Lebanese Rebels Make Gallows For Politicians, One Protest Organizer Says: “We Are Ready.”

Lebanese protestors erected up gallows for the politicians they hate so much, as a way to instill fear into the government and express their insatiable rage. Paola Rebeiz, has been a major organizer of demonstrations, said “We are ready.”

Lebanon appears to be entering a French Revolution like state. If civil war breaks out (again) in Lebanon, the question will be who will dominate and who will benefit? France would definitely be involved (given the fact that it was a territory of France and for centuries has has long relations with France), especially after Macron’s visit to Lebanon where he berated Lebanese politicians as “corrupt”. Hezbollah will be a major fighting force, which means Iran would definitely be involved as well. Israel, since she borders right with Lebanon, would also partake in intervention and would arm proxies against Hezbollah.