In The End, Many Conservatives Will Join The Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat

The way I look at the Counter-jihad movement is the same way I see the pro-life movement. For decades, the pro-life movement has said that they are fighting abortion. When the chance comes to treat abortion as actual murder, they oppose it.

Since 9/11, the Counter-jihad movement has said that they are opposing the “Islamization” of the West. Let me tell you, in the end, many of these “counter-jihadists” will side with the very entities they claim to fight against. Look at Le Pen. With her, its all about stopping Islamization. But what does she want to do?

She wants to use the threat of terrorism to justify persecuting Catholics and Jews by preventing them from wearing religious imagery in public. At this point, Le Pen and her ilk will become what they claim to fight, since Muslims enact the same type of laws. The right-wing drools over her as they complain about how Muslims hate Jews and Christians.

The Jews claimed to be enemies of Rome. But when it came to their true objective, their ultimate goal of toppling Christ the King, they revealed themselves and declared that “We have no king, by Caesar.”

They will become what they claim to fight against.

Look at the “ring-wing” movements and you will see a diabolical promotion of homosexuality and eugenics. Geert Wilders and Pamela Geller spoke at the pederastic “gays for Trump” conference last year, and both Wilders and the center-right Mark Rutte are eugenists.   In my debate with the leader of the Austrian Identitarian movement, Martin Sellner, my opponent —  a right-winger — and his group, supported homosexuality and looked up to the fanatic Japanese jingoist, Yukio Mishima, as one of their icons.  All of this reveals something about the right-wing movement: it is filled with people of evil will, and those of an evil will, will always side with Satan in the end. Christ said: “there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect.” (Matthew 24:24) How will the Antichrist deceive the very elect? How will he deceive “conservatives,” other than through a false conservativism? It will be a conservativism that will appear so pure, that so many will not be able to see its corruption. Liberals did not murder Christ; people who appeared to have good morals, murdered Christ. And so if the Jews who murdered Christ are a precursor to the Antichrist, then that means that the Antichrist will be one who’ll be able to deceive those of right-wing values.

There is a reason as to why many conservatives, such as Leon Degrelle, became Nazis. The National Socialists had made themselves as the saviors against Marxist socialism, and so many conservatives praised Hitler as their defender. Today, Islamic terrorism is being used by populist politicians, as Marxism was once used, to swell the fears of the people so that they can follow them. But in the end, many of these very leaders will side with the Muslims.

“We have no king, but Caesar!” These were the words of the mob, declaring allegiance to the very entity that they claimed to be fighting against. Such are the ways of a capricious people whose foundation is built upon the brittle ways of dark will. We see the mobs of today, filled with nationalism and possessed by a jingoist spirit; they look to their political leaders as though they are gods, and wave their flags as though they are holy icons. They worship their language and their race, and exclaim their desire to reach up to heaven on the tower of national egoism.

They will exclaim their agenda as being one of pride, protectionism, culture and morality. They will exclaim as their enemy, foreigners of despot lands, and declare their desire to prevail over them, to establish victory for the nation. But this is only what one witnesses on the outside. For when power is about to be obtained; when the objective is about to be reached; when Pontus Pilate hands over to them the domination that they so thirst for; when the serpent slithers into their minds and brings before their eyes the empire that they so hunger for, these very proclaimers of national pride will side with the very enemy that, just moments before, they were declaring war against.

This is the reality of these rising political parties and politicians that bequeath godhood on the mobs, and attribute their woes to the “elites,” when they themselves are elitist; to the terrorists, when they themselves are terrorists; to the “globalists” when they themselves are seeking for a globalism of their own. What they say they want is contrary to what is in within their own wills, and the end result of their work will only be destruction. Their will is to topple God Himself, and when the opportunity comes to advance in their diabolical goals, and it requires joining forces with those who they had described incessantly as an enemy, they will so take it.

The politicians decry terrorism, they decry mass immigration; but all this is a means to end. It is a means by which to stir up in the bellies of the masses the pride that so benefits the leader; and in this state of pride, the people become slaves, for in their vainglory do they revere the despot as a savior against the enemy, and hence their pride is the means to their enslavement, and the elevation of their master. The Pharisees pointed to the Romans and the Samaritans as the enemy; the evil foreigner who was ruling them and impeding their national destiny. But as bad as the Roman or the Samaritan was, Christ saw the hypocrisy of the populists; He saw that it was their way of gaining power.

They asked Christ if they should pay taxes to the Romans, and Christ asked them whose image was on the Roman coin. When they said that it was Caesar’s, He said “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” (Matthew 22:21) These words could be seen as a push for indiscriminate servitude towards the State. But they are not. These words, in truth, express the balance between observing the laws of the land and just resistance against despotism. They are certain things that the State rightfully deserves; but they are things that the State should never attempt to take away or misconstrue, and that is the eternal laws of the moral order. When the State tries to disrupt the harmony of the virtues, then it brings nothing but disarray and chaos to the souls and to the society. When the State demands an acquiescence to disorder or decadence, then it is the duty of the Christian to resist, for Caesar does not deserve such indiscriminate obedience.

When Antiochus Epiphanies told the Hebrews to burn incense to false gods, Judas Maccabees and his armies resisted with zeal and tenacity; when Ahab and Jezebel were slaughtering the priests of God, Elijah slew the prophets of Baal. All of these stories demonstrate the balance between observing law and resisting tyranny; all of these stories are a physical manifestation of Christ’s words.

But, when the mobbish elites had the chance to tell Pilate of the injustice of persecuting Christ; when they had the chance to defy Rome by praising Him who would transform Rome into the beacon of the Faith of Israel, they instead declared with bloody fury: “We have no king but Caesar.” (John 19:15) From being the ardent nationalists of Israel, and the most vehement enemies against the Roman occupation, they now became allies to pagan Rome. They did so, because the reality was that they really did not hate Rome, but simply used the bitterness towards the occupation of their country as a means to rile up the masses, so that they could follow them. The movement against Rome was a means to their power; it was but an object of propaganda for their own run to political influence and popularity.

Their words may have had truth, but their motives were evil. If the will is evil, then words — no matter how just — will only be a means to a sinister end. In the words of Richard of St. Victor: “Whatever a person does cannot be good unless it proceeds from a good will.” (Twelve Patriarchs, ch. lxv) Hence why Christ declared to the Pharisees and scribes: “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do.” (John 8:44) While they may had said good things, the desires of the devil lied in their hearts, and from this evil will did their actions manifest themselves. St. James said: “I will shew thee, by works, my faith.” (James 2:18) The beliefs that we have within our souls, our internal convictions, manifest themselves through actions. So while the Jewish cause against Rome may have seemed just, the ultimate actions of the Jewish elites manifested their hidden agenda: to topple Christ the King and make themselves the saviors of the people.

While they bemoaned the Roman occupation, Christ speaks of a Roman centurion as such:  “Amen I say to you, I have not found so great faith in Israel.” (Matthew 8:10) For Christ, it was not about race, but about justice, for righteous action flows like a river from the spring of good will. In Christ, Divinity and Humanity are one in the most sublime hypostatic union; Christ is the actual incarnation of love for humanity. God would never create anything that He hates; for God is Love, and thus humanity springs from Love Himself. The Incarnation of God is thus the returning of mankind from his chaotic state, to the original state of his existence: oneness with eternal Love.

One of the greatest deceptions ever taught is that the natural state of man is one of an animal. They will teach that to indulge in all of our concupiscence, is only to be in our natural animal state of existence. To be as an animal is not natural; it is in fact, unnatural and opposed to the innate state of humanity. The natural state of humanity is to be of the harmony of the eternal law. When we strive for justice, when we labor to be one with God, we are in fact in our true selves, “strengthened by his Spirit with might unto the inward man, that Christ may dwell by faith in your hearts” (Ephesians 3:16-17). For in being of the natural order, the order of virtue, one is within oneself, the true self of humanity, and thus there in this spiritual life, a union with the God-Man, Jesus Christ, in Whom Divinity and the wholeness of Man are one. In the words of Lorenzo Scupoli, “in our downfall, we fell away from God, preferring ourselves, we lost also our foothold in ourselves, and fell into the flesh; thereby we went outside ourselves and began to seek for joys and comforts there.” And on another line he writes: “instead of God within, the heart seeks for pleasures without and is content with them.” (Unseen Warfare, p. 1, ch. 21)

So, instead of delving into the inward man, in our sinful ways we leave ourselves, and go contrary to our own nature.

God became one with Humanity, to bring humanity back to its original state of virtue and order. But when mankind is thirsty for power and egoism, he will say things — even statements that are true and just — to fulfill his own desires for domination; and when his will is that evil, the ultimate mission is to overthrow the Kingdom of Heaven. The mob will ceaselessly decry the sins of one group to elevate its own position, but in the end, it will join that very group to murder the Savior of mankind, with the cries of, “We have no king, but Caesar!”     

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