North Korea’s Threats Are A Joke – The Real Threat Always Was And Still Is Japan

In recent news, North Korea has launched several  missiles, all which failed in seconds after launch and caused international outcry, especially by Japan:

A North Korean ballistic missile test ended in failure when it exploded five seconds after launch, two US officials tell Fox News.

North Korea attempted to launch an intermediate-range Musudan missile, the first attempted launch of this type of missile since President Trump took office.

“The missile blew up five seconds after launch,” said one official, who had seen satellite imagery of the launch showing a heavily damaged mobile launcher on a runway.  The test occurred at an air base near the city of Wonsan on North Korea’s east coast along the Sea of Japan.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry said it also believes the launch ended in failure. It said it was analyzing what type of missile was launched.

The reported launch failure comes as the North has angrily reacted to ongoing annual U.S.-South Korean military drills that it views as an invasion rehearsal. Earlier this month, North Korea fired four ballistic missiles that landed in waters off Japan, triggering strong protests from Seoul and Tokyo.

Wednesday’s failure might mean that the missile is a newly developed one the North has not deployed, according to South Korean media. Last year, the country suffered a series of embarrassing failed launches of its new medium-range Musudan missile before it successfully test-fired one.

Also Wednesday, a U.S. Air Force B-1B bomber and South Korean fighter jets conducted joint training exercises that displayed “strong deterrence against North Korean nuclear and missile threats,” South Korea’s Defense Ministry said. The U.S. military said the training was held after the bomber staged a similar exercise with Japnese fighter jets.

The United States often sends powerful warplanes in times of heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula, which remains in a technical state of war because the 1950-53 Korean War ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty. About 28,500 U.S. soldiers are deployed in South Korea.

North Korea is pushing hard to upgrade its weapons systems to cope with what it calls U.S. hostility. Many weapons experts say the North could have a functioning nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching the continental U.S. within a few years.

On a visit to South Korea last week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the Obama-era policy of “strategic patience” was over and called the past 20 years of negotiating with the rogue communist regime a failure.

In an interview with Fox News’s Rich Edson along the DMZ separating North and South Korea, Tillerson would not rule out helping Asian allies Japan and South Korea get nuclear weapons. (source)

I want to take the recent events with North Korea’s threats of nuclear attack, war, and missile tests from another angle.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a good look at North Korea’s “glorious” leader, Kim Jong Un:

One cannot judge a book by its cover, but often times the cover tells a man a lot about a book

Now I am not saying that because he looks odd he is not a threat. Sometimes the most dangerous threats are those one which one thinks are the least threatening or the least suspected. But with all respect to Mr. Kim, while he may be a real threat, the man gives off the aura in his public appearances and actions as that of a complete loser. For persons born post 1980, he is and adult version of that person everybody knew in High School who was a fat, sluggish, anime-watching, RPG playing weirdo whose friends were those he made in online game rooms over games of World of Warcraft and the like. I do not say this to be uncharitable, but I say this based on my own experiences and those of others because there is a distinct pattern of behavior and presentation which these people have. In short, Mr. Kim is a narcissist and a loser, just a grown up version, except he has a lot more power and influence.

If Mr. Kim is a disordered person yet is also a dictator, then the problems of North Korea are also representative of the problematic and disordered person that he is. Unlike its neighbor of South Korea, North Korea is a veritable wasteland filled with poverty, disease, food and medicine shortages, a lack of clean water and electricity that is only in operation for several hours per day. The people are cut off from practically all outside communications, living isolated in a prison camp where they are subject to constant government propaganda about how great life in North Korea is while being told the outside world is terrible and that anybody who dares to ask any questions is put to a swift and violent end.

Why has the world done nothing about him? Aside from the fact that North Korea has no natural resources, all of these things make for a perfect plant of manipulation, especially from the perspective of Japan.

The plan would actually be very simple. Since Mr. Kim has irrational and grandiose ideas about his power, all one needs to do is to prick his ego just enough so that he would attempt to attack or give the impression that he might attack any of his neighbors. This is critical because while he can make as many videos as he wants fantasizing about attacking the USA or another country, it is still “over there” in their minds. The idea is to make people in Japan feel vulnerable and threatened with the intention of drawing them towards to government to look out for their safety.

Is anybody actually surprised that North Korea’s missile exploded? Seriously, America and many other countries have spies all over the world doing active sabotage. He will simply not be allowed to start a war unless that is part of the greater plan because this is, like the drawing above, about letting Mr. Kim play with “toys,” thinking that he is actually in control but really not because his narcissism is being used against him for greater policy objectives.

We have already been discussing for a long time here on how Japan has aspirations of building nuclear weapons, and how the rhetoric coming out of Japan is becoming increasingly hawkish and military prone as Japan is rebuilding their armed forces. Add to that a perceived- not real- threat from North Korea, it would imprint in the Japanese mind the idea that “we have to look out for ourselves and be ready to attack those North Koreans” and therefore speed up and empower the recreation of the Imperial Army.

This is essentially what is happening in Germany but with the Muslims and Africans, for by letting in these people who would not be able to assimilate in European society, it is causing a reaction that is drawing people to look to the government for help and is increasing dramatic feelings of nationalism and a lust for revenge coupled with a desire for “the good old days”- all things that when put together are the ingredients of a revolution and war against all.

North Korea cannot attack anybody. If they did do something, especially to the USA, it would be like a man poking a lion in the eye- the man would be eaten with a swift bite and there would be no resistance because the lion would just overpower him. Likewise, there is no way that Mr. Kim could actually realize his fantasies of conquest in the real world any more than he could actually turn the “monies” he earned Playing World of Warcraft fighting computerized elves could be used to buy an actual car. All that is needed is the perception of an attack to rile people to surrender their freedoms, rights, and monies to the government for the private gain of a few at the expense of the many. What makes this even more devious is that Mr. Kim, blinded by his arrogance and foolishness, will likely not realize that he is being used and manipulated through his own fantasies to do what he is doing by the very same nation that took over the Korean Peninsula during World War II and enslaved thousands of Korean women, and his advisors will not dare warn him for fear that he mile.

Japanese children during a “missile attack drill.” Seriously, this looks like the drills from the 1950’s in America. We know they would not actually do anything to help people, but it is not about helping people. It is about crafting a foreign policy that will justify Japan to build nuclear weapons and realize its lust for war to conquer and enslave its neighbors that it has always harbored in its bosom.

This is the reason why Japan is doing “missile attack drills” today. The government knows that North Korea is a joke, but they want their people to be afraid in order that they can justify building military weapons under the guise of “defense,” when in fact the opposite is true. Given the close ties between the USA and Japan that President Trump has shown, it is very likely that any efforts for “defense” in light of this situation would be supported by Trump. Indeed, nothing could make the dreams of Japan’s next generation of imperialists happier while at the same time desperately concerning the Chinese, for it would be very easy for the events at Nanking to repeat themselves…

Japanese soldiers stabbing a baby. While the Germans are spoken of as the greatest enemy in World War II, and while it is very important not to forget what happened with Germany, the savagery of the Japanese was far worse and yet is completely overlooked today by the West. Unlike Germany, Japan has never apologized for its actions and instead revels in the fact that it was not able to do more.