Hundreds Gather In Taiwan To Unveil Massive Pride Flag At Capitol

Hundreds of people gathered in Taiwan at the capitol to unveil a massive pride flag according to AP News.

Hundreds of people thronged a central square in Taiwan’s capital Taipei for a Pride event on Sunday, unfurling a giant rainbow flag in front of the main memorial hall for late autocratic leader Chiang Kai-shek before being ushered away by police.

Proudly democratic Taiwan is a bastion of liberal values in a part of the world where in many countries homosexuality remains illegal or taboo. Taiwan legalised same sex marriage last year, the first in Asia.

The “Taiwan Pride Parade for the World” billed itself as a show of solidarity with countries unable to hold LGBTQ celebrations due to restrictions on public events to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. The pandemic is under control in Taiwan.

An international crowd of more than 200 people waving rainbow flags and masks, some singing and dancing, marched up to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, where a small group briefly displayed the flag in front of the building, which houses a giant statue of Taiwan’s late leader.

After scattered shouts of “Fuck you, Chiang Kai-shek”, the crowd marched back down the steps, accompanied by a handful of police, blowing whistles to stop people lingering.

Chiang, who died in 1975, was lauded in life as an anti-communist hero, especially in the United States, but many Taiwanese revile him as a despot who imprisoned and killed opponents during a reign of terror.

Darien Chen, who represented Taiwan at Mr. Gay World 2013 and organised Sunday’s event, said they were holding high the banner for the rest of the world, with hundreds of events cancelled in the traditional Pride month.

“With the rest of the world under the peak of the epidemic, only Taiwan can do this,” Chen told Reuters. “Of course we won’t give in, and we must continue with this flame of hope and stand up for the world, to hold the only parade in the world in this Pride month.”

Taipei holds its main Pride parade in late October when the weather is cooler. (source)

There is a clear overlap between a lot of the advancement of the LGBT and US policymaking. However, in spite of promoting “Christian values”, Russia is actually silent on the LGBT issue largely, it is very popular, and overlooked. To the contrary, there is much of note that Russia is promoting paganism, such as the Rodnoveriye movement (Slavic paganism), which while not directly advanced by the US, is also quietly supported.

It is not without a stretch of one’s mind to say that a century of geopolitical fighting between the US/England and Russia show that both emphasize different types of social corruption to consolidate power, they all use the same. It is the same that many have noted about the USSR, which while she identified as “Communist”, she had a decidedly nationalist approach (especially under Stalin) that is arguably National Socialism but in a Russian variant. The point is that it is two forms of the same evil, just like Democrats and Repulicans or the soft drinks Coke and Pepsi, with the difference in flavor and not ingredients.

I mention this because of the criticism of Chiang Kai-Shek, who was (a) a nationalist that was (b) backed by the US for his anti-communism.

We know for a fact that, for example, in Ukraine the Azov battalions were backed by the Americans and Germans, but also by the Russians, as both wanted to exploit the same chaos. This also can be seen in the wars during the 1990s in Chechnya, where Americans and Russians backed Chechen terrorist groups.

So the question I have here, which cannot be answered, is given the hatred being shown to Chiang Kai-Shek, who is really backing this? Is it the Americans, the Russians, or both fighting with each other in the same area? We do not know actually what is happening, or if there is money being given at all from a government, but knowing the history, overlap, and previous patterns, it raises a lot of questions that leave much to be explained, and the only answer that one can get clearly is that it is the advancement of sin for power, and no matter who does the sin, it all leads to the same death at the end.

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