The Most Extensive Decrees In The History Of The Modern Turkish Republic Is Underway As Erdogan Persecutes Thousands Of Judges And Lawmakers Stripping Away Their Immunity


By Walid Shoebat

This week Erdogan enacted one of the most extensive decrees in the history of the modern Turkish Republic as he reshuffled thousands of legislators, lawmakers and judges. Erdogan indeed is “changing set laws” in a massive way.

When last month in May, the Turkish parliament approved the lifting of lawmakers’ legal immunity in a secret ballot, they allowed the bill to go directly to implementation, avoiding a referendum. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan signed the bill on Tuesday lifting lawmakers’ immunity from prosecution, his office said, a constitutional change was supposedly done to remove a pro-Kurdish opposition party from parliament.

And this week it sparked in full action. Besides targeting the Kurdish party, Turkey implemented one of the most extensive decrees in the history of the modern republic and the new legislation hit two-birds in one stone. The new law which comes amid allegations of freedom of speech violations in Turkey, is apparently aimed not just at Turkish lawmakers who might be supportive of the Kurds and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) which is now legally considered to be a terrorist organization by Erdogan’s government, but as reports from Turkey now reveal Erdogan is completely changing the legal demographics on a massive scale:

Turkey has witnessed a wave of reshuffle in the judiciary, one of the most extensive decrees in the history of the modern Turkish Republic, with the government replacing more than 3,700 judges and prosecutors, at a time when President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has yet to ratify a bill stripping scores of lawmakers of their legislative immunity from prosecution.

The enactment consisted of the relocation of 3,228 judges and prosecutors in the civil jurisdiction and 518 judges and prosecutors in the administrative jurisdiction.

And while this raised concerns in the EU bloc, the U.S. is simply sending soundbites since Turkey is its ally against Russia. The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Vice-President of the European Commission, Federica Mogherini, has criticized the move, while a German government spokesman has said “the situation will certainly be raised by the chancellor” during her meeting with the Turkish president. The US State Department said the law will have a “chilling effect” on democratic freedoms in Turkey.

Obviously, Turkey is going the path of tyranny and soon we will see its full force. We’ve seen the takeover of newspapers that have been reporting truthful information about the Turkish government’s relationship with ISIS and its interest in Syria.

And while Erdogan is busily turning Turkey into a police state, the U.S. is acting in a double standard. Instead of addressing Turkey, one can see the dumbest of Washington addressing Russia with the typical useless talk and dance:

When Turkey banned Twitter the U.S. was irate, but when Turkey banned Russia’s Sputnik news agency and Today’s Zaman, and this week it is amassing a complete attack on law and freedom, the U.S is completely silent while it got busy combatting Russia with the dumbest war of words. When it comes to Russia and the Russian media, that if this were being done to a U.S. outlet, there would be an outcry, but because it’s Russia, the same standard doesn’t seem to apply.

We have said it years ago, the U.S. will wake up, but only way later. To understand why the U.S. will fail on its cold-war with Russia please read our report “Make No Mistake About It, The Cold War Between US/NATO And Russia Will Fail And End Up In A Hot War With Turkey Instead