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Man Folds Six-Month-Old Baby In HALF And Then Crushes Him Underweight Until He Dies Because ‘He Would Not Stop Crying’

A man was arrested on murder charges after he took his six month old son, folded him in half and then crushed him until he stopped moving. When he was arrested he told police he did it because the child would not stop crying: Police say the baby boy whose father is accused of bending […]

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Feminist Goes To The Vatican And Tries To Steal A Statue Of Jesus While Screaming “God Is Woman!” The Vatican Police Grab Her And Send Her To A Detention Center

By Theodore Shoebat A feminist went to the Vatican to try to steal a statue of the Baby Jesus. As she tried to steal the statue, she screamed “God is woman!” A Vatican guard arrested her and she was detained. I did a video on this and how it is a reflection of the decadence […]

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Hundreds Of Muslims Attack Christian Church, They Call For The Church To Be Demolished, They Beat Christian Worshippers And Destroy Christian Statues

By Theodore Shoebat Hundreds of Muslims attacked a church in Egypt, calling for it to be demolished. They beat Christians and also destroyed Christian statues. As we read in one report from the Gospel Herald: Hundreds of Muslim demonstrators assaulted a Coptic Christian church south of Cairo, calling for it to be demolished, wrecking sacred […]

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Christians Go To Church To Praise God And Have A Bible Verse Quiz, Muslims Enter The Church And Murder Four Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Christians in Nigeria were in church for worship service and also to have a Bible verse quiz. Islamic terrorists entered the church, murdering four Christians and seriously injure ten others. As we read in one report from the Christian Post: Four Christians were killed two days before Christmas during a senseless attack […]

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Hindus Are Using Blasphemy Laws In India To Persecute Christians Just Like How Muslims Have Done For Centuries

According to a recent report, Christians are now being prosecuted for preaching about Christ in India by Hindus using blasphemy laws. The extent of the persecution is so bad that some people are saying that Hindu nationalists are trying to turn India into a Hindu version of Pakistan: After being framed on false charges earlier […]

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Federal Agents Bust Businessman Selling Dead Baby Corpses, Discover Warehouse Full Of Dismembered Baby Parts, Newborn Heads Floating In Coolers And Other Abominations

Millions of innocent children have been butchered in the name of “science,” which is at its essence a dual attempt to engage in unnatural life-extension and military biocomputer experiments using cells from unborn babies. In another scandal, a businessman who trafficked in baby body parts has been found with not just a few corpses, but […]

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Muslim Takes His 12-Year-Old ‘Wife’ And Tortures Her 150 Times, Pierces Her Genitals With Sticks And Forces Her To Eat Dog Food

A 12-year-old girl was married off to a Muslim man who immediately started torturing her with the help of his parents. The girl was tortured over 150 times all over her body, and in addition to sexually abusing her they pierced her genitals with sticks and forced her to eat dog food: New distressing reports […]

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Kentucky Judge Who Publicly Stood Up For Children Against The LGBT Now Has Suddenly Been Found Guilty Of “Misconduct”

The LGBT is making major advances into the American legal system so that now, even having an opinion different from the LGBT is becoming grounds for harassment. Such recently happened in a court case, where a judge was formally reprimanded for refusing to hear adoption cases for homosexuals: A Kentucky Family Court judge who refused […]

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Three Muslims Kidnap Christian Teenager And Demand A Ransom, When The Family Cannot Pay They Torture Him By Mutilating His Face And Then Murder Him As A ‘Christmas Gift’ For Christian Village

A 14 year old Christian teenager was kidnapped by Muslims two weeks before Christmas. The Muslims demanded a ransom, but when the family could not pay they proceeded to torture the teen by mutilating his face before murdering him, and then return his remains to the family as a ‘Christmas gift’ according to a report: […]

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Turkey Is Reviving The Ottoman Empire And Biblical Cush Is Welcoming Turkey In Submission, As The Government Of Sudan Is Now Allowing Turkey To Expand Its Military Into Sudan

By Walid Shoebat When we read Daniel’s “the Libyans and Ethiopians shall follow at his heels.” (Daniel 11:43) it means that Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Somalia and Chad will simply follow and submit to Antichrist. We have argued that this Antichrist will some day come out of Turkey reviving the Ottoman Empire and yesterday, Erdogan’s visit marked the first time […]

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Stop Calling Europe Christendom. Christendom Is Dead. Europe Is Now A Place Of Social Darwinism And Marxism And Is Coming Closer And Closer To The Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat Stop calling Europe Christendom. Christendom is dead. Europe is now a place of Nazism, Marxism, eugenics and social Darwinism, and is getting closer and closer to the antichrist. This is the subject of my latest video: We Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About To Commence […]

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