“Yugoslavian Man” With “Mental Problems” Goes On Axe Murder Rampage In German Train Station

In Germany, a “Yugoslavian man” with “mental problems” has just been arrested after he took and axe and went on a murderous rampage, hacking a people in a public train station and leaving a bloody mess wherever he went:

A MAN armed with an axe has gone on a rampage at a train station in Germany, reportedly injuring at least seven people.

Police arrested a 36-year-old man from former Yugoslavia following the terrifying attack at the central train station in Dusseldorf.

Anti-terror police swooped on the station at around 9pm on Thursday following reports of an attacker on the loose.

The suspect, who is understood to have mental problems, is under police guard in hospital after injuring himself by jumping off a bridge in a bid to escape cops, AFP said.

Earlier police said several attackers were involved and two were arrested, but they later said one suspect was behind the attack.

Terrified passengers took to social media to say the situation inside the station “looked bad” shortly after the attack.

Bruno Macedo tweeted: “Man with axe chased by police in Dusseldorf. Station closed. I am in the train things look bad #police #terror.’

He added: “Stay away from #Dusseldorf train station crazy man with #axe on the lose.”

Hundreds of passengers were evacuated from the station during the large scale police operation. (source)

Will provide details as, they come, but a few initial points.

The man was said to be from “the former Yugoslavia.” Could this be a cover up for being a Muslim, as Yugoslavia constitutes three separate religious groups including the (Bosnian) Muslims? Yes. Will wait to see more evidence. Given the nature of the crime and how it was conducted, there is a great likelihood it was a Muslim.

Now it is clear that Islam is a violent, evil religion. But have you ever asked yourself, what if some- certainly not all, by no means- but if some of these attacks were…not per se coming genuinely from the Muslims themselves? In other words, that they were being encouraged and in some cases, paid by various governments to attack their own citizens using these people, similar to how the US Government funded the creation of ISIS and Al-Qaeda?

General Lyman Lemnitzer, the brains behind Operation Northwoods

During the late 1950s and the early 1960s, there was a military plan entitled Operation Northwoods. The plan was highly classified, and went up to the highest ranks of the Department of Defense. The plan called for the military to coordinate with the CIA to launch a coordinated attack against American military bases and hotels disguised as Cuban terrorists. The CIA would capture and murder fellow Americans as a part of the plan. The purpose of this was to generate a massive, public surge of anger against the new Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, through which the US Government could justify an invasion of the Island and war against Castro.

Now Fidel Castro is indefensible. He was an evil man, and for the sake of his own soul, I hope that he made peace with God before he died. That said, it is equally evil for one country to launch false attacks, injure, and kill its own citizens and institutions for the sole purpose of generating support for what is an aggressive, unjustified invasion of a sovereign nation solely made in the name of power and money.

To his credit, when President Kennedy became aware of Operation Northwoods, he had the plan scrapped as he was outraged at it. It is said that nothing further ever came of the plan- but to believe that would also mean that President Kennedy was really killed by a rogue assassin.

One of my deceased uncles was stationed at Pearl Harbor during World War II. That morning, he went to mass. When he came back from mass, his ship was utterly destroyed. The fact that America knew about Pearl Harbor well before it happened shows how the business, financial, and industrial interests who really run American politics and society do not care at all about the people, seeing them as a means to their chosen ends. Such people would rather put normal and good people, such as my uncle, in danger and even murder them if they so much as think it will net them a profit.

American history has a curious pattern whereby events are concocted, hyperexaggerated, or concocted and hyperexaggerated at the same time in order to justify a military response. This pattern was going on well before the Vietnam war. America’s entry into World War II, while actually voted on by Congress, was justified by Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor– something which we knew well about long before it happened and allowed to happen. During World War I, America and the UK had loaded a passenger ship with ammunition and weapons into an area where they knew that Germany would naturally attack it– not per se because of the passengers, but because of the arms on it- as justification. The Spanish American war of 1898 was started after William Randolph Hearst falsely said that Spain attacked the USS Maine Battleship with “Remember the Maine” as the battle cry for invading and taking Spanish possessions near the USA and in Asia. The American Civil war, as many have pointed out, was an illegal war because the South legally seceded, and the “attack” on Fort Sumter is in no way a justification for what the Union did to the South, especially in Georgia with Sherman’s “March to the Sea”. The list for this could go on for a long time, even into early American history with the Native American wars and certainly up until today with America’s wars abroad.

Now in all fairness, there were many events in these wars that one cannot say were bad (such as the defeat of Imperial Japan). Likewise, one cannot also say that America is unique in using deceit to further its own ends- a look at the history of most countries shows evidence of this. What I am getting at here is that there is a pattern in American history that goes back to the beginning whereby intentional deceit or falsification of events in order to justify military policies of expansionism backed and promoted by large industrial and financial interests for private gain of a few at the expense of the many.

Now Germany, while a historically powerful nation and having produced certainly great art and composers, is known less for its creativity or originality but rather for mechanics, precision, and efficiency. The opposite can be said about America- while possessing much in the field of mechanical expertise, efficiency, and precision, Americans are very creative and willing to experiment with unorthodox, exotic, or outright strange ideas in order to accomplish a task. This approach permeates the culture, again going back to early days and is spreads into all areas of life, good and bad.

You only need to look at American cuisine to see how this works. Where else but in America would you find something such as “Chili Sriracha Mayonnaise” or “Deep fried spaghetti”? Only in America, because our approach to ideas is as crazy as our approach to food- we throw everything together, take a little bit of this and that, and if it tastes good run with it. While many other nations in the world look at America as crazy, and this approach is strange, it is the reason why it is said that Americans can “do the impossible” when nobody else can.

Look into the history of American eugenicist beliefs. While the philosophical ideas of socialism originated in Europe and specifically, the basis for a concept of a nationalized socialism actually were first articulated by Swedish Professor Rudolph Kjellen in his book “The State as a Life Form,” the nascent National Socialist movement was inspired by American eugenicism. In fact, one might say that the history of NS eugenicism and Hitler’s ideas could not have ben written without American help.

Dr. Harry Haiselden. While most people speak of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, Dr. Haiselden of Chicago was already murdering newborns during the early 20th century who had birth defects because he did not want people with ‘disgusting abnormalities’ growing up in society. While so little is spoken of him, he was regarded as a veritable hero by many for his approach, including the much lauded Helen Keller and later, the National Socialists. What eugenicist supporting Americans dreamed up as a “creative” way to kill of “undesirable” people, such as with Dr. Haiselden, the German National Socialists simply applied but in a more efficient manner.

Now fold this approach over to our current times. America has a pattern of setting up “false flag” type attacks or events to propagate policy throughout the world. Germany, being no fool, takes note of these patterns and, perhaps even working with American intelligence agents in something similar to a reverse of Operation Paperclip, to imitate American tactics for its own ends. We have already said those ends were the expansion of power leading to a renewed empire that will in the end unite with the Turk not for reasons of religion or for the propagation of race, but for reasons of power at all costs.

We know for a fact that the refugee crisis was entirely manufactured. We have been breaking news almost daily with new information about how major business, financial, and political persons are working hard and have been for decades to bring back the National Socialist movement and they are using race as one of their tool for social leverage. We know that Turkey has certainly a lesson from the Americans, with Erdogan faking a coup last year in order to use it to justify his own concentration of power.

Now I am not saying that Islamic violence is not real or is part of a direct conspiracy– nothing could be further from the truth and it is something we have, do, and will continue to discuss. That said, could it be perhaps then, that not all of the Muslim attacks that take place in Germany are truly “Islamic” in nature, but rather are Muslims being paid by the government to do attacks or perhaps, even coordinated with German Special Forces to carry out such attacks such as with the CIA and ISIS in Iraq?

Again, I am not saying this is what happened in the story above. What I am saying is that in a world where propaganda abounds and truth becomes obscure, one must consider far more than merely a few opinions. If truth is stranger than fiction, than sometimes the more bizarre, unorthodox, or tangentally related an idea may seem, in chaotic and disordered times such as these the closer to the truth they might just be.

So while this attack is likely what it seems to be, always, always look deeper than what is presented, and never be afraid to question your own assumptions about truth- you may just surprise yourself.