BREAKING: Twenty Seven Dead And Rising From Massive Explosion In Mexico

By Walid Shoebat


Death toll from explosion at fireworks market in Mexico rises to at least 27, according to Isidro Sánchez Neri, the head of the civil protection agency in Tultepec.

The massive explosion has ripped through a fireworks market in the municipality of Tultepec in Mexico, killing at least 27 people and injuring many others, witnesses and officials say. Large plumes of smoke are billowing from the site.

Tultepec Mayor Armando Portuguez Fuentes confirmed that at least 12 people were killed while police reported that more than 70 others were injured, including some whom are gravely injured with burns covering up to 90 percent of their bodies.

Drone footage from the site showed that the market was devastated by the blast, and secondary explosions were continuing more than an hour after the incident began. A large number of emergency services have responded to the scene.