What The Media Is Not Telling You: The Greatest Threat To America Coming From Turkey Who Is Working With The American Left To Usher In An Islamic Empire

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

What is the greatest threat to America? ISIS? The Muslim Immigrants? Obamacare? Political Correctness? Multiculturalism? The Arab Spring?

While these indeed are threats to America, a greater threat is confusion.

Take for example the Arab Spring; was it the greatest threat?

It was the greatest confusion of our time. Yet the Arab Spring of 2011 is ushering in even a greater threat to western stability: the coming Euro-Spring of 2018. Lets delve into some really shocking comparisons that reveal what the future holds for America and the West:

When it comes to the Arab Spring, even conservatives consumed the blue-pill in 2011 to only learn way later that it was a Muslim Spring.

And you think that you recovered from that trap? While you think that by now you discovered this phenomenon’s ramifications, reality is, the global blue-pill consumers are delving again into another even scarier ‘spring’ in Europe which is already germinating to hit seven years from 2011 where the same phenomenon will occur and only the labels will differ but with greater disasters that will effect the whole West. In fact, when comparing the two springs they match, perfectly.

Remember when you read the headlines about the Arab Spring when it first erupted? You were told that the populous in the Middle East were fed up with the status quo; the high unemployment and ruthless government control. You were told that the Arab masses desired liberal western style freedoms “for the people and by the people”. Yet we instantly warned in 2011, that the Muslim Brotherhood was the main channel for dissent and opposition to the status quo in the Middle East, that these people in Tahrir Square in Egypt were not desiring a government “for the people and by the people” but that they were complaining of foreign western liberalism encroaching into their Islamic way of life. They were complaining that these Arab dictators were simply western puppets and all that is what truly sparked the revolution. The people then elected the Muslim Brotherhood.

And just like its sister spring in Europe where Fascist movements are the main channel for dissent and opposition to the status quo people complained about liberalism and foreign Muslim ideology encroaching into their Western way of life claiming that these liberal governments were pro-Muslim agents and is why we see demonstrations all throughout Europe just as we have seen in the Middle East and they are elevating fascist parties to be elected by next year.

Just like its sister, the Arab Spring, the populous in Europe are clamoring behind these movements expressing the same fears and the same slogans about unemployment, government control and a Muslim foreign invasion.

With the Arab Spring, reality was that global powers were paving the way for Turkish Islamists working with the Muslim Brotherhood to hijack that spring. The western opportunists, Turkey, Germany as well as the Muslim Brotherhood knew it was not an ‘Arab‘ but a ‘Muslim‘ Spring.

The populous in the West thought their governments were stupid and naive. Neither truth or reality could penetrate people’s minds to see the obvious. Reality was that it was the populous who were naive; Turkey, Germany, including armchair revolutionaries throughout Europe were working with Fascist and neo-Nazi groups to generate dissent. These efforts hijacked all the efforts by the people who are gladly casting their support to elect parties to replace the current regimes. These opportunists knew it was not an ‘Arab’ or ‘Euro’ springs, but Fascist and Islamist springs which ultimately agree since they have much in common. History reveals that such agreements between two opposing racist groups, European ethnocentric and Turkish ethnocentric, happened during Nazism’s uniting with  Turkestanische (Turk) Legion and Caucasian Muhammadan Legion and notorious Muslim Albanian and Muslim Bosnian SS Handschar (dagger division).

And today, both springs are populous movements. On the one side, the planners were opportunists while on the other side there was the naive, ill-informed angry mobs (possibly even you), who were told that foreigners were exporting to them another culture shipped from the opposite direction. The Middle East complained about liberalism plus intrusions of western values while the West complained about the same liberalism plus intrusions from Muslim values.

While such intrusions are real, they were simply used to generate other plans; Islamism in the East and Euro-Fascism in the West. To the eastern Arab, it was western liberal values that the populous Muslims complained about and to the western European populous, it was the Middle Eastern Muslim values the Europeans complained about.

In other words, both complained that a foreign value system was being crammed down their throats and that they were invaded by a foreign element.

And while all this was happening, the politicians and experts were telling us quite the opposite, that the Middle East was just dying for western liberal values while the Muslims were told that the West was ripe for Islamic Shariah.

With the Arab Spring it was guised with combating Arabist government control and with the Euro-Spring it is guised with combating E.U government control; both were supposedly pushing back on liberalism’s multiculturalism.

But when we exposed the Arab Spring in 2011 most refused to drink the red pill opting for the blue one. Our side of the argument was only understood after the catastrophe, not during its initial stage where people’s minds was impossible to penetrate. Likewise, as we expose the Euro-Spring of 2018 most will refuse to drink the red pill. But our side of the story will only unravel after the catastrophe, not during its initial stage while most will bitch, bicker and holler at us complaining that “immigration is the greatest threat to America and the West”. People only found out way later, the hard way that the Arab Spring was nothing more than a Muslim Spring just as we stated and just as they will find out way later on in the game, the hard way, that the Euro-Spring will be nothing more than a Fascist-Spring.

Yet in 2011, liberal and conservative activists, media moguls, industrialists and experts alike, came on television to state that these were secular and not ideological or Islamist movements, the same way we see daily today where conservatives insist that the revolutionaries in Europe are not Nazi or Fascist but proud nationalists.

They all lied confusing the people then and they are still lying confusing the people now.

Ask yourself, why did the Arab Spring, which claimed to resist the West, ask for aid from the very West, which it claimed it was resisting its temptations in the first place?

This is key.

It is because both sides knew that the premise of the Arab Spring’s arguments, just like the Euro-Spring’s arguments was a complete lie and that there is a greater global agenda.

This first spring of 2011 was not national “Arab” but “Muslim,” it was “ideological” and “globalist” just like the Euro-Spring is not national but “Fascist,” it is “ideological” and “globalist”.

In reality the Euro-Spring is not calling to separate from the European Union to revive “French” or “German” nationalism as it claims, but to create European transnationalism. This is an ideological movement on a continental level, a truly Fascist Spring in disguise encompassing central and northern Europe.

And its all coming together. Both the naive populous from the Arab and the European springs, expressed their needs and desires in a loud voice of protest, without fully comprehending the implications of their actions setting the stage for the elitists masters of confusion.

From populous movements in the Arab world, Turkey’s Erdoganism, all the way to Europe and even in the U.S., what we witness today is similar to the French Revolution where the dumbest, crudest, oxymoronic, most ill educated and barefooted nobodies, arose and expressed their voices. These were not reaching out with sound reason, but reaching upwards–just as the planners wanted them to do–to the building blocks of societies creating revolutions made by the loudest sounds of brain-dead beggars.

The populous with mediocre minds are no match to elitist professional deception.

But we all now know the end results of the Arab/Muslim Spring. It was calamitous, leading to wars and increased repression in all nations where the Arab Spring principally took place. Syria, Libya and Yemen are being torn apart by civil wars that show no sign of ending. In Bahrain autocracy is far greater and civil liberties far less than they were prior to 2011. In Tunisia and Egypt the system shifted between secular to Muslim Brotherhood and is temporarily back to secular awaiting a Caliphate to come from Turkey. Like the Arab Spring, where Arab nationalism was the adhesive uniting the Arab Middle East, it now fell apart, paving the way for an Islamist rise of a different kind: neo-Ottomanism.

Likewise in Europe, the European Union’s unifying powers began to fall apart where populous fascism is rising. The League of Nations and later the United Nations to coordinate strategy for facing global challenges is now hated and is no longer relevant. States such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Spain, Scotland, Belgium, just like what happened in Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain and Egypt started to sound their voices just as we have seen in Tahrir Square.

The Sykes-Picot agreement, which set borders and controls following the First World War in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, is now hated and has been forever altered signaling the neo-Ottoman Turks to begin its global strategy of reclaiming the Middle East for its new alliances and its regional control. Today even the papacy has no relevance amongst Europe’s population.

So you might think, I hate all of these anyway, why should I care?

Really? People, especially Christians are not paying attention that all the pegs that held the evils of the past from Ottoman and Fascist to Nazi have been taken out of the way.

This my friends is “the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdethdo hold, until he be taken out of the way. And then that wicked one shall be revealed…” (2 Thess 2:7-8)

You who read our report could be aiding in all this.

During this Arab Spring, smokescreens were plenty, while unseen powers were knitting a spiderweb, extending western powers to deflect Russian influence in the Middle East, and then, all of the sudden, it uplifted Turkish influence by weakening Arab nationalist regimes. This was not an effort to uplift national identity as claimed in the Middle East and in Europe, it was all about forming new alliances with what was obviously becoming a trend: the rising neo-Ottoman power to be. Therefore, the Euro-Spring, likewise is not an effort to uplift national identity throughout Europe, it is all about forming new alliances with what was obviously becoming a trend: the rising Euro Fascist parties in Europe.

Indeed, the neo-Ottoman Turks has already began implementing their global strategy of reclaiming the Middle East for its new alliances and its regional control. Think about it; today in the hot-spot of the Arab Spring revolution in Syria, it is Muslim Turkey that is parking in Northern Syria, not ‘Christian’ Russia or ‘Christian’ America. This is exactly what we have foretold will happen, where we insisted that Russia cannot afford to go to war with Turkey and that Turkey will encroach into Syria. Today its Muslim Iran influencing Iraq, not Russia or America.

This is no war with Islam, but being in bed with it.

Therefore, as we compare the end results of the Arab Spring, we should also easily know the end results of the Euro-Spring; utter disaster much worse than anything we have ever seen from the Arab Spring’s Syrian civil war, Yemen or Libya’s destruction.

But unlike the Muslim Spring where it needed aid from the very West that it so much claimed to resist, the West is self-sufficient with military might that could destroy the earth seven times over.

All the talk of showdowns between Russia and Turkey during the Arab Spring turned out to be nothing more than smokescreen. “Its now Russia versus Turkey,” everyone sounded the war trumpets last year, saying that the two powers were about to collide and spark a war between Turkey and Russia over Syria. It was all “rumors of wars”.

Christians failed to listen to Jesus Who was telling them that everything will be set in motion: in reverse of what we read in the headlines; where when they say “war” its “rumors of war” and where they say that the Arab Spring will ‘bring democracy’ and ‘peace’ then “sudden destruction come” with wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen; where when we read that Europe is reviving ridding itself from liberalism and Islamism that in reality it is Fascism and Nazism reviving all over again.

Confusion so powerful that even the very elect could be deceived lest God watches over them. The red pill is why we think in reverse of what the trumpeters trumpet. Drink it.

Thats life. Its either Christian or non-Christian, heaven or hell, wise or fool, right or left, awake or sleep, winter or summer, day or night, man or woman … there is no in between … so choose and choose wisely.

And if you think that what we are saying here is all conjecture think again. This coming weeks we will explain a CIA report, which reveals that such plans as the Arab Spring was on the table as far back as 1986 which even details what the expected results would be “mass Muslim immigration into Europe”. Our investigative reporting will reveal the ‘far right conservative ultra-nationalists’ in bed with the neo-Ottomans. Our reports will include videos showing the spiritual copulation, personalities, funding moguls from Turkish entrepreneurs working with European and American right-wing armchair revolutionaries. All this happened in Bodrum Turkey where plan, goals and outcomes were set in motion as far back as 2006 onward.

Some of these surround Trump including the support for his campaign are the same pro-Turkey groups. Such plans continue. Today we read the headlines; Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is trying to twist Trump’s arm to tap the former U.S. ambassador to Egypt who was key in sparking the Arab Spring in Tahrir Square, Anne Patterson, as his undersecretary of defense for policy. But Trump is resisting. If nominated and confirmed, Patterson would hold the fourth most powerful position at the Pentagon – and would effectively be the top civilian in the Defense Department. As ambassador to Egypt between 2011 and 2013, Patterson worked closely with former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and his Islamist government.

Anne Patterson was in bed with Islamists and worked with their annual U.S.-Islamic World Forum which was co-sponsored by the Nation State of Qatar and the left-leaning Brookings Institute. Patterson lauded Qatar for harboring the five terrorist leaders released in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl; called for better relations between the U.S. and Iran; and expressed a desire for more Qatari investment in the U.S.

Anne Patterson delivers Keynote speech at U.S.-IWF

Anne Patterson delivers Keynote speech at U.S.-IWF

It was Patterson who is believed by many Egyptian experts to have been directly involved in facilitating the unrest of the Arab Spring that led to the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in 2011. She also clearly represented an Obama administration that was vehemently opposed to the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi as President. As Shoebat.com reported that after Mursi’s removal, several complaints were filed with Egypt’s Attorney General Hisham Barakat who was assassinated. Barakat accused the U.S. Embassy under Patterson of gifting huge sums of money (bribes) to Muslim Brotherhood leaders as Shoebat.com was able to obtain prevalent court documents. Shoebat.com had links to Barakat’s correspondent in the U.S.

Mursi trial Document naming former Clinton Foundation employee Gehad el-Haddad.

Mursi trial Document naming former Clinton Foundation employee Gehad el-Haddad. This document talks of a request from the U.S. Embassy for then Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson to meet with Gehad el-Haddad and Khairat el-Shater

Qatar Document indicates Bribes in U.S. Dollars

Qatar Document indicates Bribes in U.S. Dollars

Forensic detectives gather at the site of a bomb that targeted the convoy of the Egyptian state prosecutor, Hisham Barakat, in the capital Cairo

The righteous Hisham Barakat

Today, such powers attempt to twist Donald Trump’s arm. Such powers are collaborating with the Turks just as Obama was. Here are your recent headlines:

When reading the daily headlines these days, do not prep your appetite to consume good news, before you even read always ask: what sort of confusion are they selling today?

But who is spreading all this confusion?

Answer: we will share all this in the coming weeks, but the ones who re-spread all this confusion are all who are infected; all who follow the trends, quickly share it, and spread the virus like wildfire.

This might be you. Regardless to whatever positives you read in the headlines do not believe everything you read. Pay zero attention to politicians telling you that they will soon solve the immigration crisis. Do not pay attention to social media bloggers who say that Shariah and Muslim immigrants will soon take over the West, where beaches will swarm with so many Burkinis, that soon you will not be able to tell women from seals.

Beware when someone says “believe me” “this is a giant seal”.

It is all intended to have you cast your support for the authors of confusion.

In the next weeks, we will provide ample evidence in our unprecedented detailed research into the mechanism that is the real engine working behind the scenes uniting both, left and right with Islam. You will see many who clamor behind the war on immigration were themselves in bed with Turkey in conferences, pleasure trips and alliances that would shock your mind.

It will all link the neo-Ottomans (Muslim Spring) with the same Euro-Spring (the Fascist Spring) that you are all high about, which you, the possible naive, are clamoring behind, thinking its combating Islam while all you do is spread the virus.

Its not a war on Islam. It is uniting with it. One must learn from history. To say that the roots of the Third Reich’s rise have been thoroughly examined would be an understatement. One element of Hitler’s power grab has largely been neglected—the importance of Turkey and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (or as Hitler called him, his “shining star”) on the Führer’s thinking.

And today, the ones who are behind the scene have the same mindset; politicians, central bankers and major industrialists who have master agendas presuming themselves to be arbiters acting on behalf of all of society. The role that Atatürk and the New Turkey played in the minds of Germany’s Weimar-era far right—an influence that extended through the Nazi years. The Turkish Revolution was the most hotly-debated foreign issue in the early 1920’s, and not only did the Nazis model themselves after the Turkish National Movement, but Nazi leaders from Hitler and Goebbels were personally entranced by everything Atatürk did. Papers throughout the country would refer to Turkey as Germany’s “role model” just as the Arab Spring and even the West lately look towards Turkey as the “Turkish model” for secular Islam.

And today its repeating all over again. In reality these are elitists. You on the other hand are but a pawn feeding whatever comes from the mouse dispenser, while thinking that you are fighting ‘elitists’ and ‘Islamists’. You’re not and in fact you’re trapped in it.

You are very likely to unite with them, not directly, but by supporting political movements that do, while you sneeze your infection at others and then they too are infected spreading the greatest disease ever: confusion.

The West, primarily Europe, threw a boomerang towards the East and it came round to reap the harvest of the one who threw it. European major planners mainly from central Europe understood that Islamism was growing prior to the Arab Spring. So ousting the dictators became the excuse to unite with the rising trend in Turkey. CIA reports (which we will discuss soon) from 1986 even reveal the outcome; the very immigration crisis it planned to cause after weakening Arab nationalism.

Fascism in Europe was looking for the perfect excuse caused by this boomerang, saw the perfect opportunity for their rise: the immigration crisis which was planned from the beginning.

What few consider is that both springs actually have one thing in common: Antisemitism. While the Euro-Spring guises itself with anti-Muslim rhetoric, in reality its pro-Muslim, and while it claims to be pro-Israel, its Antisemitic to the core. What we see arising is the deception of deceptions and seven years of history from the Arab Spring, by next year, you shall see the Euro-Spring beginning its bid in the elections. Even though some might not make it, alliances between parties will ensue just as we have seen Turkey’s AKP Party in the past united with the People’s Voice Party (HAS Parti). Shortly after its formation, the AKP portrayed itself as a pro-Western and pro-American party in the Turkish political spectrum that advocates a liberal market economy including Turkish membership in the European Union.

This boomerang is also a boomerang of history. As we have seen in World War II, the endgame with Nazism and Fascism, was not about nationalism, racism or even ethnic purity, these issues were food for the blue-pill drinking mice. In reality it was all about ideological agreement where Nazis and Fascists united with Muslim as you shall see Northern Europeans uniting with neo-Ottomans. Next week we will reveal this hidden trend never discussed by any media. This coming weeks only some of you will be red-pill consumers.

The leftist dummy has a simplistic narrative. He believes that what unites Donald Trump in the U.S., Marine Le Pen in France, the AfD and Pegida in Germany, the Brexiteers around Boris Johnson (who is Turk) in the UK, the Kaczynski supporters in Poland, Chinese nationalists around Xi Jinping, the Islamists around Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey is a rising demand for “identitarian” politics.

This is what the left says.

If this is what you believe then you are a leftist blue-pill drinker.

While the left is correct, in that identity is the food of the populous, it is not the intended harvest for the elitist planners. None of these elitists designing all this are identitarian or do they abhor western liberal universalism or foreign immigration or Islamism, and in fact they are all globalists.

Boris Johnson with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in September in Ankara

Boris Johnson with President Erdogan in Ankara

Do we have a huge identitarian movement in Europe? Sure, but is this the real goal? No.

From their emergence in the early 2000s in France to where this disease spread to blue-pill consumers throughout the neighboring European countries, it is united with Turkey.

So everything claimed by these movements, in reality is myth. It is not about ethnicity or national sovereignty, it is about multi-cultural and universalist utopia of a different kind, that with the rise of Antisemitism, this time in both east and west, this spells Armageddon and a disaster for Israel and the Church.

We write this now so that in the coming years we will quote what we have written here and tell you that “We told you so” “Again” as usual.

Is the title above confusing? Not for the elect red-pill drinker. If Christians were warned to beware of wolves in sheep clothing, is it difficult to dissect the verse? It comprises of two elements; the first is the wolf (liberal) and the second is sheepskin (conservative).

So the wolf is the essence and the sheepskin is the label, the dressing, the cellophane wrapping, the facade. 

Therefore, according to Scriptures, Antichrist does not come saying he is liberal atheist and unreligious, he covers himself up with a form of godliness. He will never come to you saying he is wolf (liberal left), but is in essence a liberal (a wolf) in sheep clothing that says he is “right” “conservative” “pro-God, gun and country”.

Basically that is what Christ was warning about when He said: “beware of wolves in sheep clothing”. In other words, forget the stamp, its fake news.

What you might define as ‘right’ is not how these movements construct such ‘right’. They are pumping eugenicist, ethno-centricist, racists, evolutionists, gender identitarianists, genocide and holocaust denial … all this while the so-called blue-pill drinking Christian, the hell-bound lazy servant, failed to recognize that the tree is producing bad fruit.

These confusing movements and trends must be viewed in reverse of what they claim.

For example, blue-pill drinking Christians got all excited when Angela Merkel became chancellor of Germany. After all, she is the leader of the “Christian Democratic Union” (CDU). But are any of her policies even “Christian” or was the label “Christian” the sheepskin while her essence is wolf?

Why then did Christians clamor behind her when she rose to power to only later, when it was too late, find out she was a wolf in sheep clothing, an instrumental leader in bringing in the flood of Muslims into Germany?

She, as it turns out was instrumental being in bed with the Muslim Erdogan of Turkey this whole time. But people never wake up until its too late. The key is to view the earliest policies and you can see clearly.

Same goes for media moguls and politicians; Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney, Steve Bannon, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis … and the list goes on and on where people get excited at their message while failing to examine the essence and the fruit.

They are all wolves. I will wait to make firm and see how Trump will do. We must always give a man the benefit of the doubt, but so far, the administration (Trump’s surroundings) is going the Turkey road.

Its not just wolves. Goats can cover up real good with lamb’s wool in pretty little doodads and patterns

Take the Sweden Democrats new found political influence is far from unique; across Western Europe, supposedly right wing conservative parties are in essence liberal and they sit in institutions of power. From the Freedom Party [FPÖ] in Austria to the Danish People’s Party [Dansk Folkeparti], the right for the first time since the Second World War constitutes a significant force in western European Democracies. They all promote an anti-immigrant–not just Muslim immigration– but are anti-all immigration except the Turk, of course.

This is not just in Europe. Take Russia’s anti-immigration policy, “Russia for Russians” calls for the expulsion of minorities that “have their homeland outside Russia” especially Jews and migrants from the South Caucasus, Georgian and Armenian Christians, while the Turkic Muslims are considered “compatriots” are to be entitled to live in Russia. Just like the U.S. and Europe, there is virtually no criticism of Turkish immigrants coming out of the Russian government. Also, can anyone show me the U.S. government, past and present, state that they will ban Turkic Muslims? Not in your wildest dreams.

This phenomenon is not only in Russia, but is growing rapidly in the U.S., especially France and Greece are plagued with major antisemitic issues. Such movements are not the typical neopagan cults one sees in the U.S, these have a clearly political dimension concerned with native and national identity and in Eastern Europe magical practices are de-emphasized while arguing that Christianity is essentially an imposed foreign religion while focusing on cultural colonialism.

Thousands giving the Nazi salute in Russia

These masses are just like the French Revolution. They are populist in nature, they claim to be the spokesperson for completely unarticulated opinions and have a core of ethno-nationalist xenophobia. This spells out fascism, not conservatism.

And just as the Arab Spring in Libya, Tunisia or Egypt, it is no different in this Euro-Spring; these shift their image where it originally was openly Nazi, just as the Muslim hid his Jihad with Taqiyya. Likewise, these movements in France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherland, Greece, Ukraine and others rebrands their image as ones that do not support violence while these parties are rooted in Nazism and Fascism.

And how they hide is brilliant. Take the story of the Sweden Democrats is the story of contemporary Europe in Hungary, the Hungarian Guard of the Jobbik party continues to persecute Jews and Romani people.

In Greece, the Golden Dawn assaults parliamentary politicians and destroys businesses owned by immigrants.

In Coccaglio, Italy, the Lega Nord alliance announced a “White Christmas” during which police comb through neighborhoods in order to find immigrants without documents.

If the United States is progressing toward confronting its racist past, Europe seems to be spiraling deeper into the hideous pre-WWII cocktail of xenophobia and fascism. Yet when these parties are confronted with their Antisemitism, they all declare that they are not Antisemitic.

Jimmie Åkesson who joined the Sweden Democrats and supposedly reformed it from its Nazi elements. We were instantly ridiculed when we exposed him because he supposedly ‘reformed’. But according to the different sources available, he joined the party sometime between 1994 and 1995.

It may seem an insignificant detail. But in Jimmie Åkesson’s case, it has significance.

There was a significant reason why Jimmie Åkesson made the point that he was not a member of the party until the controversial party leader Anders Klarström left his post in favor of Mikael Jansson. Klarström belonged to the Nazi SS affiliated founding fathers. Jimmie Akesson then put on his sheepskin and now represents the supposed change of a turning point in the party’s history.

The problem is that his story is not true. In an interview in the Democrat from the winter of 1999, he says he joined the Sweden Democrats’ youth organization “after the election -94” plus he worked with Franz Schunhuber in 1999. The latter was a member of Waffen SS who died in 2005.

But you can tell them by their arts. Odin angels debut album, which contained a set to music poems by the national socialist and founder of the New Swedish Movement Per Engdahl, was sold along with the Heroes in the snow in a big way and Nazi Dirlewanger with the new name in the SD courier 24 that was issued in 1995.

Other records that were sold were Midgard sons who had a Nazi messages in some of their productions and the far-right band Brigade Wotan. Even their symbols, until as recently as 2006, the Sweden Democrats, a blue and yellow torch was the symbol that is almost a copy of the fascist party National Front Symbol.


And who are their MPs? Take Erik Almqvist who took part in the so-called Iron Pipe incident along with Kent Ekeroth and Christian Westling. He was also with other high-ranking SD politicians on the famous Tallinn ferry where they sang the white power music, Nazi battle songs.

Member Sven-Olof Sällström together with Margareta Larsson wrote an exercise that they want to abolish all measures against racism and discrimination.

Today you are told that the left is the threat, but what you do not recognize is that the right is infected with leftist ideology. Keep in mind that neither side; Westerners nor Middle Easterners are smarter than the other. People are people and they all get deceived in the same ways. The mediocre minds of the populous are no match to professional deception by planners who sit in hidden caves and understand what makes people click.

Germany and Turkey were not naive as most blue-pill consumers thought, they were planning all along for all this because it was to soon become the very fuel needed for the Euro-Spring in Europe jolted by the mass immigration of Muslims flooding Europe and where preceived persecution of Muslim immigrants will fuel the rise of Islamic neo-Ottomanism. 

Again, mediocre minds are no match to professional deception. If you review the following video and you are unable to refute all the fear mongering nonsense, then you are a blue-pill consumer who is ripe for the plucking ready to be swept away by the Red Dragon’s flood:

Never before have we seen the label “fake media” being flung and applied to everything regardless if it is bad media, correct reporting or utterly ugly realities. Info Wars is the perfect type of media that spreads more fake media than anyone while it cries “fake media” more than anyone.

But there is hope for you. Drink the red pill by examining the results of the Arab Spring and this way you get to see what this Euro-Spring is all about.

So today, more than anytime in recent history, today we find confusion amass. From minor headlines to major political trends, its all about promoting confusion for an ultimate agenda which only the narrow gate will see.

And its not just the major political trends, even minor headlines, its all intended to cause confusion.

Lets take one minor headline over the weekend out of Texas which told of a female transgender mutant named Mack Beggs won a high-school state championship in the girls’ wrestling division overpowering competitors to rack up a 56–0 score.

While one might think this does not involve the major political trends we see arising, yet it does.

More and more of the wider-gate confused segment of the population will focus on winning, that man is a machine, a creator, an Übermensch and not a creature or a being with a fixed nature.

But that is the same message from the Identitarians and the Alt Right who are leftists in disguise who preach how to become an Übermensch while they go to bed with the Turks as we shall reveal.

Today everywhere you see confusion peddled by the authors of confusion, yet the wise can see that the signature of that spirit of Antichrist is the self-delusion that you can “become like God”. This is the Übermensch “the ideal superior man of the future who could rise above conventional Christian morality to create and impose his own values, originally described by Nietzsche in Thus Spake Zarathustra (1883–85)”.

If their prophets are Nietzsche or Evola, than this is Antichrist, regardless how much they criticize Muslim immigration, for in the future these will unite with it.

There is a true and a false identity, yet the path the world is going down with all these false identities; an ethnic identity, Christian identity (which is hardly Christian), identitarians, Alt-Right, sexual orientation identity … all this is simply impossible to sustain.

Yet when someone exposes these, they are labeled as left because they do not uphold all the common list of interests these uphold in their supremacist Übermensch view.

Today, in reality, there is neither left nor right. We live in a nation where two leftist camps argue. One camp (the left) is saying that Donald Trump is a disaster. The other camp who are a growing left disguised as right, says that Donald Trump will solve all the ailments caused by the Left, from the debt crisis, environmentalism to the Muslim threat.

It is as if these were the only threats. Everything has become an ‘either’ ‘or’ proposition with nothing in between.

As soon as Trump won the elections, overnight, our non-profit, Rescue Christians, plummeted fifty percent because to many, Trump is the ultimate solution.

To me this means that nearly half of the conservatives believe that Trump will now solve all the persecutions caused by the Left’s policies, which are carried out by Muslim immigrants. “Trump will rid us of these ailments” has become a regular comment on my blog.

Today its either ‘left’ or ‘right’. Two labels that fit all. And it all depends on your position on these trends, being pro or against immigration. Today even the national socialist Nazi is labeled ‘right’. Distinct dividing lines have been drawn on political trends, while no distinct lines are being drawn on moral issues.

This is what I call utter confusion. This is the most dangerous trend the West is facing.

A test to see if you are a blue-pill consumer is simple to do. Question: is Milo Yiannopoulos a conservative Christian?

If you say yes, you are a blue-pill consumer being led by the devil and are on your way to hell.

The world is really confused, especially these days. These days, nearly nothing of what you read on the newly arising political orders and trends reflect the truth and the reality of what is happening in the era of confusion.

I know that this is a hard red pill to swallow at the moment, but you swallowed it in the past during the Arab Spring. So bear with us and in time you will see it clearly in our upcoming articles.

While confusion complicates, unlocking confusion is also complex and the simplest way to unlock it is to ask: if it has any leaven, then its all evil.

This is why when we write exposing the Eugenics or Evolution in these Alt-Right and Identitarian movements, we always get the comment “but they are combatting Islam” as if combatting one evil justifies another evil. It is as if the end justifies the means. Today this is the ultimate confusion.

Evil works in a simple fashion: fight an evil while you remain silent about all the other evils because these other evils fight that one evil. We as Christians should never contend with this. This is key in recognizing all the confusion, for evil always mixes truth with lies and right with wrong. Christ came to destroy all, not just the partial works of the devil:

“He that committeth sin is of the devil: for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose, the Son of God appeared, that he might destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3:8)

The difference between east and west is that the west is always changing. The East, on certain issues remains still. I was born and grew up in Bethlehem where certain things do not change.

I come to the West and I see each decade the fads and the trends, changing like the wind. I look. I watch. I laugh. Today they want to push at us the idea of transgenders. Think about this. Men running around without testicles and penises?

Where I grew up we have a saying that “a man without a mustache is like a dog without a tale”. Everyone grew their mustache. I even left a job because the ski resort’s policy was no mustache. We make a fuss when men lose their mustache and now they want us to make no fuss when men cut off their penises?

Unheard of. Absurd. Unthinkable.

Certain things should never change like the right for the fetus to live or that certain traditions must remain, that a man is a man and a woman is a woman …

I simply like being the homophobe that I am. I am afflicted with homophobia and I pray that I may never recover.

The salesmen of these trends come to sell me their wares.

I send them away laughing because I know that in the West what is trendy today is abhorred tomorrow and their idol of today is their Hitler of tomorrow. They run after the wind while I remain stedfast on that solid foundation I found in Christ of Bethlehem.

They can sell their tupperware somewhere else. These mutants even share biblical verses to make their arguments as if the Bible was made out of plastic.

In my Bethlehem, we produce crafts made of a thousand year old olive wood, arts made from Mother of Pearl that is brought from deep blue seas, Copper ware, stone carvings, extra virgin olive oil …

We do not consume cheap corn oil and we do not like fairly tales or cheap tupperware.

I am so fed up of what I see.

But even that we have a “No Soliciting” sign these salesmen still come knocking everyday. They are worse than the Persian rug salesman. At least the Persian rug salesman never twists our arms and shame us to death by bombarding us with their perfidy. I thought western tourists hate being bombarded with sales when they were on my turf, yet they are the most bombarding sales people in the world when I came to their turf. Now we have penisless salesmen nagging for their right to cut off more penises.

No this is not normal. It proves that the devil can make people, even governments, do all sorts of bizarre and despicable behavior by cloaking it with pseudoscience.

Always keep in mind that what is popular today is unpopular tomorrow and what has become unpopular today will be the lesson for tomorrow. Just like when Nazism grew, Jew hate in Europe became popular, to later (by defeat) become unpopular, and now that Antisemitism is growing in popularity, Europe will witness such turmoil to make Antisemitism unpopular again. Confusion is always the weapon of evil. This is the global cycle of violence and a principle on why history repeats as the Bible stated in Ecclesiastes 1:9:

“History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new.”