Muslim Man Violently Disrupts And Harasses Little Children Having Nativity Play And Starts Screaming About Allah And Islam While Holding A Koran- People This Is A Warning Because Next Time He Will Cut Their Throats


Parents at their children’s kindergarten Nativity play were in for a rude shock when a Somali Muslim man barged in, forced his way on stage and started shouting about Islam and Allah while holding a Koran:

Giant shock for kindergarten children and their parents in Oberndorf near Schwanenstadt (Bez. Vöcklabruck): During an Advent performance, a man (24) entered the stage in the white gown, took the Koran out of his backpack and shouted “Allah”

“Many thought that the man was part of the theater,” remarks Mayor Rupert Imlinger in his talk with “Heute”.

He was there when the Kindergartengruppe von Oberndorf performed a theater on Sunday evening at the “Oberndorfer Advent” in the presence of many parents and relatives.

As a video shows, a young man, with a backpack and a plastic bag, entered the stage during the performance.

With hand gestures he asked for peace and indicated that the children should leave the stage.

Father brought preacher from the stage.

Immediately afterwards, the young man fetched a Koran out of the plastic bag and was just about to start saying something when a father and his brother took the “preacher” from the stage.

Imlinger: “The man is a Somalian from the neighboring community, I have never seen him before.”

On the way out, the man resisted and shouted “Allah”, according to witness statements. “We kept him to the police,” says Imlinger.

According to witnesses, the children seemed anxious and insecure.

A mother even says, “I was terribly afraid for our daughter, you can never know what such a person has before, let alone could have done.”

The police took the Somali officer to the police station for further investigation.

In the backpack, only some clothes were found, according to the police.

“No suspicious items could be found during a voluntary review in the 24-year-old’s accommodation. (source)


This disruption is more dangerous than people realize because this Muslim is testing what he can get away with.

Get it through your heads what we have been saying for years- Muslims only do what they think they can get away with. That is why when Muslims complain about being “discriminated” against or other forms of “mistreatment,” it is not that they are really being mistreated, but it is they are trying to push boundaries and you are just pushing back. Remember, Islam is like a child- they will push your limits just because they can and if you allow them they will do whatever they want to- you have to set up and enforce boundaries and ignore their complaints because their complaints are for the most part unjustified and made on the basis of exploiting your kindness.


Regardless of your views of Saddam or many other Middle Eastern dictators, one must note they have a far better understanding of Middle Eastern politics, people, and Islam than these so-called “experts” in the West do, for in the course of Western business and especially financial interests’ search for easy profits, their exploitation of these nations has destroyed the Middle East and precipitated many of the crises the world finds itself in today.

I remember how the Western media, at the word of government propagandists seeking to expand business interests in the Middle East, said all kinds of horrible things about Muammar Qaddhafi of Libya, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, and Bashar Al-Asad of Syria. For all of the criticism you can say about these men, something all of them understood was the nature of the Middle East, Islam, Muslims, and their societies. They knew and know the tribal, brutal, and exploitative nature of the peoples they ruled and how to keep it under control. Yes, these men have used assassinations, torture, and repressing “freedom of speech”, but at the same time these same people kept their Christians safe, preserved their societies, and destroyed Islamic terrorists.


Remember, these were the “freedom fighters” that America and her allies gave power to in Iraq and Syria in order to get rid of “bad guys” like Saddam Hussein and Bashar Al-Asad. Tell me, when was the last time you saw Saddam or Bashar making videos of them or their supporters engaged in the constant and ritualistic slaughter of human beings while laughing and shouting “Allahu Akbar?”

Of course this man did not have any weapons on him- again, it is not about weapons or attacking. It is about seeing how people will react and how far he can go.

Tell me, if this was a European man who did the equivalent at a Mosque, if he was not shot by police or beaten to death by the Muslims, he would be tried with a “hate crime” and given the hardest sentence possible. But the reverse? He gets a free pass and is allowed to go away free.

Islam is a religion that has no love. It learns only by force. The message being sent by just “questioning” him and not giving him what his fellow Muslims would have done to a non-Muslim is this: European Christians are wimps who will allow Muslims to trample over them, so next time we should try more violence- that might ‘strike terror into their hearts’ to induce them to convert to Islam.

This is a good time to remember that Muslims can and do murder children simply because they are infidels. The infamous Beslan school hostage case in Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia that left hundreds dead is just one of many examples.


One of many photos, and a video report from the Beslan school massacre in 2004. This is what Muslims like this man who interrupted that nativity play are more than likely thinking about doing in secret, waiting for the right opportunity.

Islam does not value your life or that of your children.

One must show mercy to all, but as I have said before and will say again, mercy without justice is license.

Per sacred scripture, Christians are not supposed to give what is holy to dogs. If such is with things of God, then likewise we are not to allow children to be subjected to harassment, abuse, and ultimately death at the hands of grown men.

Men fight for their families. And that fight begins by not accepting garbage like what this man did. After all, sometimes men like him just need a reminder about appropriate versus inappropriate behavior:

Sometimes, you just have to make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Christ came to give us new life. This Christmas, help give the gift of a new life to a Christian in need. Please donate to the Rescue Christians Project.