Get Ready: Donald Trump’s Appointing Gen. James Mattis Is Prepping For The Coming War With Indonesia And Islam’s “Two Hundred Million Man Army”


By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

Since prophecy dictates that a “two hundred million man army” will be coming against “Jerusalem” should we then wonder why Donald Trump is appointing “General James “Mad Dog” Mattis as defense secretary?

This coming threat mandates the U.S. restrengthen for an upcoming time of war. It is not just “the economy stupid,” scriptures insists that when the world says “peace” is when war erupts “sudden destruction cometh” (1 Thess 5:3).

How many times have I said it, excuse my French, but the U.S. is destined to rise and kick some serious ass. If in doubt that tyrannies are coming just a look at what is happening in Muslim Indonesia should get one thinking.

There, in Indonesia, lays one of the “kings of the east” who is arising to “drink the blood of saints” (Rev 17:6). In Indonesia today we already see millions of Muslims arising to dethrone a Christian ruler, Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama and are demanding he is replaced with a Muslim while threatening 24 million Christians in Indonesia who constitute about 10% of the country’s population

It is as we have warned for decades; Indonesia will join an Islamic pact, which will lead to the two hundred million man army stemming from Turkey. This pact will include the C.I.S. Muslim states, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia as far as Japan (kings of the east) as a major threat to Israel and to U.S. global hegemony. It is for this reason that perhaps God is re-raising a general Patton; General James Mattis, to set the way for the soon to be World War III.


No its not Hindu reincarnation stupid. Its God having a sense of humor re-creating a twin: General James Mattis (Left) General George Patton (Right)

It is only then that the U.S. will finally arise to shine as “the most terrible of the nations [in battle]” (Ezekiel 28:7-8). Scriptures mandate that the most powerful armies will stand agains (not with) Antichrist. Having poured decades into this, to me it becomes obvious, since when I began my research, the players are fitting right in place and the vision is becoming clearer by the day. In this, we will connect all the dots from Antichrist’s alliances to his religious alliances.

Turkey taking control of the vacuum left by the US leading the power in the Islamic world is also including Indonesia which is becoming Turkey’s ally.

In Muslim Indonesia we had hundreds of millions of angry Muslim mobs, occultists rising to drink Christian blood of 24 million Christians. How this relates to prophecy and how Antichrist will include Indonesia will shock you. What I am about to write will initially sound confusing, but it will become as clear as the sun as you get to the end.

Indonesia is a land filled with the occult stemming from Haran even seeping into Europe and creating an amalgamation of religions which will soon be united together under Antichrist. So few see the link on how nations are poised to rise and make war with other nations as Christ mentioned in Matthew 24. Indeed, it will be a one world religion, yet it is not. I know this sounds confusing, but I will explain more on that later. Few even notice how the whole world is reshaping itself to fulfill just a few words Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24. The secret to connect all prophecy are etched in the few words from our Lord. Few pay close attention, so few. Read our unique research while getting ready to understand how the world is reshaping so quickly like never before. Enter the world of Antichrist:

The first major protest against Christian governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama on Nov. 4, drew more than 100,000 people to Jakarta’s streets, salivating and desiring to drink the blood of saints. That is when  the massive mob then tried to invade the apartment complex where our bother, Christian Ahok lives in the north of the city to drink his blood. Now the capital of Muslim-majority Indonesia is on edge ahead of what is expected to be a second massive protest by Muslims against its Christian governor including its Chinese minority, Indonesia’s 24 million Christians who constitute about 10% of the country’s population. These are facing the greatest danger from this blood cult. The Christian Ahok was slandered for simply mentioning that Islam should have tolerance regarding him being a Christian politician. His detractors argued that the Quran prohibits Muslims from having a non-Muslim leader much comment about his views on Islam.

And now what we predicted years ago regarding Indonesia is unfolding right in front of our eyes. Our brethren in Indonesia, millions of Christians, are at such risk while the media simply describes this whole affair as a ‘sectarian divide’. It is becoming obvious, Indonesia has highlighted a religious and racial fault lines. This is the world’s most populous nation on earth and it is Muslim with a growing challenge from proponents of Shariah law to its secular system of government are gaining momentum in preparation for the man who will soon “change set times and set laws”: The Antichrist.

I write my words with tears and blood: “Why do the nations rage, And the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, Against the Lord and against His Anointed”:

Next to Turkey, it is amongst the most powerful Muslim country militarily, ranking as the 19th most powerful military force in the world. And not only that, it has committed unspeakable atrocities against our Christian brethren in East Timur, starting as recent as the 1970s, slaughtering tens of thousands of Christians, and raping countless women.

Let us solve the confusion, Antichrist leads a one world religion, yet he does not. Remember things in the Bible that says “once was, now is not, and yet will come” (Revelation 17:8)? Things can be, yet they are not, yet they are.

Indonesia connects to the religions of Antichrist which all stem from Haran. How he will put these religions together (in an amalgamation), he does so, lest his kingdom divides. (Luke 11:18). If Turkey is littered with Sufism, the occult and Darvishism, similar to the practices of its sister Iran; Indonesia is littered as well with Islamic occultism called “Ilmu Khodam” (Arabic) which means “the knowledge of servants”.

In al-Hikmah, one of the terms for occult science in Islam, the word khodam refers to an acquired familiar spirit, unlike Qarin, which is a companion spirit whom all Muslims believe one is born with. It is the antithesis of the Christian faith where God appoints guardian angels (Matthew 18:10), where in Islam their guardian angel is a Jinn (demon).

These khodam (servants) are specialized spirits of the angelic/jinn (demon) class, or angelic servants embodied and guarding the letters of the Arabic alphabet, and even the Asma ul-Husna–the 99 Names of Allah. In other words, it is the occultism.


Asma ul-Husna–the 99 Names of Allah in a circle with “Allah” in the middle.

The casting of magic on individuals in Indonesian occult centers is as common as fast food restaurants in the United States. And if you want some examples as result of such practices, just see the story of Ahmad Suradji. He had a dream in 1988 in which his father’s ghost told him to kill 70 women and drink their saliva, so that he could become a mystic healer and was caught by the time he obtained his 42nd head, that besides raping 42 boys.Picture of Ahmad Suradji. (Image source/credit here.)


Ahmad Suradji (left)

Few contemplate the Muslim Occult Philosophy and how it spread all the way to the West covered up with some deceptive labels. So perhaps some shock therapy is necessary to awaken the sleepy souls so they can understand the religions of Antichrist and how they link to Islam.

The source of all Sunni Islamic fundamentalism is Ibn Taymiyyah. Take Ibn Taymiyyah out and modernists writers can tame Islam. He is often hailed as “The Sheikh of Islam” who is the father of modern Islamic terrorism.

Ibn Taymiyyah was born in Haran, where Abraham left, which is one of the most important cities in history for the occult tradition besides Babylon. Haran was the seat of the Sabians, which the Quran acknowledges, the Sabians in Islam are equal to Muslims (saved) who were satanists practicing human sacrifice, worshipped Tammuz, and practiced Neoplatonism and Hermeticism. In the Quran it clearly refers to the Sabians:

Those who believe (in the Qur’an), those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Sabians and the Christians, any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness,- on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. (Quran 5:69)

By “Christians” the Quran excludes Christians who believe in the Trinity (Quran 4:171). This includes a multitude of heretics from Messianic Hebrew Roots to Oneness Pentecostals. The Sabian influence resulted in Sufism producing the “Epistles of the Brethren of Sincerity,” or in Arabic, Rasa’il ikhwan as-safa’ wa khillan al-wafa. This became the basis of Scottish Rite Freemasonry and the sudden advent of the Jewish Kabbalah in the 12th century AD (see Gershon Scholem “Origins of the Kabbalah”).

And from Haran it spread to the West. Freemasonry, a fraternity founded in London in 1717 then had a significant influence on occultism and alternative spirituality in the West reaching continental Europe creating new rituals that drew from alchemy, Rosicrucianism and various Knightly Orders. This is where we get the Turkish fez emblazoned with a crescent which my own Scottish-American grandfather had. We have seen Shriners parade through the US collecting charity. Their temples is the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles founded in 1870 in New York.


Evil has no boundary

So now you can see clearly the connect how Antichrist has a one world religion where Islam is the unifier, yet he does not, since all these religions will remain as they are.

But there is more. It was all born of Babylon’s Haran and is why its called Mystery Babylon. Abraham coming out of Haran is in itself prophetic (all the Bible is prophetic). All our conversions to Christianity, including mine, is the story of Abraham. My conversion from Islam to Christianity is my passing through from Haran crossing the Jordan river into Eber towards the Hebrew religion of Christ.

We all must leave Babylon to be of “the seed of the Woman,” and is why when we examine the entire theme of Revelation 11-Revelation 18 we see the very Woman of Genesis 3 stomping the crescent moon (Rev 12) of Babylon (Rev 17&18). It all connects to Haran.

This spiritual war encompasses the entire earth where Cain desires the blood of Abel.

To give more detail to etch the argument, lets expound just a little more on the connect with Islam and the Masonic Lodge. Some of the more notable Muslim Masonic Lodge were Abd al-Qadir al-Jazairi (1808-1883), a Sufi resistance leader in Algeria who fought the French and in 1858, Mirza Malkam Khan in Iran and Jamal ad-Din al-Afghani in Egypt whom we idolized when I was Muslim. All these used Freemasonry to fight against western colonial powers using pan-Islamism.

So it was not only our western grandfathers who connected to Haran, but also our eastern grandfathers as well.

The Wahhabis, in particular, have inherited a vociferous hatred of Sufism, although the father of Wahhabism, Ibn Taymiyyah, is quoted as affirming Sufism.

Ibn Taymiyyah belonged to more than one Sufi order declaring credible the Bahdjat al-asrar, which contains the narrative of many so-called miracles performed by Abd al-Qādir al-Jīlānī”, a Sufi and the descendant of Hasan ibn Ali (Imam Hasan) the eldest son of Ali Prophet Muhammad’s son-in-law. While such differences exist, Antichrist will bring together by using history to thwart Arabia’s Wahhabists, such divides between Muslim Wahhabists, Sufis and Shiites worldwide will diminish to further go against Saudi Arabia while uniting together with other cults. After all, Sufism is an amalgamation of Islamic teachings with Greek philosophy of Plato and Aristotle, which will attract the fallen Greeks of today who are rooting for paganism. It has Hindu philosophy, which will even attract Hindus as far as India. Sufis got from al-Jīlānī (again who was admired by Ibn Tayymiya) what is called the Qādiriyyah, introducing for themselves a religious order, called Tarīqah, a school of Sufism. A Tarīqah has a murshid “guide” who plays the role spiritual guide of the organization and is a group of murīdīn (disciples). And just as you see the occultism from the image above in Indonesia, where “Allah” is in the middle, the Sufi’s “guide” becomes “Allah” in the middle of the circle, bringing worship in the future to their “ultimate guide,” the Antichrist who sits in the Temple of God claiming to be God (2 Thess 2:4).

It is just as the Kaaba where Muslims circumambulate around the black stone.

But there is even more. From the Sabian influence, which resulted in Sufism producing the Epistles of the Brethren of Sincerity, it then seeped into Judaism. The Zohar, for example, is the most important Cabalistic text for many Jews (13th century) was based on “Arabic Kabbalah” of the Brethren of Sincerity whom with other Sufi mystics were widely studied by Jewish mystics; Abraham Ibn Ezra, Moses Maimonides, Judah Halevi, Bahya Ibn Pakuda and Ibn Gabirol.

It was Ibn Gabirol who intertwined Judaism with Islam assimilating ideas from the Brethren of Sincerity from the teachings of the tenth century Sufi mystic Mohammed Ibn Masarra (883–931 AD) by introducing Sufism to Spain (see Tom Block, Towards an Understanding of the Jewish/Sufi Speech) which formulated the ideas that became central to the Zohar.

This is why it was easy for the Jewish Kabbalist, Sabbatai Zevi (1666) who lived during the same era as the occultist Isaac Newton, who denied the Trinity, Zevi converted from Judaism to Islam after being known as the greatest false Messiah in history. The Sabbateans, still exist to this day.

To make false-peace, many today bring together oxymoronic weirdities  finding similarity between Islam and Judaism claiming that the word “Kabbalah” stems from “Kaaba” and “Allah” in order to have common ground with Islam for the sake of peace. Such deception will be key to bringing religions together as a one religion of Antichrist.

Whether Cabalism, Sufism, Masonic Lodge, Ilmu Khodam …. with such recycling of the same arts of demonism, it is no wonder why scripture does not differentiate, making only two choices, where the sons of God (the seed of the Woman) are separate from the seed of satan, where all this will emerge into the religions of Antichrist. And if it all sprang out of Islam, Muhammad was clearly worshipping satan:

I seek refuge with the Lord of the dawn, From the mischief of things he created From the mischief of darkness when it comes. From the mischief of those who practice magic (Blow on knots). And from the mischief of the envious one. As he practices envy. (Quran, Sura al-Falaq 113:1-5)

This is clear shamanism; devil casting out devil, while more devils enter.

But there is even more. The devil did not stop in the east, and while Nazsim persecuted the Free Masons, just as Wahhabist persecuted Sufis these eventually come together. It was after all Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff (1875 – 1945) who was a key figure in the activities of the Thule Society, a German occultist organization that influenced many members of the Nazi Party. He was a Freemason, a Sufi of the Bektashi order brought in from Turkey – after his conversion to Islam – and a practitioner of meditation, astrology, numerology, and alchemy. And while Sebottendorff distinguished between Sufi-influenced Turkish Masonry and conventional Masonry, by about 1912, he became convinced that he had discovered what he called “the key to spiritual realization”, described by a later historian as “a set of numerological meditation exercises that bear little resemblance to either Sufism or Masonry” he brought in “The practice of ancient Turkish Freemasonry”. Serbottendorff grew the Thule Gesechafft, which came out of the German Order. The Thule Society was supposedly based upon ancient Nordic mythology, but in reality was more Eastern than most realize, Serbottendorff himself stated:

“Thule members were the people to whom Hitler first turned and who first allied themselves with Hitler.”


And by that, Serbottendorff brought Sufi and Islamic mysticism directly into the German political state. The German Workers’ Party, which became the National Socialist German Worker’s (Nazi) was the creation of the Thule Society, an extreme-right, Aryan-theosophical organization.

It is here were we need to be careful on how historians label “right wing” versus “left wing” (social communism). The Thule Society was the enemy of socialists, yet thus supposed to be and is labelled as “right-wing”.

Today, this is what we call “the Alt Right,” a 360 degrees shift from the left turns around to being in reality “left”. Today the Alt-Right is Left, no matter how they label it. It has the same Eugenics agenda and with masquerading the label, they intend to consume everything be it right or left. It is this that is so deceptive which we see today growing leaps and bounds in Europe. This struggle between so-called ‘right’ and left is now brewing, especially in Germany and Austria. There is nothing new under the sun and everything we see is simply a recreation of what was ancient from Haran.

We have predicted the rise of Neo-Ottomanism in 1994, this was decades before its rise which began 15 years later in 2009. We have also been etching the next 15 years just a few years ago. We have said that Indonesia will play the major role in forming the 200,000,000 man army.

While so many, with a scant knowledge on history, focused on China, reality reveals that it is the Chinese Christians in Indonesia who are threatened the most while Christianity in China is growing at a supersonic rate.

Do not listen to all the popular prophecy mania, prophecy is but a narrow gate. As we wrote years ago warning with few heeding:

While such an army of 200 million will definitely include Chinese, but it will not be China and while it will definitely include nations that were part of Russia, it will not be Russia. And we are already seeing the nations working to unite whose armies constitute even more than 200 million man army. But the enemies who are preparing to come against Jerusalem will deny the Trinity and will all be Muslim. Westerners argue that the reason the Kings of the East in Revelation come from China is the staggering number of soldiers—a 200-million-man army. But Islam can easily muster this if you consider Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan uniting with Turkey Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Tajikistanand, even Indonesia east of the Euphrates with several kings. Why do so many apply Revelation’s prophecies to a future attack upon Israel by Russia or China, especially that China is but one king and the biblical text says “kings”?

Who years ago was focused on Indonesia? Yet the Johny come lately come in by the plenty, way later.

It is the few who have the keys to unlock, not the many. The coming war is imminent. From 1815 to 1871 there were no wars of any substance in Europe. No one would have believed the watchmen. Then came World War I to shock the world. World War III will be a similar scenario where when they say “peace and safety” it is then that “sudden destruction comes” with few saints paying attention.

One predictor of power shifts and geopolitical forecasting is George Friedman of Stratfor. The problem with Friedman (while much of his analysis is good) is his lack on the biblical prophecies. Modern experts like Friedman who is Jewish, would be caught dead embarrassing himself by associating with anything Bible. This minimizes his future vision in understanding the exact equation. Sure, “Europe in the first half of the century was a slaughterhouse and for most of the second half it was occupied” and only began to be free in 1991 after the removal of the Berlin Wall (a grave mistake by Ronald Reagan), but Friedman’s results needs to be adjusted.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the E.U’s control on its way out; Germany, dependent on exports, will be threatened. The E.U split will remove control over Germany, and being weakened, it would have to unite with Turkey (as Friedman also predicts) but it will also re-create what it brought from the Sufis in the past as a spiritual adhesive uniting iron and clay.

Greece was the major obstacle of Turkey’s entry into Europe, “who now restrains it will do so until he is out of the way” (2 Thess 2:7). Take Greece out and Turkey will enter Europe. And since Poland will emerge as the leading European power, this will cause a strategic gap as Friedman calls it “Systematic Shift” which has been the main causer of war. But Friedman, a brilliant Jew, misses the spiritual aspect. It is “Jerusalem” and a “two hundred million man army” which mandates this war he speaks of, and not just “its the economy stupid”.

Indonesia is one of these “kings of the east”. There are several “kings” (10 to be exact) involved and not just one, as some claimed “China” as the only qualified candidate.

Then we have Japan, another king of the east, in fact, the farthest east, being the great power in Asia (the third-largest economic power in the world) and Turkey taking control of the vacuum left by the US leading the power in the Islamic world, Indonesia will join an Islamic pact, which will lead to the two hundred million man army stemming from Turkey, the C.I.S., Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Japan (kings of the east) as a major threat to Israel and to U.S. global hegemony.

We are already beginning to see why soon to be President Donald Trump nominated retired Gen. James Mattis as defense secretary.


Général James Mattis (Left) Général George Patton (Right)

It is only then that the U.S. will finally arise to shine from its slumber as “the most terrible of the nations” (Ezekiel 28:7-8). Scripture mandates that the most powerful armies will stand agains (not with) Antichrist.

Having poured decades into this, to me it becomes obvious, since when I began my research, the players are fitting right in place and Daniel’s vision is becoming clearer by the day.

We must also consider the natural enemies, Poland and Russia warred with the Ottomans, while Germany and Japan warred with the U.S. Historic enemies never change as Muslims still hate Jews and much of Europe is unlike the U.K or the U.S., where there is still Protestant Catholic friction.

Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt and Turkey are the only five major powers in the Islamic world (Iron). This in itself could be the five toes from the east, but yet these might merge and the scope might be different; Antichrist invades Egypt and might invade Syria including a few nations uniting them as one. The Kingdom of Antichrist might expand to Japan and Germany … we shall wait and see.

It was the Turkish-Indonesian relations which can be traced back to the 12th century where Turkish Islamic scholars visited Indonesia played the important role in the spread of Islam. Relations with the Ottoman Empire (Turkey’s predecessor state) began with the 16th century Ottoman expedition to Aceh, in with the response to the Aceh Sultanate’s request for assistance against the Portuguese in Malacca.

Such animosity between Muslim and Catholic will repeat. It has already repeated when Indonesia invaded Catholic East Timor.

Turkey was one of the first countries to recognise Indonesia in 1949, following its independence from the Netherlands. Strategic partnership began in April 2011, when 11th President of Turkey, Abdullah Gül visited Indonesia, meeting the 6th President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono where they signed the joint declaration, “Turkey and Indonesia: Towards an Enhanced Partnership in a New World Setting”, which remains the strong basis of the bilateral relations to date.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan then visited Indonesia just last year in August 2015 establishing the Turkish-Indonesia Business Forum with Economic Relations Board (DEİK) and Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) cooperating in the UN and the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), G-20, D-8, and MIKTA. Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, projected to be in the world’s top ten economies by 2030 shifting a great power peg to the Muslim world. It is not therefore difficult to see how ten toes will arise.

So by 2023, with Turkey’s promise to re-arise militarily, be independent from foreign military exports, and with the rise of Indonesia, we expect a huge threat to world peace.

But before the U.S. enters this Armageddon war, lets explain what we expect to see in the coming years where certain issues have to shape and other issues reshape. We are not at the tail end yet.

One crucial point is that many felt we were at the tail end, especially since they felt a push towards a one world order. This idea then collapsed with the advent of Donald Trump, Brexit and an E.U splitting.

So did this knock us off a few years behind this one-world government?

Absolutely not. What we see in fact debunks this whole idea of a one world government. In fact, had we remained on the course of a one world order, it proves that we are still further off from the tail end. Yet we already see the rise of nationalism, which this in itself reveals, we are getting closer at the tail end.

And this is exactly what one key verse is Matthew 24:7 reveals: “nation will rise against nation”. It does not say that “nation will rise against nation and then we will enter a one world order“. This is nonsense. What it says is that ultra-nationalism will be the sign.

Opposite of internationalism is ultranationalism or jingoism, which favor extreme patriotism and aggression toward other nationalities which will cause “nation to rise against nation”.

This one verse alone, completely debunks the idea that Bible prophesy focuses on a one-world government. In fact, if the world veered towards a one-world-government, such an idea would mean we are further from the end, not closer, which Christ, our Lord insists “nation will rise against nation”.

Therefore, such adherents of a One World Government, which we never supported from the beginning,  falsely interpreted prophecy and their view is drifting away into conspiracy theories. These, while they rightly oppose socialism and liberalism, their ultra-nationalism aids in fulfilling the very prophecy aimed at exposing the evil ultra-nationalistic war-mongers of Antichrist.  Without Christian ethics, opposing liberalism produces neo-fascism, which includes ultranationalismpopulism and extreme anti-immigration policies.

Therefore, no matter how much your blood moves and you’re patriotism springs up your arms, no matter who claps or how you see them clapping, beware of Populism for it is of the spirit of Antichrist. The nature of Armageddon is an ultra-nationalistic aspiration, and not internationalist aspiration. It is “nation rise against nation” and not internationalism taking over everything. Jesus never spoke of such a thing and Daniel and John had “ten kings” of a revived Greco-Roman empire. Therefore, what we see arising these days, Populism and not Internationalism is what will catapult us nearer to the end. Islam’s Umma, is its one world order, that is still Muslim populism, which will collide with the refined most powerful nations in the end.

Indeed, Christ was right. He is always right. And by right, I mean “correct” and not “right wing” or “alt-Right”. Christ is neither leftist or rightist. He is God and He set a very crucial standard and the balance between nationalism and “love thy neighbors as thy self”. As Christians we ought to love the suffering Mexican people next door as we love the American people at home. We ought to love the suffering Christians in Indonesia as much as we love ourselves. This is what makes America Great Again.

If Christ was “ultra-nationalist” Christendom would have blessed Adolf Hitler’s propaganda for the hegemony of “Greater Germany”. It would have blessed the inspired similar ideas of “Indonesia Mulia” (esteemed Indonesia) and “Indonesia Raya” (great Indonesia). What about the far-right wing Christian Phalangist Party “Kataeb” of Catholic Maronites and Lebanese Forces, backed by its own private army and inspired by the Spanish Falangists? These went too far in responding to Palestiniansim with massacres. What about Slovakia the Kotleba – People’s Party Our Slovakia was fascist. Indonesia is growing with populism.

Therefore, extreme Populism is of Antichrist, not Christ. Populism has become a pervasive feature of the “new” Turkey of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the ruling Justice and Development Party. Today the TIME Magazine headlines: Hardline Islamist Protests In Indonesia Are Spreading Fear Among the Minority Chinese:

The capital of Muslim-majority Indonesia is on edge ahead of what is expected to be a second massive protest by conservative Muslims against its Christian governor and no group more so than its Chinese minority. They have reason to be concerned. The movement against the governor, who is being prosecuted for allegedly insulting the Quran, has overflowed with racial slurs against his Chinese ancestry, an unnerving sign in a country with a history of lashing out violently against the ethnic minority that makes up 1 percent of its 250 million people.

China has been persecuted by other nations and has not been a persecutor of other nations. It is not like Japan. Yet today, in the West, China is scorned while Japan is loved. Everything is upside down with a millennial generation that is void of the history of their grandfathers. This upsidesness will take time to reverse.

Today few are concerned while most are unconcerned. The unconcerned worldly, even amongst the fallen Christians, the spawns of satan, they are unconcerned and see things with a positive lens while true Christians see the world from a spiritual sense as decaying, not advancing. Dare anyone today question today’s political audiences who are increasingly confronted with populist displays by aspiring and entrenched leaders across the globe.

There are always extremes. We need to wait, be patient and see how the muscular posturing of Russia’s Vladimir Putin will turn out and the anti-migrant stands of America’s Donald Trump and Hungary’s Victor Orban. We must wait to see if populists who say that they champion the masses will also champion Turkey’s populism. The danger is that populists will seek to consolidate their own power vis-à-vis the establishment and the political elites, making them the new establishment.


In the U.S., we are seeing clearer. Against the populists, and as much as they hate it, Trump made the right decisions. Their outcry “Trump needs to get serious about draining the swamp,” is the same outcry by the war mongers calling to invade Iraq. Exchanging what everyone labels the ‘corrupt swamp’ and with an alt-right, a group of thinkers who believe that Western civilization is inseparable from European ethnicity, which is racist, is simply the call to drain a mirky swamp with a muddier one. No government is void of corruption and Nero burning Rome is always the solution that endangers only the saints.

The naive does not realize that in history, there will always be the establishment. In Russia, opposing the establishment of the Tsar, was a German plan, aiding and empowering Lenin to destroy Russia. This brought in Communism. And with the rise of Communism in Russia, Germany finally had its alibi for war.

Today we see a similar German-Turkish plan sending Muslim immigrants into Germany which will rise up ultra nationalism. That is what Germany is seeking. Does anyone believe that the might of Germany did not know what it was doing?

We must always be careful. When everyone cried out to remove Saddam it was a catastrophe. Bush senior had the right idea as Trump agrees: just stop Saddam from invading Kuwait. That should have been enough. Limiting immigration as Trump is planning to do and ratcheting security to watch mosques is just enough. From Germany’s planting Communism in Russia, we had approximately 100 million people killed in contrast to the approximately 25 million victims of the Nazis. This is no ‘drain of a swamp’, this is a quicksand into oblivion and global catastrophe.

Is this what a Christian should want? No.

Opposing the King of France brought in the French Revolution ending monarchy and establishing a republic where masses were beheaded. With a Republic there are always violent periods of political turmoil culminating even in a dictatorships that inspire liberal and radical ideas. It was in fact, the Revolution that profoundly altered the course of modern history, triggering the global decline of absolute monarchies while replacing them with republics and liberal democracies. One wise king is a better rule than millions of unwise rebels.

Populists is not “right” and “conservative” as many tend to believe. This is a false dichotomy. Anyone who opposes what I just wrote must contend to a Jesus-style question:

how is rebelling against the wealthy elite is considered capitalism if it is the elite who represent the core of what capitalism is all about?

The devil is an excellent concocter of tricks. The Alt-Right is no Right. It is extreme and not even moderate left. On the contrary to what populists claim of being ‘conservative’, Populist Venezuelan leader Chavez declared that “capitalism leads us straight to hell,” French ultra-nationalist Marine Le Pen’s view of immigration as “endless cultural conflict” seems to give a facade of conservatism, yet she wants to ban all Christian symbols. Alternative for Germany Party (AfD), which consists of politicians in favor of Social Darwinism and eugenics is not ‘conservative’.

Do not be deceived. What aided Donald Trump to victory, the Donald will soon have to contend with. It was the populist programs that share a surprising number of features which aided Trump. They create a dramatic imagery with everyday language to create the impression of speaking truth to power. Substantively, they articulate the grievances of those who feel disenfranchised. Strategically too, today’s populists are savvy campaigners on mainstream calling on everyone to ignore the mainstream media. This tends to go too far since ignoring  the mainstream media will usher in even a more authoritarian media recruiting the most dangerous strand: king people.


With “king people” discrepancy between populism and realism (reality) becomes problematic where leaders and their supporters’ agendas impede level-headed assessment of national and geostrategic interests and with reverse dynamic it creates unrealistic foreign policy positions by leveraging for domestic popularity creating unnecessary tension, as with Trump’s description on China. While Trump was describing China as “ripping us off,” the message transmitted to the minds of the populous is that “China is U.S. enemy #1”. All too often, such postures come at high domestic and international costs.

Then you have mad crowds who insist “kill all Muslims” and “dismantle NATO”.

Dismantling NATO will simply be another peg towards destruction where now we have an another “who now restrains it will do so until he is out of the way” (2 Thess 2:7). The unwise does not think, with NATO, the U.S. controls all NATO nations. This is true even if these nations suck a little milk out of U.S. udders bringing a healthy restraint on Turkey.

And just to show how close we were from an impending war, we have never seen it closer as when the recent confrontation between Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan over the November 24 shooting down of a Russian jet. Both leaders’ aspirations became regional kingmakers where the security fallout putting NATO allies in an awkward position where S-400 anti-aircraft missiles where put on the ground in Syria creating a volatile relationship where “nation will rise against nation” was about to be fulfilled.

Populism nevertheless has become a pervasive feature of the “new” Turkey of Erdoğan. Erdogan’s populism ignited his invocation on December 31 of Hitler’s Germany. When Erdoğan was asked a question about the nature of his presidential system to which the leader said that Hitler’s Nazism was ideal to convert Turkey’s constitution. In fact, things are moving so fast that Turkey’s parliament is set to vote next week to expanding the powers granted to president (sultan-and-caliph) Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This will be approved. Next week you will read the headlines “President Erdogan Is Now Caliph in waiting”.

A supporter holds a flag depicting Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan during a pro-government demonstration in Ankara, Turkey, July 20, 2016. REUTERS/Baz Ratner

We have predicted the rise of Neo-Ottomanism in 1994, this was decades before the rise of Neo-Ottomanism which began 15 years later in 2009 and since 2014, we have been etching the next 15 years from then and we have so far been on target.

Turkey’s populism entailed a policy of invocation of historical and religious connections with former Ottoman territories in the Balkans, Caucasus, and Middle East. Then came the Arab Spring of 2011 opened the gateway for Turkish pursuit of regional leadership with Obama’s blessing. Secularist authoritarian regimes were tumbling in Tunis, Libya and Cairo which Erdoğan amounted this to “a role that can upturn all the stones in the region and that can change the course of history.”

The world doesn’t know that what it is doing with populism. It is following the course of the devil. We have always stated that a push for democracy in the Muslim world, the majority of people will vote for Islamic populism. And this is exactly what happened. Islamic Populism in Indonesia, Turkey and the Middle East was a class alliance in the name of the umma (The one Muslim Nation or The Islamic Masses) against the establishments and the elites.

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood’s populism wants to take over the establishment which is the military in Egypt.

In Indonesia, the people want to overcome the Chinese, their establishment of a one percent elitists, who were viewed as the minority establishment.

In Turkey it was the establishment was the Anatolian bourgeoisie. Draining that ‘swamp’ caused the displacement of the Greeks, Armenians, and Jews — the business-oriented minorities.

Japan, Germany and Austria are also going populism.

All this spells out another French Revolution, but this time on a global scale, a prelude to Armageddon which will form the regions from the eastern Greco-Roman Empire.

It is here where I will etch my prediction for Europe which will make the majority of my readers (who love populism) hate me while only a small minority will love me for what I am about to say. But I am not attempting to win a popularity contest here; these were wrong in Iraq while the masses clapped.

Antichrist always attempts to imitate Christ Who will move from East to West which is exactly what we see.

Now that the east arose with its populism, the spirit of Antichrist is turning towards the West. Populists (the common people) despise the elitists and bureaucracies of power with their political institutions that is ruling Europe and now they are using the latest technologies to promote their messages just as the Protestants of the 16th century did.

Few see and compare, Marine Le Pen and Martin Luther have much in common. Le Pen is divorced, pro-choice leader of France’s far-right populist National Front. Pro-choice is not Christian.

Just as Luther, her political party draws heavily on the Catholic vote and support. Luther won popularity by converting the populous to become anti-Rome just as Le Pen is converting France to be anti-Brussels.

Each wants to ‘worship’ and commerce in their own language instead of ‘Latin’.

Now everyone will be ‘free’ (so they think) from the chains of the establishment, just as the Evangelical who is no longer restricted by the institution in Rome.

They drew their own personal private interpretation and they are now communing with their own personal Jesus instead of the set rules established by the elite establishment in Rome.

But historically speaking the way these draw Him is from the figment of their own imagination from a history and a church that never was. They want a smiling loving Teddy Bear Jesus where every church father is re-interpreted or abandoned. Everything is customized in accordance to German systematic theology instead of the catechism in Rome.

What most do not consider is that all they did was to transfer their obedience from the spiritual superpower of Rome to the spiritual superpower of Germany where Luther became pope.

The populous will always create an establishment. Luther became Pope and Geneva is Vatican and the elitists became Calvin, Luther and Zwingli. There is no such thing as popular rule–ever.

There is always a king who demands all obey his ten commandments or there is king-People who demand everyone obey a thousand commandments that contradict from one sect to another.

Bible ‘populous movements’ always veer from established doctrinal truths. Rome, while it does not mind its children to read and study the Bible, anyone can and should, but without using well established two-millennia jurisprudence, the results were catastrophic for Christendom; Cathars and  Albigensian caused social horrors, Europe endured the Thirty Years War, Calvinists ended up siding with the Muslim Ottomans, Mormons in the U.S. came close to creating a civil war as did the Puritans before them who were about to slaughter the Catholic saints in Maryland.

The E.U. is the central mainframe that connects the entire system to follow standard procedure just as the Vatican is Christianity’s mainframe that sets the catechism. So if it says ‘no birth control’ its ‘no birth control’ for everyone. Disobey and you’re in mortal sin. But in the theology generated by Germany, it is as Luther said ‘sin and sin boldly’ there is no limit to sin in Jesus since your sins are forgiven, past, present and future on the day you read the four spiritual laws from a booklet.

Go ahead, have a few divorces, take the pill, have vasectomy, its okay to please the god of sex.

It is alright since God is looking the other way. And when you sin, that too is okay so long you utter a few words of repentance speaking them without the auditor’s notice and on a straight call to God.

You have no need for an auditor priest questioning your accounts making sure you have a zero balance.

A priest is a pain since he is always reminding you that when you go to heaven you have no need to transfer your sins there, lest the auditor above turns out much different then the imaginary Teddy Bear Jesus made in the figment of Luther’s imagination.

This is exactly what we are facing. This future of splitting from the E.U, will finally prove who is right; will it be Rome’s Catholicism or Geneva’s Protestantism.

And we already see a new Protestantism brewing. Replace the anti-E.U sentiment with the anti-Papal rhetoric of ‘bureaucracy’ and ‘selling indulgences for sins’, the Eurosceptics want out of Brussels as Protestants want out of Rome. And to each they emphasized on their national sovereignty just as Protestantism laid the foundation for the modern nation-state. With populism, now their god can communicate directly with voters away from conventional politics, just as a “personal relationship with Jesus” makes each and every citizen pronounce private messages from the Holy Spirit. It all comes with variable and contradictory interpretations. But thats okay, so long each now feels he is part of the government of both state and church.

Today, social media has become the sort of Luther’s printing press.

Today the populist Gutenberg has become Zuckerberg.

While many differ on the outcome, believing that economics is everything, they miss the spiritual dimension. Populism will redraw Europe’s continent to recreate as we see in the Muslim world; a Shia-Sunni split. This corresponds in certain ways with the Catholic-Protestant divide in Christendom.

And this is not simply a comparison between old history and current populism; Merkel’s Lutheranism and the Eurosceptic uphold Luther as their main icon. Luther’s populism is the driving force today. Luther viewed the Holy Roman Empire as “the beast” while forgetting his Germany will become one of its central headquarters.

What do you really like about populism?

GAULAND: That which Luther cherished: to look upon the people. For me, populism is nothing reprehensible.


Let me say it bluntly. Many schisms from Rome will unite with Antichrist. Populism is bullying. It is the outcry of the biggest neighborhood brats of a nonexistent idealism where in the end realism dictates. Luther, unlike Nero, he failed to burn Rome to reconstruct it to a nonexistent past created from a figment of his imagination and his revolutionary interpretation. The Muslim Ottomans tried too to replace Rome and even invaded it. They failed. And before them came the Germanic Goths/Vandals … they too failed.

Populism does not need to be tried to be found wanting. Just take a look at the churches today and you will find the results. After the “great awakening” caused a spiritual resurgence which fundamentally altered the character of American religion. The 18th-century brought in the Puritans, Anglicans, Quakers, then Methodism and Baptists.

And where are we today? Is the individual’s voice being heard? Are there no more ‘elitists’ ?

Hardly. Today the ones who cashed in, controlled, and have fundamentally changed the church scene are Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes and Max Lucado.

These, who were born from the old complaints about Rome’s ‘elitists’ and ‘establishment’ have become the establishment.

And the results of this new elite group? No intellectual or sound theologian can argue. Intellectual discourse has struggled to attain the same height while evangelicalism hasn’t proved capable of sustaining the same culture of academic excellence as in the past.

With populism, Christianity in the U.S. had devolved into a mélange of unreason and sentiment where theology has been reduced to clichés where unsound ‘talent’ became dangerously unchecked, while the evangelical ministries has become dominated by a dozen or so sales marketers or charismatic personalities.

Today we have, alongside all these thousands of blogs that are supposedly meant to expose ‘Rome’ are also dedicated to expose these new elitists with no one listening while more elitists are growing.

It all originated with Luther’s aim to restore Christianity to an imaginary pristine glorious past that never existed even in the Bible. This is easy to prove with a Jesus-style question: if the opinion of Rome’s enemies is God’s opinion, why then did such opinions fail to prevail, especially that Rome’s enemies failed to erase Rome after five centuries declaring her Antichrist and Harlot? Rome’s foundation therefore, does not stand on the basis of how unsound one might think Rome’s arguments are, but by the fact that Rome still stands despite such arguments, that sound pristine in the eye of the beholder. And if Geneva was handed the keys from Christ, while Rome is ‘harlot’, why then is Rome still standing while all the E.U and all the ships at the sea, weep and wail over the near abandonment of Geneva?

This alone is solid proof that the oldest simple interpretation is the truest: Christ passing the keys to Peter, must then be the proper interpretation of the Rock where the gates of hell did not prevail against a hierarchy where the ‘establishment’ still rules. After all is this not a hierarchy:

when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. (Matthew 19:28)

Here lays the rule, it is the few who rule all. There will always be an establishment. There will always be elitists. Only a devil would design a king-people. Whatever evolves out this idealist movements, realism dictates that with king people will always arise charismatic tyrants, hitlers and Neros who insist we “burn Rome” which always ends up in the killing of Christians. Even worse, while burning Rome generates martyrs, spiritually burning this Rome, sends claiming Christians straight to burn in hell.

We already see populism evolving in Turkey. And with hitlers comes massacres and the spilling of the blood of saints as we shall see later on in Indonesia. And what type of Christians are being persecuted besides the apostolic succession types? It is by the blood of these saints who insist on being the “seed of the woman” comes the rain, the heavenly waters of the faith. This raises the church militant and from there, restoration (not reformation) comes where man will be ruled again by a single righteous iron fist directed by the wisest few men under Him, instead of an unrighteous unruly mob, a tyranny where every fool is law, pope, interpreter and king.