Lebanese Protestors Demand Revolution And The Killing Of Politicians. One Rebel Screams: ‘Go To Their Homes And Drag Them Out Of Their Beds!’

By Theodore Shoebat

Lebanese protestors are demanding the deaths of their politicians, with one rebel calling for demonstrators to barge into the homes of politicians and “drag them out of their beds.” As we read in a recent French report from Liberation:

The first shock passed, an incredible rage gripped the Lebanese, Homeric anger at the carelessness, corruption, and criminal negligence of “officials” whose behavior led to the destruction of half of Beirut. Nothing consoles them, nothing appeases them, they could strangle those who rule them with their own hands. The rather reasonable Fifi Abou Dib, columnist for the French  language daily l’Orient-le Jour , asks “that the overwhelmed crowds already prepare the gallows”, the blogger Samer Frangié suggests “that we pick up the fragments of glass that litter the roads and let them be kept aside so, when the day comes, they can be thrown into the graves of those responsible ”. Another, in front of the hundreds of thousands of Beirutis thrown into the streets, proposes to “attack the deserted palaces of the governors to drag them out of their beds. Only then will we be able to speak of revolution ” ; and the writer Elias Khoury writes: “We will confront you with our bodies on fire, our bloodstained faces and you will drown with us in these ruins.”

Lebanon could be heading towards a French Revolution type of a situation.