Hip Hip Hurray. Shoebat.com Made It On The Top List of 33 Islamophobes As Well As The TOP #3 Homophobes In America

By Walid Shoebat

Hip hip hurray!

What a great country where one can make it big. Shoebat.com finally made it on the list of the top 33 Islamophobes in America this year. We are honored to announce that the Council of American-Islamic Relations have chosen us to be on the list of top Islamophobes.

Such an award for simply telling Nihad Awad of CAIR to stick Islam where the crescent moon doesn’t shine.

What a great country.

ip33 copy

cair1 copy

But even better yet, we are happy to announce we made it on the top 13 homophobes (actually number 3) beating Alex Jones (#4) and Rush Limbaugh (#10)

homophob copy

Besides the Muslim community, Shoebat.com would like to extend special thanks to the LGBT community as well for all their efforts on considering us for the third prize. We can’t actually tell these to stick anything where the rainbow doesn’t shine since their orifices beg for some rest.

In exchange for all these favors by CAIR and the LGBT we would like to promote their agenda in exposing the founding fathers who advocated for free speech, including but not limited to the right to promote hate-filled speech.

P.S: if you have any further phobias you want to suggest we promote please write us at [email protected]