NETHERLANDS: Islamic Sharia Police patrol stores looking for Israeli products and demanding their removal

By BI: A pro-Palestinian organization, DOCP , conducted inspections of stores in ten cities of the Netherlands, as part of the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against Israel.


Dreuz  Their stated purpose was to track down Israeli products or products promoting Israeli interests in stores, and to demand their removal from the shelves. This operation was conducted jointly with the Nida , a Muslim communalist party founded in late 2013, and supported by the SP, the Socialist Party of the Netherlands.

Only Geert Wilders and some journalists like Cornelis IJzerdraat to Nieuwspraak , were moved to condemn this Islamic police operation, the latter drawing a parallel … with Kristallnacht (the destruction of Jewish shops, homes, synagogues by the Nazis in Germany)


“At the end of the thirties of last century, our eastern neighbors also had patrols to label products” non-compliant “and Jewish people” as degenerate.” They also wore uniforms and were to mark everything “Jewish”. And now, in 2016, others want to exterminate all Jewish-produced products … A Kristallnacht 2.0 …

What’s next – yellow stars on the doors?


Muslim communities are using our democracy to destroy, our tolerance to impose their intolerance and hatred of Israel, our kindness to submit their Machiavellian ideology, and this with the blessing of those in power we carry to entrust with our security and our freedoms.

Followers of Allah do not even hide their conquering ambition, like the journalist from Der Spiegel who said: “Get used to it. We (Muslims) are here, we will be increasingly numerous and will conquer Germany for us. Whether you like it or not!”