Muslims Steal Ambulance And Trick Doctor Into Thinking That There Is An Injured Man In The Back, When The Doctor Comes, The Muslims Blow Up The Ambulance And Murder The Doctor

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslim terrorists in Libya stole an ambulance and made a doctor think that there was someone injured inside. When the doctor rushed to the ambulance, they blew it up and slaughtered him. Here is the story:

Mohammed, a local journalist, told RT’s correspondent about a brutal attack that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants carried out on a hospital that almost leveled the building to the ground. Standing at the foot of the crater left by a massive explosion, Mohammed said that the jihadists had planted a bomb in an ambulance.

As the vehicle was approaching the hospital, an unsuspecting doctor rushed to it, intending to help the wounded people.

“It was an ambulance. We had a famous doctor in Misurata. He saw the ambulance coming so he ran to it. Yeah, he ran to it. He thought that there was an injured person inside the ambulance. So, it went off and he got killed, alongside many people here,” Mohammed said, while speaking to Whiteman in a dilapidated building with giant holes in its crumbling walls and ceiling.