Two Muslims Approach A 14 Year Old Christian Boy, They Ask Him For His Religion, When He Says Christian, They Pour Kerosene On His Body And Burn Him Alive

By Theodore Shoebat

Two Muslims approached a 14 year old boy in Pakistan named Nuaman and asked him what his religion was. As soon as the boy said Christian, the two Muslim heretics poured kerosene on him and burned him alive. Thank God, the boy survived, and 55% of his body is burned. This is the cross that he is bearing, and he is deserving of a glorious crown in Heaven. Here is the photo:


The two Muslims attacked the Christian as they were walking to the mosque for Friday prayers in the Pakistani city of Lahore. The boy himself has recounted the story:

I told them that I am Christian. They started beating me, when I tried running, both boys started following me through the street and then they threw Kerosene on me and burnt me… I kept on running when a heap of sand came my way, I lied down on the sand … [A] few people from the community … [extinguished] fire by putting sand on me. I became unconscious, and they called 1122 Emergency medical helpline and called [for] an ambulance.

This burning took place not too long after the burning of Sunny Masih, a Christian young man who was thrown into an oven by his slave owner and suffered horrific burns. Rescue Christians is currently helping this boy and his family, and you can see here a video of him with his flesh cooked:

We are currently helping Sunny Masih, paying for his treatment from this horrific and severe burns he is enduring. But we would not be able to help him if it were not for your generous and charitable spirit. Please help us save more Christians like Sunny Masih.

It is our duty as Christians to help our brethren when they are being oppressed and persecuted. If we do not help to rescue our fellow Christians, then we are no different than the wicked and lazy servant, to whom Christ will say: “throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” (Matthew 25:30)

Do not be the worthless servant. Do something now for your brethren and help us rescue these helpless Christians who are surrounded by wolves.