Sick Child Murder Activists Go In Front Of Catholic Church And Act Out Mary Aborting Jesus

In a sick and evil demonstration of the filthy levels that Western society has stooped to, a group of child murderers went in front of a Catholic Church in Argentina and acts out St. Mary having an abortion:

Abortion activists in the pro-life nation of Argentina apparently think being as graphic as possible is the best way to promote abortions.

Pro-abortion activists staged a gross and disgusting publicity stunt outside a local Catholic Church. The protest was meant to draw attention to the nation’s pro-life laws on International Women’s Day — as if killing baby girls in abortions somehow advances the cause of women.

As part of International Women’s Day (March 8), feminist protestors simulated a bloody abortion on a woman dressed as the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, outside the cathedral in Tucuman, Argentina.

In the mock abortion in front of the cathedral, a young woman is wearing a white dress, a blue veil, and a crown of flowers. She is also wearing what appears to be a rosary around her neck.

She is sitting on a chair with her legs spread and several “abortionists” wearing pink “pussy” hats are removing and dismembering a bloody fake baby from her vagina. Fake blood and body parts cover the street.

In a photo from the event, one protestor is shown videotaping the “abortion” of the baby Jesus.

This photo is western society today, both in what the people did and what did not happen to them.

I have said many times before that the Western world has aborted God from itself. It is known that the “liberals” are proud to present themselves as evil people who openly support the vilest perversions that a man can think of. Nothing from them should come as a shock or surprise because like a the tale of the Farmer and the Viper, the chosen nature of the left is to embrace perversity as a part of how they define themselves. Anything is possible because they have no limits, and while there are still a few who are reasonable, the situation today is and continues to become that reason is scorned in favor of emotional reactions and aggression just like an animal.

What I ask myself when I see this disgusting example of filth is two questions. First, where are the people, and second, what is the situation with the police and laws in Argentina?

Homosexuals being beaten in Russia for spreading their idea

For example, a homosexual who basks in promoting his sexual behavior publicly in Eastern Europe, especially Russia, has good reason to fear because he will be attacked by many Catholic and Orthodox Christian people for his perversity. The same can be said of the Catholic and certain Protestant peoples of sub-Saharan Africa, who will attack and put to death such people in the streets who engage in and promote these acts in public. As such, while homosexual behavior does exist, it does not exert the same control over the people in these societies as it does in Europe and the Americas, where the rampant homosexuality has been legally enshrined at the expense of Christianity and the common welfare of children, families, public health, and common decency to such an extent that to oppose it means to risk social ostracism, employment trouble, legal harassment and even imprisonment.

If you think Eastern Europe is hard, the Africans will kill them over it

Now what one sees with the response to homosexual behavior in these parts of the world (Eastern Europe and Africa) also applies to how they respond when the few people in society who would commit vile acts of desecration, such as that which happened in Argentina. They would beat, maim, and possibly kill the perpetrators out of righteous anger because their honor for God comes before that of their fellow man.

Notice how the same homosexuals also attack. The fact is that in a competition between two sides of opposite value yet make claims of absolute truth, one is right and the other is wrong, or both are wrong and something else is true. It is intellectually dishonest to say that either side “rejects fighting” because both embrace it because they have to just as there is a spiritual war between God and those who hate God as the Bible has always taught. What matters is not the fighting, but so that you fight on the side of truth and justice, which is on the side of God and not the deviants.

However, in the modern, “enlightened” western society, we see the opposite. Instead, the “respect” for people comes before any respect for God, and as such these people are allowed to commit the same violence against those who disagree with them out of their hatred for God, except that the violence is structured differently. Instead of public beatings and burning tires, they tell other people that it is their duty as “good Americans” to socially ostracist, fire from work, and harass up to and including attacking and killing the supposed “perpetrators,” their family members, their children, and anybody who has any association with them in the name of their cause. At the current rate, it is possible that murder itself will be overlooked in the coming years if there is no change.

Ultimately, as the Bible states, all men are either for God or they are against God, and their support or opposition is evidenced by their deeds. There is no such thing as a completely “neutral” position in the market of ideas over what constitutes truth because one choice is right and the either is a perversion of truth, or given a series of choices there is one that is most correct since God is all truth because nothing can be outside of God. This is why there is a Heaven and a hell- not because God wants people to be damned- but because man chooses whether or not he wants to be with God as evidenced by his words and actions.

God came to earth to lead men to salvation, and salvation takes place through worshipping God as he desires to be worshipped and following the way that He desires us to follow. What these people did in Argentina is not merely opposition to the truth, but it is actively mocking it. Yet in spite of this mockery, I did not hear a word of people fighting against these men, making any form of active resistance, or even putting up any sort of fight. Instead, there seems to be just silence and possibly a few quiet prayers with private outrage on blogs across the Internet. Now while prayers and outrage is good, where is the action that needs to take place in order to address- on a temporal level- what is happening here?

Muslims from ISIS throwing homosexuals off of a building. While we have discussed at length the permissibility of homosexuality in Islam, there are many Muslims who do not like and will fight against homosexuality in their societies. While Islam is wrong, the natural law is written in the hearts of all men, and in this way the desire found among many Muslims to fight this speaks to the moral decline of the West is embracing this evil. Indeed, perhaps God is using the Muslims to judge the West for its love of the perverse.

The Muslims are often criticized for their grotesque and barbaric violence that is evil and inhuman. However, something that cannot be said about the Muslims is that the people who do the violence are acting merely on selfish impuse. As we and many other people have shown time after time, the more pious a Muslim is the more he is likely to use violence to achieve his aims because as he accords himself to Islamic theology, which teaches the use of grotesque violence, he is just imitating what his religion teaches. This is not to underemphasize the fact that Islam denies the intrinsic creation of man in God’s image- that cannot ever be forgotten- but to say that the Muslims have shown over and over that they are, just like the examples of people from Eastern Europe and Africa, willing to kill and die for because the live for Islam.

Tell me, what does the Western world say when it refuses to address the people who engage in public acts of debauchery and evil? How about the fact that if somebody attacks such people, that the police arrest and prosecute with as much legal force as possible the man making the attack but will do nothing to stop the perversity from happening? Indeed, to allow such abominations to happen in such a public, brazen, and open manner is to both give consent to and defend the evil while fighting the good. It is to set oneself up as an enemy of God even if one claims to follow and believe in God.

Looking back at history, such as with the horrid sacrifices of infants to the pagan Mesopotamian dieties, imagine a person trying to run up and stop it from happening. Just like today, that person would be arrested, jailed, and maybe executed by the equivalent of the police in those times under the guise that what he did by opposing the murder of a child was somehow a “crime.” Yet the same people who say “If I was living during those times I would not care I would save that child” are the same people who say “If I could kill Hitler I would have” while the likelihood is they would be cheering for both the pagan priest of old or giving the “Roman salute” to Hitler if they lived in those times.

This is also another reason why the “pro-life” movement is such a joke in the West. We have discussed the unsightly underbelly of the pro-life movement before, but on a level of those who genuinely care for the welfare of the unborn, what progress has been made? Abortion has spread even further across America and the world, and the gains made for the most part have been overshadowed by the losses. It is a sad fact, but the pro-life movement has failed to do what is has promised to do, and this is no fault of God, but the failing of Christians to do their job to stop the murder of unborn babies.

Police attacking a UK preacher for having an opinion. America doesn’t like to hear Christian truth and will use violence to prevent it from being heard. It is understandable that Christians are afraid to speak out. That is why, as the Bible says, Christians must be as innocent as doves but as crafty as serpents.

The Western world is indeed being taken over by Muslims and Islam, and while there are many people to blame, a large part of this begins with the failure of Christians to be Christians in the sense of not just refusing to stop public, gross evils as they happen, but like a garden left untended allowing the weeds of society to take it over and choke out the plants which bear life to the society. Evil people will always exist, but when they are not checked in society is when their influence grows out of control. They have not just been allowed to grow out of control, but they have been given the proverbial “keys” to the society, and the common people, having been brainwashed and dumbed down to be unable to critically think, they allow themselves to be herded like animals, obeying what they are told instead of thinking about whether or not what they are being told to do is actually the moral and right decision, for as the great saints and the Catholic Church has always taught, an immoral law is not a law and the only moral option is to disobey.

Likewise, the Muslims are evil and are bringing their evils with them, but one thing for certain can be said about them, and that is if people such as these in the story tried doing anything to something Islamic, they would not have lived to have a news story written about it and the reason they would have done it is because they love and value Allah and Islam first. In that sense and while still wrong, the violence of the Muslims is at least being done because of something they believe in that is greater than man, whereas the West will use violence today to deify man’s selfish will while suppressing the very God who gave man free will in the first place, and this problem starts with the common people who refuse to live in accordance with the faith they profess.