Make No Mistake About It, The Cold War Between US/NATO And Russia Will Fail And End Up In A Hot War With Turkey Instead


By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

Are we to expect wars or rumors of wars? We watch the news on what is brewing between NATO and Russia and we ask if this is the signs of the times. The US sends a signal that “Russia as well as China can’t have a sphere of influence in the region”. We see the placement of missiles in Eastern Europe sending a message to Russia: you are not allowed to have a sphere of influence and the Chinese aren’t allowed either.

America and their proxies in Europe are the only ones who can really have a sphere of influence. This is essentially a Cold War theory of containment brought into the 21st century and there are missiles targeted towards Russia.


Will this cold-war between NATO and Russia escalate from rumors of war to an actual war?

But before we examine the reality and the logistics, let us first seek wisdom. A good lesson in life I learned long ago is that most of what we worry about never happens and what really happens are calamities we never even anticipated; calamities we never worried about in the past. Global calamities are just as mysterious as personal calamities. None of us know how we will die, if we go in a bang, or die by leaking through our orifices in a hospital bed at old age. Situations flip every once in a while.

Last year, the ‘rumors of wars’ was between Turkey and Russia, this year it is between the entire NATO alliance (which includes Turkey) versus Russia.

Another nugget of wisdom is to always keep in mind that God is always at work (Hebrews 13:20-21, John 5:17). But also keep in mind that the devil is at work as well. The devil gets to move his chips first while God does the checkmate last. Wisdom is never added in your news and you are always left with worry and concern.

So which scenario will it be? It is usually not the scenario that the world is concerned about that should worry us. NATO claims it fears Russian expansion. The hidden reality is not to fear Russia. Turkey’s expansionist ideology (not Russia) will sooner or later surface. Westerners will finally get a grip, but only in the end.

Such wisdom can be seen from lessons of the past. Historically we worried about Russia to only join them and fight Germany. We worried about China and eventually joined them too in order to fight Japan. And today, we worry about Russia and China. What are today’s enemies will be tomorrow’s friends. China and Russia will fight Turkey when “threats from east and north” comes against the Antichrist (Daniel 11:44).

It is the Turkish expansionist threat that should concern us. Turkey’s Erdogan government said somethings, this week that should concern us more than Russia. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s advisor Yiğit Bulut argued on a TV program on Wednesday that foreign nations desire to be ruled by Turkey.

“They are talking about how they can be ruled from İstanbul in Middle East,” Bulut said. He also added that “people in Central Asia and Africa also talk about being ruled from İstanbul.” The Balkans are turning to Turkey. The Balkans are turning to the center of this geography,” Bulut also said. He also argued that people in Europe cannot express this desire due to the pressure from the German government.

Turkey also wants to rule Central Asia, what was previously Russian republics, and it also wants to rule Europe. It is this threat, hidden from the news that should worry us more than what the news bombard us with. It is the ‘concerns’ that are ‘not concerns’ that should alarm us more than the alarms trumpeted by headlines.

Yet instead of seeing the real boogieman, NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly urged its members on May 30 to stand up to Russia’s military “assertiveness” and “to provide reassurance” to those allies who feel their security is under threat by Russia.

NATO which is a group of nations destined to be divided between sheep and goat are focused particularly on Russia‘s influence in the Baltic states Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia in the north (with its side-effects on Scandinavia), and on Turkey in the south, neighboring both Ukraine and Syria, which both have a considerable Russian military presence.

nato copy

World powers are like two lions, one is king who does not want to divide the harem with the other lion. Yet when a third lion storms their territory, they both leave the cubs and the lionesses and head on for the fight. At times one of the two lions will even collaborate with the strange lion against the lion king.

We always see man’s wars mirrored in the animal kingdom mimicking the way we too behave where the males will eventually suffer through violence at some distant battlefield while the females and the children are left behind with all the agony and the tears. Nations fight each other because each see the other side look different and speak a different language, yet we all collectively learn to stop, but only in the end because there is only one language we collectively understand: bloodshed.

Only when so much blood is split do we finally ever come to our senses. Even God had to shed His own blood hoping we realize our sin and violent fallen-nature.



We first ruin ourselves in order to learn the lesson of love. Teaching a dog obedience is much easier than teaching man to love. We all even know that love is the answer but we always choose the devil instead. In reality, the world is fraudulent, it is not what it claims to be and it is what it claims it is not.

The world is nothing more than a congregation of devil-worshippers.

The passion of Christ even corresponds with the struggle of mankind where the devil seems to be the winner, yet his defeat is only discovered in the end. We see the world news and currently the devil seems to be the victor and God seems to be beaten and is suffering in pain for us. He is patient as if He is still going through His passion, being flogged and crucified while waiting for the last round and it is only upon His resurrection from what seems to be a defeat is He victorious.

But God’s suffering for us is only because the world has become a congregation of devil worshippers. God will only be fully worshipped by everyone in the end where “every knee will bow” including “Baal will bow and Nebo stoops.” (Isaiah 46:1)

Today most knees, be they pagan or most claiming Christians or claiming Jews are simply bending the knee to Baal. It is but few remnants here and there, a very very narrow gate that truly seek God. God works through these. His victory is accomplished by few key figures who make all the difference.

NATO is currently the main bidder for the devil. The declaration of the NATO assembly asked members to increase their defense budgets in order to strengthen conventional and nuclear deterrence measures, heighten NATO military preparedness and boost cooperation with non-NATO members, goat nations like Sweden and Finland, neighboring the Baltics. It is becoming so serious that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg described the current situation as “the biggest reinforcement of our collective defense since the end of the Cold War,” and relations with Russia are expected to be discussed again at the NATO Summit in Warsaw on July 8-9. Poland, also neighboring the Baltics, currently hosts missiles of the NATO-operated U.S. Missile Defense System, which has early warning radars in the devil’s den, Turkey, out of all places. “Pergamum,” Jesus warned in Revelation 1 is the “devil’s throne” and the western NATO alliance are all behaving like a Salome, they are dancing like prostitutes at the palaces of Herod.

All this is a reason of concern for Russia, especially that NATO’s western allies support the devil’s throne. Turkey in a display of power in the Efes 2016 military exercise was an excellent example of NATO dancing with the devil. This was the first of its kind since it combined eight NATO and non-NATO forces together, including Turkey, the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Azerbaijan.

NATO used the crises in Ukraine and Syria as the excuse to increase tensions between Russia and NATO.  The two-day drill is a landmark event, as it hosted its first international edition touted by the Turkish media as the biggest multinational military exercise.

Turkey is increasing its defensive alliances in the international community. The exercise is also an opportunity for Turkey to test its locally made Atak military helicopter and the Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicle.


Turkey showcases domestic military might in Efes-2016 drillTurkey showcases domestic military might in Efes-2016 drill

Turkey showcases domestic military might in Efes-2016 drill

Notice Chief of General Staff Gen. Eker (2-L) likes to look like Sultan Erdoğan (2-R) sort of like in Nazi Germany when worshippers wanted to look like Hitler.


The west is divided between globalists and non-globalists. The globalist are usually liberal. Wisdom says that liberals have something in common with Islamists; they are both the sons of the devil and they are both globalists. It is easy to track which are goat nations and which are sheep nations by simply looking up religion in any nation. If they are Islamist or if they have completely fallen away from Christianity you can rest assure they are goats.

Western-globalism is on the decrease in several nations while Muslim globalism is on the increase in most Muslim nations. Muslim globalism with its flood into the West is acting as a cooling agent where national pride in Europe is kicking in several places. And with a Republican presidential nominee victory by Donald J. Trump, NATO becomes “obsolete”. Americans themselves are tired with NATO feeling that the allies are “ripping off” the United States. There is a growing unwillingness in the United States to shoulder a disproportionate share of the NATO burden, militarily and financially.

What is happening today is that God is affecting the sheep nations to shun away globalism. The Holy Spirit has a prophetic agenda to reverse the Babel globalist effect in order to bring a divide between sheep and goat nations and is infusing nationalism instead.

Today most claiming Christians have an image of Christ that is not true. Christ came to divide. He came to divide us out of this world and not to unite us with it.

The issue of Russia was only understood when John Paul II, began to examine Fatima following the assassination attempt by a Muslim Turk named Mehmet Ali Agca. While the follower of satan pierced the Pope with a bullet, in the end, God won, and the Turk was baptized Christian.


It will be the Turk who will suppress and persecute the Church as it climes that high mountain to reach to that cross as proclaimed at Fatima. It will be the Turk who will “take away the sacrifice” and the “grain offering” causing the “abomination of desolation” that was spoken of by Daniel the prophet.

However, the Turk in the end will submit to the church.

Pope John Paul II because of the bullet by that Turk has sparked his curiosity to begin the ball rolling on fixing the errors of Russia. Later, Ronald Reagan met with Gorbachev and communism in Russia fell. At church we have been dedicating our prayers for the consecration of Russia to God. It is rather strange, while we should consecrate NATO, here we are consecrating Russia.

Indeed, we will have a war. It was at Fatima that “the Pit” describing hell was mentioned to little children telling them of complete nations being wiped out. Ezekiel mentions by name these very goat nations going into that “pit” in Ezekiel 28-32. They are the nations of Turkey, Syria, North Africa, Arabia and Southern Russia (C.I.S Muslim states which split from Russia) and other “various nations” which “will be completely annihilated” and then sent to “the pit”.

They are the very nations that Yiğit Bulut mentioned in his statement declaring that they want to be ruled from Istanbul. Bulut said that “people in Central Asia and Africa also talk about being ruled from İstanbul.”

It all adds up, except that we are paying less attention to this and we are paying more attention on the NATO-Russian ‘rumors of war’.

Most Christians do not understand how the west will play the Armageddon game. They think that Europe as a whole, and Russia as a whole, are destined as goat nations. This is not true. While Russia will suffer, it will in the end triumph. The northern parts of what was Russia will shine while the southern parts that are Muslim will not. God from the time of Russia’s end of communism is separating sheep from goat and Europe is coming up next in a major way by the time this US elections are over. Just as the split began when the Pope and Ronald Reagan called for Russia to reform, I expect it might be when Trump takes control that we will see the splits in Europe begin.

But while this display of military power between NATO forces in Turkey all looks hunky-dory, reality is that this adhesive trying to make an anti-Russian alliance will fail. We already see that certain nations destined to be sheep are simply being disobedient to NATO thumbing their noses to them.

An example of this is Spain. Spain just got in trouble from NATO and is getting reprimanded by the U.S. It was slammed for “betraying its NATO allies” allowing Russian Navy vessels to refuel in its North African territories.

Since 2011, Spain allowed 57 Russian warships, submarines and other vessels to refuel at its North African enclave of Ceuta, according to a report in the Times. Now the US Congress wants to require defense officials to “report on NATO countries that allow Russian warships to dock at their ports.”

According to the U.S. Spain’s actions “undermine NATO’s solidarity” against Russia wanting to isolate the Russian Navy and wants a “cohesive strategy” to deny Russia access to warm water ports.


The Russian submarine ‘Novorossiysk’ doing its stop Ceuta ‘gas station’

So will the U.S. succeed in stopping Spain and other European countries from aiding Russia?

Never. Not in NATO’s wildest dreams. Despite all the skirmishes in the Middle East, Russia still maintains a strategically crucial Mediterranean base at the port of Tartus in Syria. To sustain an overseas presence, Moscow has no choice but to establish a sustained logistical connection and have forces in place to defend itself. The Crimean Peninsula reinforces Russia’s hold on its only warm-water base at Sevastopol on the Black Sea, and naval projection on the Black Sea gives Russia access to the Mediterranean to the ports of Latakia and Tartus on the Syrian Mediterranean coast.

The other dilemma is that European nations need Russia. It is the world’s largest exporter of natural gas, and the second largest producer of oil. All this makes Russia vital for the world’s energy security.

Also, if a World War erupts, Europe cannot, for example, fully defend itself from outside threats like Turkey. Greece is in dire need for Russia and has used Russia to counter its enemies in the past, especially from the Ottomans. Malta, an EU member has also played host to Russian ships while Greece continues to maintain friendly relations with Russia also being member of both NATO and the EU. Also nuclear arms control, at least in the Euro-Atlantic area, is not possible without Russia. Any western policy that does not engage Russia will only strengthen Moscow’s turn, especially that Russia established a Eurasian Economic Union securing the third most voting shares in the Chinese led Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank.

NATO will fail to maintain its united front regardless of NATO allies vehement criticism of Moscow’s actions. While certain central and eastern European countries feel directly threatened by Russia, others do not regard Russia as their main security problem especially France. It is more concerned about instability on NATO’s southern flank. Also, external situations could change this view of Russia. Today we have Nagorno-Karabakh, Syria and Turkey’s expansions. There are also the “color-revolutions”, which Moscow views as a form of Western warfare.

The immigration crisis in Europe headed by Turkey will turn the situation around. It has strained relations within the European Continent. The bombing campaign in Syria has demonstrated Moscow’s rapidly increasing capabilities in positive ways. Many European countries still resist strong measures to strengthen NATO while others remain reluctant to increase military spending. Italy, are cutting back, France is reverting to its traditional skepticism toward the alliance which it sees as American policy and an infringement on its sovereignty.


France needs Russia and Russia needs France. France’s agriculture has suffered significantly from the EU’s political decisions to boycott Russia. In response, French farmers have been setting their produce on fire and blocked roads with tractors in protest at their government’s policy against Russia. The farmers complained that EU sanctions on Russia have hit their potential export markets depressing prices. In France, farmers showed real solidarity to stop the ban on Russia. They demonstrate bringing their tractors along with them.


France is the EU’s largest grain grower and exporter and without the French-Russian connection, Europe will starve. Russia is also a non-GMO largest grain grower in Asia.

So when tribulations hit, who in that sphere of the world has all the food? Russia.

Ever wonder why the Bible speaks of disasters where a day’s work is spent just to buy a loaf of bread? And how will this following prophecy be fulfilled in France:

“revolution will spread to every French town”.  “Wholesale slaughter will take place. This revolution will last only a few months but it will be frightful, blood will flow everywhere because the malice of the wicked will reach its highest pitch. Victims will be innumerable.  Paris will look like a slaughter-house. Persecutions against the Church will be even greater but it will not last long…” (The Ecstatic of Tours, a nun from Tours, France where her prophecies were published in 1882)

And who in the future will export weapons to the Muslims in France in order to start civil unrest causing rape, pillage and bloodshed?

Answer: it will be the Turks.

Whoever is catapulting these immigrants into Europe will also catapult the weapons they need. People always ask me: how can the Antichrist who is supposed to control the world be a dog Turk?

Well, just look around. Who in history has ever gotten away with more genocide against Christians and Jews and even Muslims more than the damned Turk who invented the Khazouk?

Even in Germany, it is illegal to be a holocaust denier, while the U.S. dares not rub the Turk’s nose with the manure of genocide. Despite the evidence presented about Turkey’s massacre of Kurds, not even the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International including the E.U and the U.S. governments made a peep. They all kept silent and there was no condemnation for the massacre at Cizre. Such condemnation only came from Turkey’s “threat from the North” (Daniel 11:44) as the Bible describes Antichrist’s exceptional enemy: Russia.

It was the Russian Foreign Ministry who condemned the silence, not the U.S. who forgot the Ottoman dog or why they sung “from the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli”.

With the E.U and the U.S. Obama and Hillary it is ‘the Turk we love but Russia we hated’.


Considering that 80% of Russians living in Europe accounting for 16 percent of the continent’s population. Russia is not some foreign entity to Europe. It is as a major European player by virtue of geography and demography alone.

But so is Turkey. It has a similar standing in Germany which has always been historically a goat nation. Turks account for 22.1% of Germany’s foreign population and Germany is home to most of the flood of additional Muslims Turkey is sending to Europe. It is not unlikely that a Muslim-Turk someday soon will rule Germany playing the Obama card while he claims to be Christian he will be bidding for Turkey.

So now that Spain and other European nations are by U.S. standard, traitors to NATO, its insistence on pointing out the traitors will continue to divide Europe over its policy towards Russia and will make U.S. efforts in that regards flimsy. This will show that a NATO alliance is just as flimsy as the United Nations.

Eventually, the world will see that U.S and NATO propaganda is simply hyping up Russia as one of the gravest threats to humanity. This will not succeed.

Years ago Americans were fooled by their leaders to go to war in the Middle East. This is no more and is why Donald Trump gains popularity. Europeans as well as Americans are learning quickly that it is not what a politician claims that worries them but what tyrannical powers these politicians seek that is more terrifying. They know and ask, that if the U.S. really cares about Crimea, as they claim, why then doesn’t the U.S. also care about the Gibraltar? The Gibraltar is controlled by Britain when it truly belongs to Spain. Another case-in-point is the Ceuta enclave. It is controlled by Spain while it is really claimed by Morocco. Yet the daily bickering continues exclusively against Russia.

As one analyst, Danielle Ryan points out, the British officials are kicking up a fuss. They complain over Russian ships docking 20 miles away from their own. Yet the Russians are docked at a port which Spain believes rightfully belongs to them, all the while the British use a completely unrelated territorial dispute, Crimea, to back up their claim that the Russian ships have no right to be there.

The real dispute in the Straits of Gibraltar is between two NATO countries themselves, the UK and Spain. A spokesperson for the Government of Gibraltar told the Express that Spanish ships were “harassing” US and Royal Navy assets operating in the area. The matter became so tense earlier this month that the Royal Navy fired warning shots at a Spanish vessel that had approached a US nuclear submarine off the coast of Gibraltar. Whew. No wonder everyone’s finding it more convenient to make Russian ships the issue.

The lesson leaned according to Ryan is this:

Moral of the story: NATO ships and planes can dock or land pretty much anywhere, at any time, without question  and territorial disputes are only important if they involve Russia, but not when they involve NATO members themselves.

Got it?

This world of rebellion will eventually succumb to God where He will divide between two sides. The world will always in the end have good triumph over evil. From all levels be it government to social, God is always victorious in the end. Evil will all end from the rampant disobedience of women taught from church pulpits, the disgusting men seeking men phenomenon, priests seeking children, the rejection of God’s simple manna and man’s current lack of frugality, the love of caviar, play toys, love of money and power …  it will soon end. But first the world will shake like an earthquake.

The Lion King in the end wins. The Lion King always wins. The bride will finally bend her knee to Him alone in worship. Women will get back to obedience laying their heads by the feet of the King.