Screw Mohammed Ali Screw The Nation Of Islam And Screw All These Race Baiters I Am Sick Of Ali

Muhammad-Ali-Joe-FrazierBy Walid Shoebat

One draft dodging racist scumbag named Mohammed Ali has finally croacked and is buried and is on his way to hell and we still have to endure more circus having to watch a milieu of other racist scumbags on TV today from self-hating Jew rabbi Michael Lerner to an array of Islamists praising someone who accomplished nothing.

Ali’s rampant racism even extended to wanting blacks who had sex with whites murdered.

‘A black man should be killed if he’s messing around with a white women,’ he once said.

And if a black woman was messing with a white man?

‘Then she dies. Kill her too.’

On TV all day long today he gets praises while Donald Trump gets ridiculed.

In America, Race Warriors are the epitome of race mongers whose whole purpose of achieving political or social goals by exploiting ignorance and prejudice. In America the antiracism movement are warriors who are supposedly against racism and at the same time are for racism.

And as usual, the funerals of the wicked always attract an evil company. The funeral was nothing more than a pep rally for left-wing causes “tell the one percent who own 80 percent of the wealth of this country that it’s time to share their wealth,” and “close our military bases around the world,” Jewish rabbi Michael Lerner demanded.

Lerner said that “it’s time to create a guaranteed income,” “help create a Palestinian state,” and rid society of “racist police” and “racist judges.”

Indeed, an evil culture is defined when it says “God loves everyone,” including, but not limited to; heretics, Islamists, pedophiles, sodomites, lesbians, murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug pushers and every mutant from the pit of hell.

My Muslim father nearly worshipped Mohammed Ali in hope he starts a Muslim revolution in the U.S. I can’t tell you how many times my father sat under the carob tree in our home in Jericho and went on jabbering for hours with neighbors about Muhammad Ali. In Bethlehem, he would pass sweets every time Ali won a fight because to Muslims Ali represented Islam in the U.S. Instead of praising Ali I simply watched him fight and learned enough boxing to beat up school bullies who picked on me for being half American. I have seen true racism from the middle east and as far as Mexico where educators were truly racists and were supposedly warriors against racism while being racists. My kids in Mexico had to endure much America hatred. I taught them to fight back and at one occasion the racist school principle found me at his gate telling him that if he messes with my kids that he will get the American-style baseball bat. You should have seen the look on his terrified face. For me fighting real racism and giving bloody noses worked at a community who knew no boxing. My silly father could care less that his children were picked on for not being full breed Muslims and cared more about that jumping monkey named Ali.

I have seen the whole culture of Mohammed Ali fans in the Middle East as well as in Chicago during my days promoting terrorism in America. Ali joined, in the ‘60s, the Nation of Islam, a perverse and sick society.

These use anything to advance their agenda through liberal Unitarians like an x-girlfriend of mine a journalist named Mary Edwards Wertsch whom during the early eighties was aiding the nation of Islam’s cause. Mary was extremely interested in the Palestinian cause as well and was working for an activist organization tied in with the Episcopal Church, America’s version of Britain’s Anglican Church. Much like those of the Anglican Church back in Bethlehem, Mary and the Episcopalians she worked with were very pro-Palestinian and pro-Nation of Islam, a “religious” organization dedicated, so they claimed, to improving life for blacks.

Mary tirelessly worked to serve the Chicago-based Nation of Islam, headed by Wallace D. Muhammad, whom I met at her apartment near Wrigley Field in Chicago. He’d taken over the Nation of Islam a few years before, after the death of his father, Elijah Muhammad, and had revamped the organization into an Islamic movement, primarily Sunni. Mary would serve Wallace, digging into archives to only find out all about the bizarre rituals before orthodox Islam had entered the arena when a murky Muslim figure allegedly named Wallace D. Fard had founded the Nation of Islam in Detroit in 1930.

Before he’d started the group, Fard had served prison time in San Quentin for trying to sell drugs to undercover cops and had been rearrested a few years after he’d been released.

After Fard disappeared in 1934, Elijah Muhammad, his assistant, took over this ideology and wrote to followers that Fard had been a manifestation of Allah who’d come to them from the so-called Holy City of Mecca, Arabia in 1930.

Eventually, the Nation of Islam moved to Chicago and in later years it and its splinter groups boasted such notorious leaders as Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan.

Mary had grown up overseas, but had moved a lot because she was an Army brat. Her father, Colonel David Edwards, a West Point grad, had been stationed in Germany, France and the U.S. Mary later became an investigative reporter and had authored the book “Military Brats” in which she would share intimate memories with fellow brats, including General Norman Schwarzkopf about whom filmmaker Donna Musil completed a documentary film “Brats: Our Journey Home,” considered a major boost to the military brat cultural identity movement.

Little did these “patriots” know that Mary was steeped in helping us free our terrorist friend Ziad Abu Eian. In May 1979, Ziad had killed two Jews and wounded thirty-six others after setting off a bomb in a marketplace in the Sea of Galilee resort town of Tiberias, Israel.

I speak from real experience. We are the real Americans and not these frauds. Killing Jewish civilians and cops is okay with these frauds who champion black-civil-rights and Palestinian statehood. They could give a crap about the thousands of blacks killed and murdered in Africa. The champions of antiracism are the real terrorists, the real racists, and the real hate-mongers while the ones accused of it are innocent true patriots who always need to stand up and fight. It is time to give haters bloody noses.

So much for the antiracism movement, counter Jihad movement and all other bowel movements I see these days in America. I am really getting sick of it. Vote Trump!