire

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat What does one need to conduct war and genocide? Technology. The Turks, the Azerbaijanis and the Austrians, have been establishing a major railway network connecting Europe and Asia. This railway network, while bringing in economic growth, will be used to transport not just military technology for the inevitable war […]

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