THEY NEARLY GOT AWAY WITH IT! Media and school officials tried to hide information about UCLA shooter’s religion

By BI: UCLA student editor discovers that the shooter’s religion on his Twitter profile was changed – from Islam to Hindu – within hours of the campus shooting, which killed a UCLA professor as well as an ex-girlfriend in Minnesotastan.

This is the “white male” UCLA shooter Mainak Sarkar that the media was telling us about for the first two days.

This is the “white male” UCLA shooter Mainak Sarkar that the media was telling us about for the first two days.

RedStateWatcher via Conservative Tribune  The perpetrator of the terrible crime was almost immediately known to law enforcement and school officials, and if you are wondering why the media didn’t immediately rush to plaster the name and face of the alleged “white shooter” all over the news, it isn’t that hard to figure out why.

It turned out that the “white male” the media intimated was responsible for the murder was actually a decidedly non-white male of Indian or Bengali descent named Mainak Sarkar, according to RedStateWatcher.

Making matters worse for the deceptive media, they seem to have been caught in the act of attempting to cover up both the race and religion of Sarkar in an effort to make his crime fit with a political narrative by editing his Everipedia profile before publicizing his name.

TWITTER profle before shooting


TWITTER profile after shooting

Even still, the apparent attempted cover up continues, as the killer’s profile now lists his religion as “Muslim or Hindu (unconfirmed),” leaving just enough wiggle room for politically correct liberals to continue to push their narrative of Islam being a religion of peace filled with Muslims that would never hurt anybody.

This blatant effort at covering up a rather salient piece of information regarding the UCLA killer was nothing short of disgusting, as you and I both know that the same sort of careful courtesy would not have been extended to a shooter of another religion.


In fact, if the shooter really had turned out to be a “white male” and a “Christian,” we would have seen his face plastered on the news non-stop for the past 24 hour.

Instead, a Muslim jihadist killed his white ex-girlfriend in Minnesota, then traveled to UCLA immediately to kill a white professor he had a beef with, then killed himself, with hardly any of that information being reported by the liberal media, as it doesn’t fit their carefully manufactured narrative that Muslims are peaceful and white guys suck.