Observation Comes True, Brick Piles Are Appearing In Major Riot Locations Mysteriously Throughout The Nation

Two days ago, I observed in an article asking questions about the Minneapolis and now nationwide riots that a pile of bricks mysteriously appeared not near a construction site, nor with a construction site nearby, but right in the middle of where a riot was taking place. I said that such was a very strange thing and is another piece of evidence suggesting that the current “protests” are not largely organic, but rather intentionally coordinated demonstrations between government and contract groups. Think the 2015 refugee crisis and the collaboration between government and the private sector, but this time inside the US and with riots instead of moving people.

Unfortunately, it appears that this observation has more merit than it seems, for Zero Hedge has reported that it is not only that location, but locations all throughout the country this is happening in, for where riots are happening, so are these “brick piles” appearing out of nothing, as evidenced by numerous twitter posts.

As one who has worked in the trucking industry and who has been involved at times in moving loads of bricks on trucks, the logistics of it are NOT easy. Bricks are classed as (without using technical language) a very heavy item that involves a lot of safety precautions. Even one pallet of bricks such as this does not move on its own or easily. One needs at the very least a strong forklift to deliver it, and there is no way to do it descreetly.

These brick pallets did not get there by accident, and this was not some chump operation. This had to have been highly organized with a lot of heavy industrial equipment, both to move the bricks to the right location, and then to unload them.

People who focus on a racial or even a “police vs. citizenry” type perspective are missing the larger scenario of events that is taking place. What it appears here is that one is witnessing a strategy of tension coordinated by government with business working together to stir up public angst and then to appear to use that angst as a lever for social control.

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