Trump May Face Massive Voter Backlash

I have noted for a while that a lot of people are upset with Trump for his handling of his promises and now the current social situations in the country. AP News has taken note of this, saying that 2020 may be a real challenge for Trump to win in, and as well as put many Republicans in a difficult position for their state and local campaigns.

“The people living the economic reality of what’s soon to be a recession, it’s a very different set of numbers,” Lund said. “It’s almost, in a sense, disrespectful to try and put a positive spin on where we are as a nation right now.”

That’s a stinging warning sign for Trump in a state that’s crucial to his bid to keep the White House. Though the president would rather voters focus on an unemployment situation that’s less catastrophic than some economists predicted, Trump’s whipsaw ways are colliding with a pandemic and civil unrest of a scale the country has not seen since the 1960s.

With five months until the election, Trump has time to solidify his standing. But some Republicans fear voters are simply worn out by Trump.

“People are just so disgusted with how things are,” said Republican strategist Terry Sullivan, who managed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign. “Even the most die-hard Trump supporters are exhausted.”

Trump is leading a nation grappling with unemployment rates not seen since the Great Depression. More than 1,000 Americans are still dying each day from COVID-19. Millions have taken to the streets to fight for racial justice. And the National Guard was on the ground this week to help quell the social unrest, rioting and related violence. (source)

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