The Mystery Of Hillary’s Medical Condition SOLVED. Amazing New Evidence Reveals The Dark Secrets Of Hillary Clinton’s Health Issues


By Walid Shoebat

If Hillary had pneumonia, why are her symptoms persisting for so long? Could it be a heart valve or aortic valve disease? No doctor who subscribes to the pneumonia disclosure by Hillary’s campaign is able to answer this simple question.

This is especially true, when we combine all the other symptoms Hillary is displaying on daily basis.

The only way for anyone to find Hillary’s ailment is to combine all the symptoms to fit a single diagnosis.

This has been an extremely difficult task for observers.

And this is why we find so many fluctuating opinions from a ‘medical condition’ to even ‘demonic possession’ which has been the subject of speculation for several months now.

No matter what medical ‘expert’ opinion you read that attempt to pinpoint the exact condition, these fail when obvious other symptoms will debunk the proposed diagnosis.

For example, some doctors speculated her symptoms are signs of “Parkinson disease,” others said it was a heart condition, while others opted for brain cancer or a trauma to the head due to her fall causing neurological conditions.

It is also possible that the fall was caused by other symptoms. So we have major symptoms as coughing, dizziness, depression, headaches, lightness, fainting, head bobbing, forgetfulness, senior moments … and other minor symptoms; wide staring eyes, fascination with balloons and colors…


One must deal with all these combinations, and pneumonia is out of the question, which makes it obvious,  this diagnosis is for public consumption. It could be possible (but the chances become slimmer) that she has multiple problems.

Doctors cannot easily explain the uncontrollable coughing combined with seizures, appearance of being mesmerized, eyes popping wide open (no its not the chai tea Hillary says to try), fainting, forgetfulness, stunned, wobbling, bobbing head, and all the other symptoms of what appears as musculoskeletal disorders.

In other words, a “Hillary with pneumonia,” while she will cough, they do not explain all the other symptoms, especially that this cough has been persisting for months. Or if one has Parkinson, do they have uncontrollable coughing? While heart valve problems, indeed do produce an uncontrolled continual cough, where does all the fainting and troubles with equilibrium come from? Does Hillary have a brain tumor, vertigo, plus Parkinson and pneumonia all wrapped up in the same tortilla?

When you read all the articles on doctors observing all this you will find that they tend to pick few symptoms, make their speculation, while ignoring all the other symptoms.

No one is able to affix a diagnosis that matches all the symptoms we see.

This ‘combination burrito’ has more than just beef, beans and salsa, it truly has extra sour cream. Hillary as Trump says “is a complete mess”.

The medical condition Hillary has, as we shall disclose here, are a possible combination of side effects from medication. When we examine all the combinations it is possible Hillary also did some spiritual dabbling. To psychiatrists this is usually lumped under “psychosomatic disorder”. Of course, even these run into trouble when one throws a symptom or two into the mix it makes their burrito impossible for even Leonardo Di-Crapio to fold and sell to the liberal masses.


At this point, the liberal airhead type might just stop reading, filing our analysis on the shelf of ‘conspiracy theory’ accusing us of being ‘a happy meal with a few french fries missing’ or that we should stick with our Arab profession as ‘falafel makers’ and to leave burritos to the Mexican immigrants Hillary wants to bring in whom Trump wants to deport.

But on the serious side, no matter what, you cannot build Hillary’s combination burrito, necessary to answer the quest crucial to this coming election that determines the future of America. Should we be led by Trump, who many accuse as being ‘cocky’ or Hillary who is a complete disoriented mess?

We had contacted Chad Ripperger, a Catholic priest who is a top expert on demonic possession, but unfortunately, this humble priest replied saying that he would need “clearance from his Bishop” and that he is “no longer permitted to do interviews only under rare occasions”.

Richard Dawkins claimed that the Hindu Deepak Chopra was a spiritual advisor for Hillary Clinton, but when researching this, we came up empty handed. Chopra appears on donor lists, but finding real substance one comes up with nothing but claims.


The only real evidence of substance one can find is during Hillary’s first term (1993–1997) of the Clinton administration, First Lady Hillary Clinton, while she was writing It Takes a Village (1996), by her own admission, invited spiritist Jean Houston (who works for Chopra) to aid Hillary in the White House as a spiritual advisor.

Houston, according to Clinton, suggested an imaginary meeting between Clinton and the deceased Eleanor Roosevelt. The First Lady duly submitted to the “visioning” and “role-playing” game. Bob Woodward’s book The Choice revealed this exercise publicly in 1996. The New York Post and the Daily News labeled Houston “Hillary’s Guru” and the Boston Herald dubbed her the “First Lady’s Spiritual Adviser”.

So we do not need confirmation from Ripperger to what happens when one dabbles, there are several videos where he explains that no matter what types of channeling people do, the results are similar, where one invites oppression or even demonic possession by participating in only one of these practices.

So these are what we know as fact. And once all medical options are searched, trying to understand Hillary’s ‘combination burrito’ symptoms, becomes difficult for doctors to pin-point her condition, unless we go the “psychosomatic route”.

Of course, to the psychiatrist, demonic influences do not exist and are out of question.

However, in order to weed out all the theories that are out there about Hillary’s condition, what we did was to find the exact symptoms from sources that are unassociated with all the ‘Hillary speculation’.

For this we had to enter the dark world of channeling (something Hillary admits to doing) to find the very exact symptoms and experiences Hillary is having.

It is here, where we will find the perfect match as in Hillary has ‘all the above’.

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) which researches and dabbles into pseudoscience of what they term “Bridging the known and unknown worlds” instead of simply admitting that there is something called “demonic possession,” they try to solve such phenomenon scientifically, to simply end up with no clues to the persistent coughing of one ‘dabbler’ whose condition matches Hillary’s:

The “Medical examination” for this one, SSRF concluded:

There was no precipitating or contributing physical factor. His medical examination did not reveal any signs of physical illness. The cough did not respond to cough suppressants. Effort to relieve him of the distress by sedating him failed even after he was given 10 mg. of Diazepam, a sedative and tranquilizer.

If Hillary releases her medical records, there will probably reveal she has ‘minor’ issues, but nothing to explain the signs of these physical conditions and a ‘pneumonia’ will be the preferred cover, of course. But this does not explain the longevity of this coughing.

And just like this case above, where they had to use Diazepam, we also find this same Diazepam with Hillary’s handler, carrying this “sedative” and “tranquilizer” as he accompanies Hillary.


While it would not be necessary to repeat all the Hillary footage, we all have seen it, Hillary’s condition could be spiritual and not medical. The volley-balling between ‘demonic’ vs. ‘medical’ assumptions by many bloggers is simply because they see the side effects of Diazepam, a tranquilizer that causes side effects like “insomnia,” “involuntary movement – anxiety,” “diarrhea,” which possibly explains her midd-debate bathroom runs, “irritability,” “dizziness,” “weakness,” “unsteadiness,” “drowsiness,” “loss of muscular coordination,” which explains her last 911 fiasco while getting in a van, “confusion and disorientation,” “depression, impaired thinking and judgment,” “memory loss,” “forgetfulness,” all of which explains her handler telling her to continue in one speech as she is seen stunned by what seemed as a senior moment,  and finally “blurred or double vision“.

New York ophthalmologist Dr. Mark Werner tolds Fox News that the special glasses Hillary was wearing are “Fresnel prism eyeglasses that are used to treat double vision”. This comes from the Diazepam side effect.


While this one symptom is true, remember, it must fit the whole combination. We can only find exact replicas of Hillary’s condition explained by chronic spiritual dabblers. While these attempt to explain the phenomenon using pseudoscience, they also explain the exact side-effects as we see in Hillary:

1. Tremors, shaking or convulsions. For me, this began gradually, first noticed as an uncontrollable tremor which caused my head to shake rhythmically back and forth, even when I was lying down.

2. Rhythmic, jerking, spasmodic or graceful involuntary movements. These are called kriyas and mudras, and may be mild and infrequent or very vigorous.

The head bobbing by Hillary is “back and forth,” exactly what we see her doing. Notice at 00:39, the right eye becoming completely dark, which according to Chad Ripperger, this can be seen quick, in a “flash” “only in one eye” which is sign of possession.

This so-called spiritual ‘awakening’ is like taking a drug, where at the initial stage the dabbler likes the experience, until it is too late. This same dabbler explains:

“In the case of psycho spiritual illness, it’s unlikely that doctors will be able to diagnose the cause of your symptoms. Unfortunately, when medical examination and clinical tests detect no pathology, doctors are apt to declare our symptoms psychosomatic or neurotic. Medical science is still largely in the dark about psycho spiritual illness, and doesn’t understand that a process such as a Kundalini awakening produces very real metabolic and neurological changes in the body.”

“The following is a list of the blitzkrieg of physical symptoms encountered in my own awakening process and/or in the experiences of others who have been in psycho spiritual transition.”

eyes to keep opening wide, as if I were startled by something.”

“But when the pressure becomes extreme, it causes my eyes to roll upwards and cross-eyed. I also experience frequent activity in my brow area in synch with this pressure. My forehead will repeatedly crease up and relax, causing my eyes to keep opening wide, as if I were startled by something.”

Vision may also become sharper. Colours are seen with an unusual radiance. One may see light emanating from everything.

This explains Hillary’s “unusual radiance” and her fascination when seeing what appears as “light emanating from everything” where her “eyes to keep opening wide”.


At this stage, Hillary is experiencing:

“Sensations of floating, falling, passing out and spinning are common Kundalini experiences. Often there is an awareness that these sensations are connected to the psychic (or astral) rather than to the physical body. Just the same, some people do have literal experiences of falling, fainting or levitating.”

This would cause her physician to assume a musculoskeletal disorder where Hillary’s wobble causes some to help pick her up, or even have her joints and spine affixed with metal braces. In the latest incident, we can see a metal object falling from under her pants. Keep your eyes on her right foot where you can see and even hear the metal falling:

The dabbling experience effects the spine. The combination of coughing, fainting, eyes, head bobbing … all of it cannot be restricted to a known medical disease. Even Hillary’s preferred color patterns links to Kundal.  Historical Knowledge explains:

“The word Kundalini is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Kundal’ meaning coiled up. It is the primordial dormant energy present in three-and-a-half, coils at the base of the spine in a triangular bone called the Sacrum

Kundal images and patterns can be found in India and on Hillary.


Kundal patterns from India

This explains the Kundal patterns Hillary loves to wear on some occasions where she looks like a curtain.

2fa7f1d000000578-3376503-not_a_winner_hillary_continued_to_experiment_with_patterns_in_20-a-15_1451342399476 hillary-hijab-new-campaign-ad 2fa5284e00000578-3376503-image-a-51_1451331532720 gettyimages-522422524-0-0

Even the effects on the spine and the equilibrium is nothing new, which the reference can be found before Kundal. Jesus Himself exposed it:

On a Sabbath Jesus was teaching in one of the synagogues, and a woman was there who had been crippled by a spirit for eighteen years. She was bent over and could not straighten up at all. When Jesus saw her, he called her forward and said to her, “Woman, you are set free from your infirmity.” Then he put his hands on her, and immediately she straightened up and praised God. (Luke 13:10-13)

It is obvious from the text this woman’s problem was in her spine for 18 years which scripture says was due to a spiritual, not medical infirmity. This explains why Hillary is not able to move much.

The election is around the corner. Unless Hillary converts to Christianity, her condition is permanent.

Of course, today’s world cannot admit, all this is simply symptoms of demonic possession or affliction. However one sees this situation, Hillary’s symptoms are crystal clear which has every single element in the combination symptoms she displays. According to Edward Klein’s forthcoming book, Unlikeable — The Problem with Hillary, “political insiders” say Hillary is tired, depressed, and plagued by “blinding headaches,” bouts of insomnia, and “near-fainting spells” on the campaign trail which are kept secret.

sick Hillary

All the examples can be found explained by dabblers where psychiatrists simply lump as psychosomatic. The attractions to opening the portal of the demonic realm is everywhere, no matter what label the media slaps or cellophane wrap ancient demonic channeling, people and voters need to beware. The Huffington Post simply cellophanes it as:

“Kundalini energy already exists within us all. It’s just an energetic expression of the divine will for us to evolve into knowing ourselves as pure beingschakra awakening meditations and exercises”.

Fact is, Kundalini energy does not “exists within us all” it only exists in channelers. It is hardly from “the divine”. We are not “pure beings”. The Huffington Post, is filled with the same dung as Dicrapio and the burrito called Hillary whom no one can fit in one tortilla unless she has dabbled. Her fruits are obvious which takes books to enumerate.

Channeling is a serious thing. Never dabble. Never. During my youth, while living in Bethlehem, I dabbled to only see a fluorescent bright being. It dropped both me and my friend, Ramzi Yacoub Hilal. We both saw that bright fallen angel. Now that I look back, I know that demons cannot afflict us unless God allows it. At times God allows the affliction, but to only go so far, so that the negative experience will have us see our folly later on as we search for The Truth. To me, it was when I was Muslim, in 1993, while reading the verse about lucifer appearing as an angel of light. At that moment, I was completely sold from the New Testament: God is the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, not that evil spirit I dabbled with.