Famed Fox News Personality Tomi Lahren Goes On Anti-Male Rant

Tomi Lahren is a well-known “conservative” commentator at Fox News and other “conservative” outlets that due to her physical characteristics tends to attract the attention of men. This is notwithstanding her personality, which since the arguable inception of her career on the television screen has been one characterized by “sass” and female aggression towards her critics. One might think of a “Karen” (to use the modern cultural reference) but younger and more attractive, at least in her looks.

Now Tomi is going to be 28 in a week. She is not married, and has called off her engagement in the last year. According to a recent clip she made on Instagram live, she is angry with men for being “boys”, and she gave, in her signature personality, a “list” of how men are to treat women in 2020 as MEAWW reports.

Lahren took to social media on Tuesday, August 4, to pontificate on how “men are no longer men” and she is declaring “the summer of canceling boys”, expressing frustration at herself and her young female friends who are unable to secure a suitable male partner. In the video, she says, “All of my friends are attractive, all of my friends are successful, all of my friends have something going on,” Lahren boasted, adding that all of them “including myself” are “all successful, they’re all intelligent, they’re all good people. But if all of these women including myself are having issues, then I have to think it might not be us, it might be you. It might be men,” Lahren said.

“Now, I have often talked about p*ssyfication of America and how Men are no longer men. I told my mom about it, she said, maybe it’s just men in Texas, maybe it’s just the guys in LA,” she said. “It is not just the guys in Los Angeles, Nashville, Dallas, and they’re not any better in the Midwest, they, quite frankly, I think they’re trash all over this country in the age range of about 20 to maybe about 55 or 60,” she continued. “A lot of men are trash, a lot of men don’t know how to treat women. A lot of men don’t know how to, quite frankly pull their heads out of the sand and pay attention.” (source)

I highly recommend you listen to the whole rant, because it is very revealing. I don’t want to focus on the whole “PUA” culture and the male-vs.-female divide, but to preferably focus on certain biological realities in light of her comments.

Tomi is angry and bitter, and it’s not because “men are boys”, for dating with both sexes can be awful. She is mad because she knows her biological clock is ticking, her eggs are “spoiling” after years of not using them, her return from her looks is running out, and to use the example employed by so many, she sees “the wall” approaching her at warp speed. That’s why she is so insistent that she doesn’t want a “pen pal” or “texting pal” and why she wants guys who “make plans” and “take charge.” She may have wasted time in the past, but she doesn’t want to waste any time any more- she wants to find a husband quickly because she knows for a fact that time is running out.

However, there is a major catch. The problem with these women who are “high value” is that ever since they were young teens they have had guys throwing themselves at them all the time. Truthfully, she is physically attractive, and would it be hard to believe that it is likely that every single day for probably 15 years she (and women like her) have had guys approach them and shower them with attention? This has done no good for her, but rather has served to give her and them a entitled mindset to what they “should want”. This continues on for years and encourages bad behavior, and then these women get to be in their late 20’s and they suddenly find out that they can’t lock down the same high value guy that they could have 10 years ago because beauty is a depreciating asset. Yes they can still find plenty of guys who want to have some bedroom fun but not for marriage, and even many good-willed men who are less-attractive or high-status, but they will not consider such men because their standards are completely disconnected from reality.

That’s why she calls them boyish. But yet these are the same men she was dating 10 years ago- she is seeking after increasing “standards” while the value she brings is naturally declining.

It is important to understand that many young women have been gravely deceived for years about the nature of relationships, and while this varies with the woman and her circumstances, it is very difficult to have sympathy for many, especially the highly attractive ones who know their value such as Tomi Lahren and certainly have exploited said looks for her gain. For every woman in her late 20’s early 30’s that any man can see crying about how “I can’t find any good men” and spend time online making videos such as the one about that Tomi did about how “men are childish”, the fact is that there’s mountains of good, hard-working, and many times decent-looking men that would have been glad to have married them years ago and even treated them, in as much as their capacity to do this is, like the “spoiled princesses” they see themselves as.

Make absolutely no mistake about this, I can guarantee you that when Tomi was between 18 and 24 years old, there were hundreds and hundreds of high-value men- and I am talking about the rich, powerful, “super alpha” types of romance novel fantasy that are very hard to come by as they represent the top 1% of all men available for marriage -that would have loved to have married her. They would have given her a 5ct diamond ring and married her, took care of her, bought her a 5,000 square foot home, gave her a family and loved her. This does not even include the thousands of average men who, while not being in the top 1%, would have given her an amazing, fulfilling, beautiful life and stayed faithful to her through good and bad times. But elite or average, women such as Tomi weren’t interested in that. They were “having their fun”, which is just modern language for feasting on a buffet of both male attention and phalli, as they could “have it all.” These women thought that since they could get any man she wanted for years that she could always have that option, and they only come to realize this too late that time passes. Instead of taking responsibly for her own choices and admit that they stayed at the blackjack table a little too long they blame men.

This is why Tomi is mad. She is old goods, used up, everybody knows it, and instead of adjusting her attitude and standards, she wants the world to change for her, and that is now how life works. She will then scream aimlessly into the sky as the sunset on her fertile years continues and she is left in the darkness of life, alone and unwanted, and all by her own choices.

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