Hindus Send This Message To Christians: We Will Burn Down Your Entire Church If You Do Not Leave

By Theodore Shoebat

Hindu terrorists in India approached a church in India’s Uttar Pradesh region, with this message: We will burn down the whole church if you do not leave. According to the report:

Under pressure from Hindu extremists, local officials kept a church from meeting on Good Friday (April 3) in India’s Uttar Pradesh state and ordered the pastor to vacate the property, the church leader said.

Pastor Daniel Singh of Salvation for Asia Church in Swar, near Rampur, told Morning Star News his two-year lease of the land allowed him to build a worship site, but Hindu extremists in the northern state have been threatening to burn his church building if he does not leave the property.

“The extremists summoned me one night to one of their meetings, and they threatened to burn up the church if we do not empty the land,” Pastor Singh said. “The BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party] district president also threatened to terminate the job of one church member if he continues to come to our worship meetings.”

Local officials kept the church from its Good Friday services after the Hindu extremists submitted a complaint against the pastor of “forceful conversion” to police and warned him to vacate the property.

On Wednesday (April 8), the Rampur District magistrate ordered the pastor to immediately vacate the land, where about 1,000 people regularly worship.
“We have rented land to build a structure for conducting worship meetings, and we have two more years to conduct worship services according to the lease deed we made with the landlord,” Pastor Singh said. “However, pressured by the Hindu extremists, the government official along with the landlord are telling us to vacate the land as soon as possible.”

Hindu extremists first objected to worship services on March 28, when they accused the pastor and other church members of forceful conversion. Uttar Pradesh does not have an “anti-conversion” law, routinely used by Hindu extremists in more than five other states to harass Christians with false charges of forcible or fraudulently conversion.

While not governed by the Hindu nationalist BJP, Uttar Pradesh has seen a high number of anti-Christian incidents since the federal election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose governing alliance is headed by the BJP. In the first 10 months since Modi took power in May 2014, there were 22 cases of violence against Christians in the state, compared with three such incidents in the prior 10 months, according to the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI).

Also in Uttar Pradesh, about 30 Hindu extremists in Maharajganj, Rae Bareilly, on March 25 stormed a prayer meeting at the home of the Rev. Manoj Samuel and pushed, kicked, punched and strangled participants while cursing at them and accusing them of forcible conversion, he said.

“They broke the wall of the hut and stormed in, accused me of giving money to people to make them follow Jesus and mercilessly attacked us,” Pastor Samuel told Morning Star News. “Four Christians, including three women, were rushed to the hospital for treatment. They sustained injuries on their heads, backs and legs, and they complained of internal pain as well.”

Church leaders maintained that there was no instance of forceful or fraudulent conversion.

And they keep saying this nonsense that Hinduism is a peaceful religion.