French National Assembly Votes To Murder Unborn Babies At Any Stage

Ever since the French National Assembly declared themselves as having power over the King of France, who they later overthrew and murdered, they have been the guiding legislative body for “the Republic” to the current day.

There are many criticisms of the French government, but something decent is that they and much of Europe do not have very liberal abortion laws like the US by comparison. The problem with the Europeans is simply a lack of care or will to have children. However, it is interesting now that LifeNews reports that the French National Assembly wants to legalize abortion at all stages of pregnancy.

The French National Assembly approved a radical pro-abortion amendment this month that would allow unborn babies to be aborted at any point in pregnancy.

The Christian Institute reports the amendment basically would legalize abortion on demand up to birth by allowing abortions for “psycho-social distress” without restriction.

Currently, abortions are legal for any reason up to 12 weeks of pregnancy in France. According to the report, about 220,000 unborn babies are aborted in the country every year.

The pro-life organization Alliance VITA denounced the pro-abortion amendment, noting that it was debated in the middle of the night when much of the public was asleep.

“It would obviate existing abortion laws, by attaching the unverifiable criterion of ‘psycho-social distress,’” the organization said in a statement. “If the bill is passed into law, it would allow ‘medical abortions’ to be performed up until full-term pregnancy.”

The pro-abortion amendment passed the National Assembly with just a small number of votes. According to the Christian Institute, the assembly has 577 members, but only 101 voted: 60 in favor and 37 against. The legislation is now headed to the French Senate for consideration.

Pro-life leaders with Alliance VITA said pregnant women deserve “society’s full and undivided” support, but killing an unborn baby in an abortion is not a solution. Along with destroying an unborn baby’s life, an abortion can increase physical and psychological risks to the mother’s life and health, they said. (source)

I have a suspicion as to why this is. I want to be very clear- this is just my suspicion, and it is based on my own personal observations- it is not to be taken as a statement of fact, and clearly is subject to change– and further documented insights are welcome.

The reason is the migrants.

Let’s go back in time to the US. Consider that between 1965 to 1975, American society radically changed. The big changes were (a) the Great Society programs that created the modern American welfare state, (b) the ultra-liberalization of migration and the encouragement of mass migration from Central America, (c) the opening of free trade with China that destroyed US jobs, and (d) the legalization of abortion. Again, while I cannot definitively prove such, it makes complete sense that abortion accompanied these other changes.

At the time, the post-WWII boom was coming to an end, and the US wanted to keep it going. We know for a fact the CIA was planning (based on declassified documents) for a third major war, but that never happened at that time, and the likely reason for this expectation was to keep the economic boom post World War II going. However, with no boom coming, the only other was to do it was to (a) radically drop prices of production, (b) keep people happy with lots of comforts, and to do this by (c) using the financial position of the US. This was why the first three items happened- pacifying the poor with lots of easy comforts in a “bread-and-circuses” type philosophy (massive welfare), getting below-market slave labor for domestic needs (migration), and destroying high wages so to keep profits high and replace that with financialization through easy access to credit (outsourcing/debt).

But what happens if the “slave classes” have “too many children” and threaten the ruling structure? If one cannot “cull the herd” by force (war, murder, camps), one can have themselves murder their own and think it is a good thing, which is abortion. Hence this is the reason abortion centers were placed among minority and immigrant populations- to keep them from reproducing so to lower their numbers -and we know this to be a fact as evidenced by the saying of racists and eugenicists since the late nineteenth century.

If this was truly something of what may have been planned, the plan worked, but only in part, for while the black and hispanic blocs do have abortions at higher rates than the white bloc, between natural childbearing and migration coupled with the fact that the white bloc refused to have children above replacement rate and lower than the black or hispanic blocs, then add that they started using abortion, what seems to have been meant to be a eugenic means for “those” blocs has come back to haunt the majority bloc.

I cannot prove any of the above by fact- I can only say based on historical patterns, the behavior of governments, human nature, the patterns of society, and personal experience that this seems to be the most logical explanation.

If we assume some truth in this, then given the situation of continual migration to France from Africa and the Middle East, the fact that migrants have more children than the “native” French, that the native French barely reproduce, and that the migrants are used do drive France economically lest her nation fall to irrelevance, it would make sense that from a strict political view- I am not saying I support this but speaking from the perspective of one who believes in power at all cost with respect to no one -that abortion at all stages is not meant for the “French”, but for the migrants to keep their numbers down.

But if this was the case in the American context, it is likely that what happened in the US will repeat in France, for the willful murder of the innocent is a sin no matter who does it, and what one tries to inflict upon another may likely come back and hurt the one’s who introduced it to them.

France truly is dying, but it is not because of the migrants- she is committing suicide because she refuses to repent of her sins and wants to persist in error. Call the migrants “vultures”, but vultures are respectable in that they neither kill nor feast upon the living, but only the dead once fully dead. France does not have to die, but she would rather commit suicide than to ask for the mercy and forgiveness of God for centuries of apostasy and rebellion, and as she is cutting her own arteries is blaming those who have lined up to take her place when it is nor was their fault for existing and fulfilling the commandments of God to “be fruitful and multiply”.

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