Pagan Militia In Congo Ambushes Over Forty Police Officers, And Decapitates All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat

A pagan militia in the Congo, which calls itself the “Kamwina Nsapu militia,” ambushed over forty police officers and decapitated all of them. The militia made the attack between the cities of Tshikapa and Kananga in Central Kasai province on Friday. Six police officers were spared simply because they spoke the local Tshiluba language. The violence in the Kasai region erupted in August after the leader of the militia was killed by government security forces. So far, more than four hundred people have been killed, and around two hundred thousand displaced, according to the U.N.

The United Nations has also discovered over a dozen mass graves in three provinces of the Kasai region. Anger in the Congo has been violently increasing since President Joseph Kabila has been ruling passed his term. Promises of new elections by the end of the year, without Kabila, have been half-full.

Very violent militias have arisen and are attacking security forces with crude weapons and child soldiers. On March 12th, investigators, Michael Sharp of the U.S., Zaida Catalan of Sweden, and their interpreter Betu Tshintela, alongside driver Isaac Kabuayi and two motorbike drivers went missing. They were investigating human rights violations done by the Congolese government and the militias, and then they disappeared. This is the first time that U.N. investigators have gone missing in the Congo.

Rape and other forms of sexual have been rampant in the Congo.”The Congo war has the highest rate of violence against women and girls in the world,”says The Enough Project’s co-founder John Prendergast. said. “And reports indicate that hundreds of thousands have been raped, making it the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman or girl.” The horrors going beyond this. Its not just women who are being raped, but men and boys. According to one report that came out this month, “male victims have largely been neglected by aid agencies, who focus mainly on providing support to female victims of violence in conflict, the experts said.”

Recently, there was a plan of the Trump administration that was leaked; the plan is to remove the prohibition on companies from purchasing minerals taken from genocidal warlords through slavery. The minerals, metals used to make very popular technology such as iPhones, are purchased from the Congo. The problem is that warlords are also taking these minerals, but through forced slavery. In 2010, the United States government, under the Obama administration, ratified the Dodd-Frank Act. Section 1502 of the act orders that all companies avoid using minerals taken by warlords. It also requires companies to document and track their global supply trains and give independently made reports to the Securities Exchange Commission. Audrey Gaughran, Amnesty International’s director of global issues, said:

“The conflict minerals law is a vital way of breaking the chain between horrific human rights abuses in Central Africa and consumer products like smartphones”

The minerals used, Tantalum, tin, tungsten (the 3Ts) and gold, are categorized as conflict minerals because they are sold by warlords to finance their wars and their atrocities. For this reason, companies are required to prove that they haven’t acquired these metals by supporting terrorists. Because of the blood lust for these metals, 5.4 million people have been killed since the 1990s. Yet the Trump administration, likely under the influence of lobbyists, wants to remove the prohibition against the taking of conflict metals. Joanne Lebert, executive director of Ottawa’s non-profit Partnership Africa Canada, said: “The whole point of [Section 1502] was to remove the warlords …So this is going to send a signal that it’s carte blanche. They can do whatever they want.”

Industrialists, as well as politicians, have been trying to get rid of section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act. Mary Jo White, who  was the chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, said that while she would like to see an end to the atrocities in the Congo, section 1502 is “more directed at exerting societal pressure on companies to change behaviour, rather than to disclose financial information that primarily informs investment decisions.” Franklin Vargo, vice-president of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the largest industrial trade group in the US, said in May of 2102 that while also was disturbed by what has been occurring in the Congo, he saw Section 1502 as more of a burden on his position. In the same year of 2012, according to Joan Leishman:

Later that year, three of America’s largest industry associations — NAM, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable (a group of top CEOs) — filed suit against the SEC, hoping to repeal the conflict minerals law.

The companies who filed against Section 1502 gained a partial victory, since the court ruled that the requirement of companies to specify that their minerals has “not been found to be DRC conflict-free” violates the First Amendment. The rest of Section 1502 has been held. In 2010, when the Dodd-Frank Act was established, nearly every mineral mine in the Congo was controlled by warlords or military groups. An October 1916 study done by the International Peace Information Service (IPIS), surveyed miners at tin, tantalum, and tungsten mines in three conflict-affected provinces in the eastern party of the Congo. 79% of them were working in conflict free zones. The North Kivu region is said to have exported a record 1,121 tons of tantalum in 2016 and 1,550 tons of tin, without supporting warlords. 220 mines have been validated as conflict-free by multi-stakeholder teams.

Activists have been urging the Trump administration to not cancel out Section 1502. A letter signed by 31 civil society groups said: “Any step to suspend section 1502 would undoubtedly lead to conflict minerals infiltrating the supply chain with devastating effects. Namely, the reactivation of armed groups and the feeding of terrorist and mafia networks.”

Another letter signed by 13 Congolese human rights groups in North Kivu said: “The introduction of the Dodd-Frank Act was a way of reducing the number of violent acts committed by these warlords and enabled the suspension of illegal arms sales; sales which had facilitated the proliferation of unauthorised weapons in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. …Mr President [Trump], we wish to most expressly assure you that if you decide to call into question the Dodd-Frank Act, this will once again lend legitimacy to the presence and proliferation of armed groups in the east of the DRC, something which Congolese civil society condemns in the strongest terms.”

31 Congolese civil society groups and others, in a different letter, wrote: “Dodd-Frank has been the primary driver of corporate and regional policy change on conflict minerals.” (source)

Slavery never died. Eugenics never died. The Nazis in suits wants their power and domination, and they will exert whatever influence they have to maintain their control. Infanticide, euthanasia, Darwinism, all of these are part of the major conspiracy of war against humanity. God became Man in the most holy Conception in the the womb of the Virgin Mary, and in the war against Christ, there is at the same time, the war against humanity.