Western Society Will Not Stop Committing Suicide Until Its People Stop Embracing Homosexual Perversity


In a recent story out of Denmark, the Danish government is claiming a mild success with a program began back in 2014 to encourage Danes to have more children. Their reasoning is simple- too many Danes are having too few, if any children at all, and the population is not only getting older, but is shrinking rapidly, and the only people who are replacing the native Danes are Muslim invaders, whose intentions are clear- to destroy the native culture and replace it with themselves, making the Danes strangers and outcasts in their own homeland. The government, working with various corporations, even crafted a commercial to encourage higher birthrates, which you can see below:

Nine months after a set of campaigns encouraging Danes to get busy procreating, the nation is set for a baby boom.
According to a report in Politiken, the summer of 2016 will bring around 1,200 more Danish babies than last year.
The timing of the baby boom certainly raises eyebrows, given nine months ago Danes were targeted by a series of campaigns telling them to get busy between the sheets.
First came a new steamy ad from Spies Travel, the creators of the earlier viral hit, ‘Do it for Denmark’. The company’s late September ad ‘Do it for Mom!” played the guilt card by telling Danes they should make their parents happy by giving them a grandchild. The video has been seen nearly eight million times.
The sex campaigns have their roots in Denmark’s falling birth rates and the tendency of Danes to wait later in life before having their first child.
The national fertility rate was at 1.69 in 2014, a small increase over 2013 and the first time that year-end numbers have been up since 2010.

Now, on the positive side, it is good to see an effort being made to encourage European birthrates. This is necessary and been overdue for a very long time. As the government central planners are starting to understand in a VERY rudimentary way, the demographics of a people is their destiny- no children, no future, but lots of children, and there is a potentially brighter future. The family is, in a sense, a reflection of a society and the relationships between the people which occupy it. The healthier the family is, the healthier society will be, and on the opposite, the weaker the family is, the more problems there will be reflected in society. It is in the interest of all people in a society- including the government- to have strong, healthy families so that society may be strong and healthy, and when problems naturally happen (and they inevitably will), the society will be able to handle them much better than if the society is sick. Indeed, a very strong society with a lot of people will need to expand, and their people will leave for other lands and take them for themselves. But just like sickness and how if a person is too weak he may succumb to his illness, a severely weakened society as reflected by the state of the family can also succumb as well to other illnesses, such as foreign invasion.

Which brings me to the current topic- the sexual perversion of the West

There has always been tension in western society between the Church and the government. This goes for most societies throughout history where the Faith has been, and the tension is natural and expected as much as there is tension between the things of the next world and the things of this world. This is inevitable, expected, and not a surprise. However, the problems we find ourselves in today began in the 14th century with the intentional de-emphasis on the sin of usury- the making of money from money- which has always been vigorously preached against up until this point.

In Dante’s Divine Comedy, the usurers are in the sixth circle of hell. That place is also occupied by the homosexuals- sodomites- as well. The reason for this is a basic part of Catholic teaching about marriage and the family. Money is a means of exchange which is a sterile entity- it is used to broker the transmission of real goods, and so as an entity unto itself it cannot appreciate or depreciate in value, but merely retain it, and as such it remains sterile. The family on the other hand is a reflection of the Triune nature of God through which new life is brought into the world to know, love, serve, and be happy with God in this life and the next- it is inherently genitive. What usury does to money is what homosexuality does to the family, to invert the purpose of each institution as designed by God for ends that are purely selfish. Usury attempts to make money (a sterile object) genitive while homosexuality attempts to make the conjugal union (a genitive act) sterile. Both acts are rooted in dishonestly and cheating the purposes for which each system was created for. This is also the reason why the Catholic Church has always been against birth control and abortion- because both are attempts not only to make sterile the same genitive act, but both are steps on the descent into sodomy and other perverse actions, since they all grow out of the same corrupt root.

A society cannot grow and contract at the same time just as much as a light cannot be on and off at the same time. It is either growing or contracting, on or off, multiplying or dying. A society cannot embrace positive family growth and homosexuality at the same time because the philosophies which govern each are inherently opposed to each other. A society which values the family is inherently anti-sodomite because it supports the creation of new life and is therefore genitive, while a sodomite-friendly society is inherently anti-family because it inverts the conjugal act and its philosophy is therefore sterile.

About a week before the article cited about about Denmark encouraging larger families came out, the same newspaper also had the following article about how Denmark is making world news with promoting transgender rights in a “historic” way by saying that transgenderism is no longer a form of mental illness:

Following the committee move, transgender will no longer appear on Denmark’s definition of mental illnesses as of January 1st, 2017.
“Trans people in Denmark feel stigmatized when they are diagnosed as having a ‘mental disorder’,” Social Democrat spokesman Flemming Møller Mortensen told news agency Ritzau.
“We will be the first in the world to remove transgender as a diagnosis. The Health Committee has approved removing transgender from [the Danish Health and Medicines Authority] Sundhedsstyrelsen’s list of mental disorders if the World Health Organization hasn’t done so by then,” he added.
Amnesty International hailed the move as a major victory.
“This is a huge step – not just for transgender people in Denmark but around the world – that Danish politicians have so clearly approved removing transgender from the list of mental illnesses,” Trine Christensen, Amnesty’s general secretary in Denmark, said in a statement.
“This makes Denmark a pioneer country for transgender rights,” she added.
Rights group LGBT Denmark also welcomed the move.
“To remove transgender from the section of mental disorders means removing an institutionalised stigmatisation of trans people,” spokeswoman Linda Thor Pedersen said.

While the UK comedy troupe Monty Python was known for making some blasphemous skits, this one from their 1979 movie The Life of Brian makes a very good point about “transgender rights”:

As John Cleese said, “It’s symbolic of his struggle against reality.”

That is the problem with this “transgender” movement. It is a struggle against reality. Men are men and women are women, and this is scientifically shown to be written into the cells of every human being through their DNA. Put bluntly, a man chopping off his penis, putting on a dress and growing his hair long does not make him a woman- it makes him a man in a dress with long hair and no penis. It is a mutilation of the self before it ever was or could be an elevation or “transformation” of the self.

As is expected, the “transgender” movement is closely linked to and a natural, logical step with the homosexual “movement,” for if there is no genitive purpose to sexual activity as the primary and most important end, then not only is any kind of sexual perversity permissible so long as one wills to consent to participate in it, what does it matter if a man “wants” to become a woman, or vice versa? Indeed, it is a logical entitlement of the same rotten philosophy. Not only that, but “transgender” people cannot have children- you cannot cut off your genitals, put another person’s in your place, and have a child- it does not happen, and if a person did have a child that was such, it was a woman who conceived naturally while pretending to be a man.

Usury took the natural means of exchange (money) and corrupted it by allowing people to profit from it, which has lead to a great number of evils such as the printing of money until it becomes worthless (hyperinflation), the issuing of loans without the necessary money to secure the asset (fractional reserve banking), and the printing and issuing of money devoid of any connection to an asset (fiat currency), and the issuing of money as a form of debt which is used to service the same debt upon which interest in charged and can never be paid back (the Federal Reserve System). Sexual perversion has corrupted Western society in the same way by taking the natural genitive act and turning into a series one which promotes unlimited pleasure (hedonism) and unnatural intercourse (sodomy) and, just like usury, it is destroying the society from within.

While Denmark is cited in this example, the problem applies to almost all of western society with a few exceptions, most of them being nations in Eastern Europe who have thus far been able to resist the temptations to follow in the footsteps of the morally ill West.

As much as people talk about the Muslim “refugee” invasion as something they cannot imagine happening, or for those who have been paying attention as a plan from evil government officials hungry for power, the deeper answer comes from within. In cases where Islam has been able to penetrate deeply, the reason this happens is because of moral rot among the people, many who were once Christians. Islam is not a very talented or skillful religion. It is, however, a filler to a spiritual vacuum in society.

The West has been waged in a continual war against the Faith which brought it into existence for many centuries now, with the war beginning in our own churches during the late medieval period and has culminated in the last two centuries with secularism, atheism, agnosticism, and now Islam. Christianity has all but been evicted from society, and the Churches in Europe are for the most part museums to Europe’s past- there are few believers left. With this, the family sizes naturally declined because people saw children merely as a means to fulfilling their own personal desires an not as anything greater while the means through which children come into the world as an end unto themselves for the pure pursuit of self pleasure.

Now there are lots of people and groups who can be blamed for this, but responsibility also lay with the common people, for they constitute the majority of society . Nobody made them stop having children so the family could have “a little extra money” as much as nobody made them give verbal support to disordered behavior. As any social engineer knows, people can be influenced but not absolutely controlled- the decision is still theirs, even if there are consequences:

This scene from The Godfather is a look into how the Western situation came to be. While nobody was forced to accept, little by little, the perversion that afflicts society today, but they were influenced by social pressure at a fear of losing something- be it friends, job promoting, social standing, or something of this nature. The result was a gradual compromise with something evil that while it may have saved or helped their lives currently, it did nothing for their souls or the world they would leave behind to their descendants.

Contrast this with the ending of Braveheart:

While not “historically accurate,” the point is clear- in the midst of even death, Mel Gibson’s character chose principle over preference, and endured even to his own end.

Thankfully, most people do not have to regularly choose life or death in this sense, but the point is clear in that it is our choices each day that raise us up or facilitate our descent as men. The situation in the West today is a series of continually poor choices, that uprooted Christianity from society. With a vacuum in the society then opened, all that was needed was an invitation for Islam to enter, and it has secured itself a place via these Muslim “refugees.” As much as the “refugees” are part of this problem, it is the people in the West who allowed this to happen who are to blame.

The West cannot stop the refugee crisis long-term unless it changes its position on the family, which will only come with a reversion to the Faith which brought it into existence. At the same time, this necessarily means purging Western society of the perversion which it has been infected with. If money perversity is usury as I explained earlier, then as far as the family is concerned, this means getting rid of the moral perversity and the sterile philosophy which it has embraced and that has brought it so much destruction. It is why homosexuality and transgenderism must be severely condemned as an advanced form of anti-family, anti-life, anti-Christian perversion that it is at its root and must be removed from society for the long term health of society.

It is also a reason why Christians in the West must prepare for a new dark ages, as the current society not only embraces these views, but they are clinging to them and attacking those who dare criticize them.