Twitter War Within Republican Party Escalates As Sen. Grassley Openly Calls Out Trump’s Actions

Politician fighting is normal, especially between different parties, but inter-party fighting is sometimes a sign of disunity and internal problems. Such is what is happening right now with the Republican party as Sen. Chuck Grassley openly tweeted against President Trump and said he will not approve further Trump nominees until he receives answers about certain of Trump’s recent firings according to

On Thursday, Grassley announced his intention to “place holds” on approving Trump administration nominees until he receives satisfactory answers pertaining to the firings of two federal watchdogs, Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson and State Department Inspector General Steve Linick, CNBC reports. Atkinson was removed in April after informing Congress about the whistleblower complaint regarding Trump’s communications with Ukraine that eventually led to his impeachment, while Linick was fired on May 15 on the recommendation of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was reportedly under at least two investigations by Linick’s office at the time.

“All I want is a reason 4 firing these ppl,” Grassley, who USA Today describes as “usually a staunch Trump ally,” wrote Thursday, adding “CHECKS&BALANCES.”

“Canning a watchdog without good reason is bad,” Grassley added in a follow-up tweet. “Never even hiring one is outrageous.” Trump, who is notoriously Very Online, has yet to respond. (source)

One cannot say that he is wrong. Trump has done many things that are questionable and not good, including an administration that seems to be constantly changing people and has not made America great again, but rather into a chaotic mess.

All politics is a show, and so likely is this, but expect as a trend for 2020 and beyond, especially following the election, to see the Republicans descend into chaos with a rising Democrat party, and with the passing of the older members, one that is stronger and move dangerous than before.

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