Trump Backing Turkey’s Invasion Of Syria Is Not Surprising Or New, But Is Typical American Foreign Policy

By Theodore Shoebat

What is happening in Syria is simply typical US policy. The Americans are allowing Turkey to invade Syria, which is exactly what we at have been warning about for years. On October of 2012 we reported on the Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Hamed al-Hassan’s warning on Turkey’s plans of expansion into Syria in which he said:

“Turkey is trying to reconstruct the Ottoman Empire in the region … When Turkey’s Justice and Development Party won the Turkish parliamentary elections, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan presented his party’s victory to the people of Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Central Asia, and the Balkans which were once parts of the Ottoman Empire”

On November of 2012 we wrote that the US policy in Syria “has also given confidence to Turkey, in their desire to oust out Assad; but the goal of the Turks is to conquer Syria, in order to revive the Ottoman empire.”

Moreover as we wrote in 2013:

“Turkey is fiercely accentuating and intensifying their call for military intervention against Syria. …  expect Turkey to find an excuse to justify an attack on Syria.

But, the mistake that we made was guessing that Turkey was going to invade Syria under Obama’s watch. While Turkey was more covertly involved in the chaos in Syria, Turkey under Trump is overtly invading Syria. Remember what Trump told Turkey in December of 2018: “It’s All Yours. We Are Done”.

What the US is doing in Syria is a parallel policy of what the US did to Korea by allowing Japan to invade that country under the administration of Theodore Roosevelt.

In the year 1900, Roosevelt wrote: “I should like to see Japan have Korea.” In 1904, when Japan broke off relations with Russia, the United States put up a front of diplomacy, with Roosevelt saying that he would “maintain the strictest neutrality,” but privately he wrote, “The sympathies of the United States are entirely on Japan’s side.”

In June of 1905, Roosevelt made international headlines when he invited both Russia and Japan to end the war, similarly to how Trump has invited North Korea, South Korea, Russia and Japan, for a peace summit. On the surface, this seemed like a noble move towards peace, but in private the motivation was revealed: the invitation was solely for the benefit of Japan. As Roosevelt wrote to his son:

“I have of course concealed from everyone — literally everyone — the fact that I acted in the first place on Japan’s suggestion … . Remember that you are to let no one know that in this matter of the peace negotiations I have acted at the request of Japan and that each step has been taken with Japan’s foreknowledge, and not merely with her approval but with her expressed desire.”

What the Trump administration is doing to Syria is just business as usual, the policy of allowing one country to invade another for the interests of DC. The Nixon administration, under the guidance of Henry Kissinger, backed Pakistan’s genocide in Bangladesh, and for decades the US, Britain and Australia supported Indonesia’s slaughter of the people of East Timor. What is currently transpiring is not surprising, but it is disturbing how we are backing a racist, jingoist and militarist country. What is also disturbing is how the cult of personality for Trump continues on, even though the very sycophants for Trump were the same types of people who were bickering about Obama being responsible for the persecution of Christians because his administration supported the Syrian revolution.

The situation with pastor Brunson was merely a facade. The Trump administration was pretending to care about a pastor who was in prison and feigned pressure against Ankara.

The United States government was looking at the Brunson fiasco knowing full well that they were going to back Turkey no matter the situation. They just needed a certain scenario to make it appear as though that the United States was not completely in cahoots with the Turks. Erdogan knew this. Hence why he said, before Brunson was released, that the Manbij ‘roadmap’ plan was going to happen regardless of any tensions between the US and Turkey. As the Hurriyet Daily News reported:

“Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan said on Aug. 3 that he expected a joint roadmap with the United States regarding the northern Syrian city of Manbij not to be impacted by tensions bewteen the NATO allies.”

After Brunson was released, he not too long afterwards supported Erdogan’s demand to have Fethullah Gulen extradited back to Turkey. As our colleague Andrew Bieszad wrote:

It is curious that Pastor Brunson, who was hailed as a “champion” of “religious liberty” and “freedom of expression”, and who was supposedly “imprisoned” for it, would now go out and lobby to have a man of a political-religious sect who sought refuge in America to be thrown in prison because of his beliefs and who without question will be put to death for it if he is sent back to Turkey.

This is the reason why we said that Brunson was a prop for Turkey’s and the US’ geopolitical scheme.

The bottom line is that the American people, once again, got duped by the elites into thinking that Trump was different from Obama or Bush. The way these politicians carry themselves is different; the way that foreign policy is dictated differs between the three administrations, but nonetheless, the end goal of the policies is the same. Be it what Bush did with Iraq, Obama with Libya or what Trump is doing with Syria, the end goal hasn’t changed: helping NATO’s powerhouse member Turkey. By removing Saddam, Iran was left without its biggest rival, and is now collaborating with Turkey in expansionism; by removing Gaddafi in Libya, it left a power vacuum in North Africa and sparked destabilization in the region, giving Turkey further pretense to present itself as the power of stability. By bringing chaos to Syria, Turkey now has the green light to expand into that country.

The United States, just as it did after WW1 when it funded the reindustrialization of Germany (thus reviving the Reich), is creating a monster that will gulp up the Middle East like a leviathan. The people who will end up suffering the most will not be those diplomats, those think tankers or those lobbyists, but the common people of the lands over which the powers that be are vying.

This is not any superpower that the US is backing, but a country that to this day outright denies the genocide that it committed against the Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks. The fact that the US is nonchalantly advancing the expansionism of this superpower, shows where America is in its moral compass: it doesn’t care about human suffering. The United States would help the Antichrist if it meant getting a power-grab. Since Turkey is Gog and Magog, that is exactly what the US is doing. For all of you people who associated Christ with Trump, congratulations. You fell right into the cult of personality that you have created around the Republican Party.

But, I hope this will be a wakeup call for you, so that you will not dive into the charismatic cultism of politician worship.