Muslims Take Fifty Christians And Force Them Into Brutal Slavery, A Group Of Christians Come In And Rescue Them, They Then Cry Out: “Who Is This King Of Glory? The Lord Strong And Mighty”

Fifty Christians in Pakistan were enslaved by Muslims, being forced to remain imprisoned making bricks. Within these very brick kilns, Christians have been forced to endure all sorts of inhumanities and atrocities, such as rape and other sadistic tortures. While this violation of human rights goes on, our organization, Rescue Christians, has been working on the ground to liberate these slaves from their bondage and torment.

These fifty Christians were finally rescued by our organization, Rescue Christians. We were determined to save these victims but due to security issues and the government connections of the kiln owner it took us over a year to execute any plan to save these people. The plan was finally executed last week. Our team bought the slaves out, and after their liberation they were driven safely away by truck. During the journey, some of the Christians began to sing Psalm 24  ( in Punjabi language), crying out,

“Who is this King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty”

This was spontaneous and not prompted by any of our staff on the ground.  The released slaves were overjoyed at their newfound freedom and this is largely thanks to you, our supporters, who have provided the resources to make this happen. In the video of the singing, you will also see clips from an older video that we previously made, in which the victims are working in the brick kilns, and then you will see these very people after the rescue mission was done, demonstrating that our team liberated the very people that we were interviewing in the past.  You can see the video, with before and after clips:



The fifty Christians made up nine families, all of whom Rescue Christians rescued from a kiln. In fact, it was in this very same kiln that we filmed several slaves, laboring ceaselessly, for our documentary, which you can view here:


We are making a new updated documentary, which will include the rehabilitation of the victims, which is now at early stages. We produced several photos of the rescued families:









These Christians are enslaved by their debtors to whom they own money. The loan givers are so cruel that they act like the unforgiving debtor who, when the one who owed him money said, “Have patience with me, and I will pay thee all”, he “cast him into prison, till he paid the debt.” (Matthew 18:29-30) We have also produced the loan documentations of the slaves, for further clarification:






Because of the Kiln owner connections we decided to buy their freedom, as it was too difficult to arrange an escape for 50 people at one go (which is our usual method). If we took out a small amount of families using an escape method this would compromise the ability to get the rest out in a timely fashion. The average cost per person to release them was $150 per person plus another $30 per person to provide food for a few weeks till they started their new jobs, which we arranged for them prior to their release.

Here is a list of the names of the heads of the households of the victims that we helped:

  1. Pervaiz Masih
  2. Shoukat Masih
  3. Ashiq Masih
  4. Razia Bibi
  5. Ditta Masih
  6. Bashir Masih
  7. Irfan Masih .
  8. Siraj Masih .
  9. Shahzed Masih.

It was nine families, and all in all it was fifty Christians, all of whom were rescued by our team. Fifty slaves, now fifty liberated people, and it is all thanks to you, the reader, who have been supporting us in this great mission. I would encourage you also to watch our documentary on Rescue Christians:

You yourselves can partake in this endeavor, by donating whatever you can to this holy cause. Without donations, we cannot rescue Christians from persecution. So, truly, it depends on the love and charity of you, the readers. Do not forget what St. Paul said:

“Remember them that are in bands, as if you were bound with them; and them that labour, as being yourselves also in the body.” (Hebrews 13:3)

Let us remember the Christians laboring and toiling in slavery, and let our thoughts become actions, actions of charity towards the persecuted.