Trump Congratulates Himself For “Overwhelming Force” And “Domination” Ordered By Him Against Protesters

Phrases like “overwhelming force” and “domination” used together congratulating themselves on this seem to be people with a sick mind inclined to delusions of grandeur, people who are sadistic and enjoy hurting others, or the description to some disgusting pornographic film. They are not used together, generally speaking, by healthy people of sound mind and constitution.

Yet these are the exact words that President Trump used in a Tweet, which Business Insider reports, was about his own personal handling of protesters in DC.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that Washington, DC, “had no problems last night.” He went on to congratulate himself for law enforcement officials cracking down on protesters demonstrating against racism.

“Many arrests,” Trump tweeted. “Great job done by all. Overhwhelming force. Domination. Likewise, Minneapolis was great (thank you President Trump!).”

Tuesday marks the eighth day of nationwide protests against police brutality following the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who was killed in Minneapolis last week while pleading with a white police officer that he couldn’t breathe as the officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Peaceful demonstrations have taken place in more than 75 cities, though some have spiraled into chaos and deadly violence as law enforcement officials use heavy-handed crowd control tactics.

On Monday evening, riot police and National Guard troops fired tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters outside the White House gates in Washington, DC, while Trump delivered remarks in the Rose Garden saying he was “an ally to all peaceful protesters.”
an at 7 p.m.

Washington, DC, mayor Muriel Bowser expressed anger at Trump’s decision, telling CNN that she and other city officials were “very shocked, and quite frankly outraged, that people who were not violating the curfew and who did not seem to have provoked attack were attacked and moved out by federal law enforcement officials to clear the way for the president.” (source)

There are two sides to the protests- an organic one, and a non-organic one.

The organic side- the legitimate anger that many have about the death of George Floyd, for regardless of what one thinks of him, there are many people who want to protest for a matter of principle -is not so much a problem. Rather, what seems to be the majority of problems are people from a “non-organic side”- the legitimate and persistent, evidence-based allegations of paid protesters and agent provocateurs from police to mysterious brick drops in the center of rioting areas -seem to be the major problem with a lot of the rioting and problems.

I have noted there is strong suspicion that these conflicts are being allowed and fomented in order to justify a militaristic approach to protesters- exactly what Trump is talking about with tweets of “domination” and “overwhelming force”.

What Trump is doing is not per se becoming a dictator himself. However, more dangerously he is implementing the steps to allow for dictatorial behavior in the future by setting a precedent for future presidents to follow. This is not so much about him, but rather about a principle that can indefinitely continue into the future.

What does this mean for future protests, and I speak of not rioting, but normal disagreements? Will there be a brutal show of force in the name of “security” used as common practice, and will terms such as “domination” be used against people with disagreements.

To hell with Trump’s MAGA fraud, and I do not say this as anything blasphemous, but as a literal truth, for his actions are mutating and mutilating the country’s laws and procedures in a sick game of “carrot-and-sick” in the name of power, he is directly dragging the nation into hell, and given all that he has been entrusted with and his completely lack of regard for his behavior and the effects it has on real people and for the future, Trump is at grave risk of driving his own soul to the exact same destination. If there is something he should set his eyes on dominating, it should have been in fulfilling his promises made and for which the people voted for him, not to behave like a pseudo-dictator while paving the way for a real dictatorship in the future.

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