Major Leader Of The Vatican Declares: ‘Hated Against Christianity Is Rising Up In Europe, Be Prepared For Persecution Against Christians In Europe.’

By Theodore Shoebat

A major leader of the Vatican, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, The Vatican’s Secretary for Relations with States, made this warning to the world: that hatred against Christians is on the rise in Europe, and that we must beware of a growing anti-Christian intolerance in the continent. He called for an “institutionalized dialogue” between clergy and political officials of all leaders, to discuss the importance of protecting religious liberty.

Gallagher warned against a “deterioration in the condition of the fundamental freedom” of religious liberty, which he said, in several instances, has reached the level of “open persecution.” “In the current context, it seems so intrinsically contradictory to demand freedom for all, and in the name of that same freedom, deny it to some groups, especially religious ones,” Gallagher said. He also said:

“It must, therefore, be a duty of institutions to oppose any form of discrimination based on religion and, in a positive way, to promote and protect religious freedom in the same way and with all the tools used to defend any other fundamental right.”

Gallagher made reference to numbers documented by the Vienna-based Observatory on Intolerance, which received 1,700 reports of incidents against Christians in the years 2014-2015. Gallagher further warned that “any form of restriction of religious freedom undermines the harmony of social life …facilitating the way of religious fundamentalism and radicalization.”

We see the evidence to the rise of this religious intolerance in the recent EU edict that establishes that employers have the right to prohibit employees from wearing religious attire and imagery. The Counterjihad crowd may praise the EU legislation since its ban includes the burka; but, the edict also allows employers to prohibit Crucifixes and the Jewish Kippah. News reports on the ban are almost headlined as though the ban is fixated on the burqa, which excites the support of the Counterjihad and the Right-Wing. The ban is then being bolstered under the justification of fighting Islamization, a perfect pretext that both pleases the Right-Wing and gives leeway to intolerance towards Christians.

The Church of England has condemned the edict. Rt Revd Nicholas Baines, the Bishop of Leeds, said: “This judgment once again raises vital questions about freedom of expression, not just freedom of religion, and shows that the denial of freedom of religion is not a neutral act, contrary to how it might be portrayed.”

A spokesman for the Church of England said: “The imposition of blanket bans – whilst often seeking honourable outcomes – may represent a worldview based on dogmatic or ideological assumptions which may unjustly limit individual rights.”

Marine Le Pen also desires to prohibit the religious liberty of Christians and Jews, under the guise of ‘fighting Islam.’ Le Pen told concerned citizens that “I know this is a sacrifice, but I believe that the situation is too serious today.” Le Pen said on that Jews and Christians would have to accept the ban in order to “fight the advance of political Islam”.

Last year I had the chance of interviewing Livernette Johan, a Catholic scholar in France, to discuss the anti-Christian and occult sentiments within the French government. Here is the interview in writing

T.S: How has the occult infiltrated France?
Livernette Johan: In France, the secret societies have so infiltrated the main powers that they are the real power. An occult power that the majority of the people ignores, hence the writing of my next book “Freemasonry, 300 years of imposture”. [1] One has only to see who composes the French government. The Socialist Party is only the branch of the Grand Orient of France. The right-wing camp is as much surrounded by Freemasonry. As for the opposition to extremes (left and right), it is also infiltrated and under control. It would still be necessary that this opposition leads the good fight which is the obligation for France, the Eldest daughter of the Church. From this implacable statement, there is nothing to expect from the polls. Prayer, penance, study and apostolate are, in my eyes, the best thing to do, in order to revive the Catholic faith in the French population and to try, in the long term, to rebuild a Christian civilization.

T.S: Do you believe France will end up in a civil war?

Livernette Johan: That’s to be feared. If this were to happen, it would not be surprising. This happened in other European countries with Christian roots (Ireland, Spain, Greece …) following the debt crisis. The massive arrival of migrants added to a possible financial crash could plunge France into chaos at any time. It is enough that the banking cartel decides and that BCE, EU and IMF impose absolutely catastrophic austerity measures on the social level. All this to repay a perfectly illegitimate sovereign debt! In France, the situation continues to deteriorate. Problems are added to the problems. The republican system does not try to solve them but to stack them. The Masonic Republic is pushing for chaos. Jesus Christ is the only solution to this crisis which is at first spiritual. For, since 1789, France has failed in its vocation and its apostasy will be very expensive.

 S: Do you think Catholic monarchy will revive in France?
Livernette Johan: It must be believed, even if it is difficult today to believe it. For we are very far from it. Today, the French people do not want it. Tomorrow, we do not know. In the eyes of present-day society, a return to a monarchy of divine right seems a priori improbable. By the urns it is impossible. Our democratic system is locked. It would take a miracle that can only come from heaven to arrive at true change. That of Christ the King. For France, for its people and for the benefit of all humanity.

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